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The Gems deserve better than that Chipe... something

22 Jul 2019 at 11:17hrs | Views
Forget the Warriors that were recently aptly coined 'Worries' after their dismal performance at Afcon in Egypt and their 'turncoat' 13th man goalkeeper. That Chipe.....something man was no goalkeeping material.

Anyway back to our heroines at Liverpool in UK, the Gems (those special sapphires), our national netball team tussling it out at the highest level away from home. The girls have made us proud, they are holding their own felling seasoned giants in the process.

If it was not for poor planning and misplaced priorities on their upkeep and resource allocation by those tasked with the girls' welfare, I am more than convinced the Gems could have beaten Malawi.

What with reports of no suitable shoes, little or no allowances and food the organizers would never eat? Do we ever learn? Give the girls good food, adequate allowances and generous appearance bonuses.

The Gems must be able to buy themselves housing stands and a Honda Fit. Revisit the historic Golden Girls of hockey in the early eighties and find out what each got for their effort. Being denied or near refused the appropriate shoes for the job demoralized the girls, but nevertheless, being patriots as they are the Gems soldiered on. That is the spirit we want as Zimbabweans.

Many thanks to the diaspora who chipped in with a pound here and a penny there to give a modicum of comfort to the girls, keeping their spirits high in the tournament.

To those who are alleged to have put their hands 'in the till' of the team's funds, remember ZACC now has teeth. Three rows of deadly incisors that is investigate, arrest and prosecute. To the girls, even 'Afcon' was no big order, keep your heads high.

The nation is watching.  

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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