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We rewarded Zanu PF with absolute power for rigging elections, sowing the wind to reap whirlwind – Have we finally learned the

17 Jul 2019 at 00:09hrs | Views
"Zimbabwe is burning. The country is in the throes of a serious political and socio-economic crisis. The resolution of this crisis has become a matter of extreme urgency. It is clear that soft-landing the crisis has to be done to avert an impending and inevitable implosion. Zimbabwe is heading for a disaster, it's facing an abyss. Bold steps must be taken to avoid catastrophe," said Nelson Chamisa, the President of the MDC opposition party.

To say the country "is heading for a disaster" is an understatement. With unemployment still a nauseating 90% plus, ¾ of the population now living in abject poverty, basic services like health care and supply of clean drinking water all but collapse and the country facing the hyperinflation of 2008, etc.; we are in the middle of a disaster. The disaster is getting worse and worse and no one in the ruling party, Zanu PF, or the opposition know what to do to revive the economy and end the mess.

According to daily News, the Nelson Chamisa-led party in the end decided to momentarily ice dialogue efforts with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and will now instead roll out demonstrations to force the Zanu-PF leader to the negotiating table.

Nelson Chamisa and his party have reportedly decided to stage peaceful street protest to force President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government to force to yield to MDC's demands for political dialogue leading to a power sharing arrangement comparable to the 2008 GNU.

"We want dialogue that is bankable and irreversible," said Chamisa. "It must be scaffolded, underwritten and guaranteed by the international community and the people of Zimbabwe," said Chamisa.

The devil is always in the detail! Whilst MDC accepts that last year's election was "illegal and not free and fair" and thus making this Zanu PF regime illegitimate. The MDC's proposal of restoring legitimacy after the party goes into a power sharing arrangement with Zanu PF is not bankable for four reasons:

1)    Only the people of Zimbabwe, in free, fair and credible elections, have the power and authority to confer the mandate to rule legitimacy. It is any outrage that anyone else should be so presumptuous as to believe they can confer legitimacy upon themselves, especially when they are the one who conspired to rig the elections!

2)    Zimbabwe is in this economic chaos because it is a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent and vote rigging thugs. The inclusion of MDC leaders in the present illegitimate Zanu PF regime will not change the pariah state status of the regime. As long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state, there will be no meaningful economic recovery.

3)    Both Zanu PF and MDC were involved in the 2008 to 2013 GNU and we all know that they failed to get even one democratic reform implemented. Not one! Hence the reason Zanu PF was able to blatantly rig 2013 and last year's elections. There is nothing in the proposed power sharing to suggest the two would implement the reforms and thus finally end this curse of rigged elections and pariah state.

4)    Zimbabwe is in this economic and political mess because for the last 39 years Zanu PF has rigged elections to stay in npower and the nation has failed to stand up to the regime. Instead of punishing Zanu PF for rigging elections we have rewarded the party with absolute power. We sowed the wind and in the economic ruins and political paralysis of the last 39 years, we have reaped the whirlwind! Surely, we have suffered enough to have finally learnt the lesson! Zanu PF rigged last year's election and the least we must demand is that the party to steps down.

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