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'Zimbabwe' will not last long - Mthwakazi Institute Of Research

16 Jul 2019 at 08:31hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Institute Of Research has been putting together pieces of a question on the lips of many in the binary state of Zimbabwe and beyond borders. The question whether Zimbabwe will remain United or Unitary as the Constitution of the day says or it is going to be torn into two as  clamoured for by Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda groups, chief among them MLF.

From the onset, this Institute has been putting score after score on those on the Restoration Agenda:

(1) This Group seems determined and since 2006 when the idea of Restoring the Kingdom of Mthwakazi gained, after the inception of MFP (Matabeleland Freedom Party) which transformed into Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) in 2009, the momentum has picked speed, thanks in most cases to the repression by the Regime. The idea of separation between Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe has gained such high levels that it is a matter of time before it is tabled and debated in all SADC Parliaments.

The Regime has been a catalyst in this campaign by giving in to some demands from Non governmental Organizations and Political parties, namely the Gukurahundi issue,  the Deployment of Shona Teachers in Mthwakazi, the scuffle of Mthwakazi Chiefs with President Mnangagwa, the denials by the Regime to have Mthwakazi Heir to the throne Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo coronated and  his forced coronation amounted to parallel pillars of power. The King now goes about executing his Royal duties within his nation and the Regime seems powerless to stop Him. Not forgetting that the same group of Restorationists is responsible for creating and installation of Mthwakazi Chieftaincy in South Africa.

(2) The pressure by the Restoration Agenda pushers has resulted in the partnership between ZANU-PF and MDC-Alliance being exposed.

The ongoing Bulawayo scandals by both MDCA and ZANU-PF are proof enough to show the two are dog and puppy. ZANU-PF is after the destruction of Bulawayo Thermal Power station instead of rehabilitating it while MDC is after the City Council to bring it down as per The Grand Plan.The two Zimbabwe Parties are in a very serious competition to see who destroys Bulawayo faster and most ruthlessly.


The Restoration Agenda pushers have penetrated SADC and the International Community, isolating the Regime. The ongoing harassment of Mthwakazi Bulawayo council employees is a very good recipe for disaster.The Regime and Zimbabweans have long disillusioned themselves and now think Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda pushers are nothing to worry about.

The world now addresses the group as Mthwakazi.The "Zimbabwean"oppression on Mthwakazi is now talked about in the Diaspora especially, South Africa, Britain and Botswana.

The Mthwakazi Chiefs have also joined the Agenda, while the Regime is playing to their favour. The land disputes between Chief Jahana Khumalo, the invasion of Mthwakazi land by Shona settlers and of late the removal of Mthwakazi communities from their lands to make way for Shona occupation further justifies the fury of the restoration Agenda pushers.


The muted self determination talks for the people of AMBAZONIA has given much hope to Mthwakazi Restoration Agenda pushers. The news that Switzerland is set to host talks between Cameroon and AMBAZONIA towards the latter's independence and self determination is a plus to the pushers as it galvanises their own hopes and aspirations. Their belief grown in leaps and bounds as witnessed by the loud chanting of free Mthwakazi slogans during the #Tag Kambarami MustGo demonstration in Bulawayo.

Another big advantage the Pushers have is their renewed willingness to approach their problem together. They now seem eager to be find one another a lot and concretely towards achieving their ultimate goal. On a closing note, it has been interesting as well to note that some truthful and peace  loving Zimbabwean nationals have made peace with the separation agenda and are more than willing to let go of Mthwakazi and start their lives all anew in their home land. The columnists Pasipanodya and Taurai Njekete are one such people with the latter strongly identifying himself with Mthwakazi. By the look of comments on his social network postings, he has made himself a darling among Mthwakazi leaders and he is more than welcome in the Mthwakazi family

Source - 'Zimbabwe' will not last long - Mthwakazi Institute Of Research
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