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Nomazulu Thata Misinformed

15 Jul 2019 at 10:15hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata who regards herself as the custodian of all Mathebeleland issues has a tendency to twist facts to suit her agenda. It is very curious that she refers to Bulawayo as the City of Kings and Queens. Anyone with basic knowledge of history understands that such a reference is historically incorrect and a perpetuation of attempts to change the history of the Mthwakazi nation. The Great King Lobhengula named the royal residence as KoBulawayo as a record of his ascendancy to the throne that was opposed by other regiments especially the one under Mbiko Masuku. Of course we have over the years heard crazy explanations such as the one foolishly offered by Morgan Tsvangirai at a White City rally  that KoBulawayo means a place of killings. The queens were the eyes and ears of the King and resided in selected strategic areas thus why we have places  such as koNkosikazi. It is the height of deceit to pretend that the nickname of Bulawayo which in all official records as City of Kings has anything to do with current residents. Its reference is to the Great Ndebele state as it was the Father of the City. I am sure she is now thinking why not the mother? Not everything is about gender. It is therefore clear that she will not allow facts to get into the way of her beliefs. The colonial regime bequeathed to Bulawayo a rich heritage as the entire history is preserved through the naming ritual which by the way is a key aspect of all Nguni groups as seen in songs and poems. It is therefore very rude for anyone to insist on gender basis on adding Queens thereby corrupting the nickname of the City and erasing its history. We say "Intandane enhle ngekhothwa ngunina" not "nguyise'. In Mthwakazi not everything is about gender!!

The next error that she falls into is failure to understand the use of an insult. She attempts to manufacture new insults on the basis of gender. Again it shows that she has no understanding of how the society is structured. All insults that are meant to demean refer to one's mother and not the father. Boys herding cattle will fight to the bitter end over two small sand depiction of the breasts of their mothers. If one of the boys kicked the other's depiction it is war. In fact the insulting using the mothers reflects how highly one's mother is regarded as it is meant to demean and defile. There is a record of great heroes who died shouting obscenities directed at their mother's killers. This happens where cowardice was used to kill the hero for example "ukumjuma''. When those thugs invaded the Town Clerk's office his chose of language was deliberate to demean them. It is called 'ukuthuka'. Ukuthuka is different from ukuthethisa. Ukuthuka is hitting below the belt and to really use inhlamba to make a point. When inhlamba is used it is a hyperbolic way of saying to someone that they have neither stature nor status in one's life. It is only reserved for extreme provocation by hoodlums. He was was showing them that they are nothing and that they cannot do anything to him. She is conveniently leaving out the part were the thugs said 'remove the Town Clerk from the office' while standing and with hands in pockets. They can be no worse insult!! They were going to lift him up or what and indeed in our culture words like inja and umgodoyi are used in acceptable context. In the context and as used by the Town Clerk inhlamba was relevant and appropriate. The Town Clerk's use of the vile references was an indication of that he regarded those thugs so lowly and therefore could only relate to them through crude descriptors.

One of the telling part of this evil scheme was the secret recording which was planned in advance. The thugs therefore stage managed their behaviour and pretended to be angels. I have no doubt that the Town Clerk would have used the same language, but again it is uncultured to record a heated conversation and share it with the world through a carefully chosen pattern. Where is the part when they were manhandling the town clerk ? Sorry or woman-handling the Town Clerk! These crooks baited their audience with the view of getting sympathy but the majority of the people can see through their shenanigans. They must have just followed due process. What was all that nonsense all about?

The MDC party is a tribalistic party that has no respect for Mathebeleland. It is a party of hooligans and thugs. A party that that is low standards and high on violence. We must not allow other sideshows to divert us from facing criminals who found themselves elected into office due to a protest vote. This party called MDC is the root cause of most of the problems in the country and all of the problems in Cities. The decay is evident and the looting defies logic. They have self-allocated themselves stands and amassed wealth which as school dropouts they never even imagined. Unfortunately Bulawayo still has controls that limits the looting. It is that part that invokes the demonic anger against the Executive of Bulawayo. they want to loot. Manje inkomo ingazala umuntu. It will not happen. This war that they have started with residents can only go one way. The residents' way. Iqaqa alihlinzelwa ebandla. MDC has done enough damage.

L Du

Source - Lizwe Dube
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