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'Obert Mpofu thinks like a lizard'

23 Jul 2019 at 15:16hrs | Views
Jonathan Moyo once said, "Obert Mpofu has a big body like an elephant but thinks like a lizard."

This statement really explains how Obert Mpofu thinks.

The utterances by Obert Mpofu that apologising on the Gukurahundi-Genocide by Emerson Munangagwa will be a disaster for Zanu PF just shows how myopic Obert Mpofu is.This Obert Mpofu further says "let bygones be bygones".

Many people know that Obert Mpofu crossed the floor to join Zanu PF way before the 1987 so called unity accord that never solved the problems inflicted on our people by the Genocide.Infact Obert Mpofu may claim that the Gukurahundi-Genocide issue was drawn to a close through the useless marriage of convenience between the late Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe the chief Gukurahundist but to us Gukurahundi-Genocide is still active through the Economic Genocide as well as the implementation of the 1979 satanic grandplan by ZANU PF.

It is known to all and sundry that Obert Mpofu is the one who brought a lot of Shonas to Umguza district as his guarantee to get votes from these Shona savages and also continue to get protection for his looting stunts.

Obert Mpofu has never seen any good thing from the Ndebeles hence he always sings for his supper.

On the other hand we are aware that Obert Mpofu's sentiments about the Gukurahundi-Genocide could be a way of trying to buy his sympathy from the murderous Emerson Munangagwa since the Zanu PF youths are up in arms against Mpofu whom they continuously accuse of corruption.

We urge people like Obert to be careful when ever they open their mouths. The blood of our more 20 000 than innocent Ndebele people who perished during the Genocide and their souls will haunt this lunatic Obert Mpofu.

Whether Emerson Munangagwa and his Zanu PF party apologies for their shameful acts or not,this will not stop people like us to stand up and challenge this Obert Mpofu who is known for being a sellout during the Zapu era. *This sellout crossed the floor at independence and he is reported to be the one who sold out on the Umkhonto Wesizwe armoury*, an incident that justified Gukurahundi-Genocide. So an apology would expose him.We are also aware that the same Gukurahundi beneficiary *Obert Mpofu is the one who sold out on Jonathan Moyo in 2004 on Dinyane Declaration in Tsholotsho when Professor Jonathan Moyo was said to be plotting against overthrowing Robert Mugabe, hence applauding himself as an *obedient* son for having exposed Professor Jonathan Moyo.

The biggest compensation we would accept from Munangagwa and his man-slaughtering party is separation and we become a stand alone country and determine our destiny. We will only accept them as our neighbours, though knowing that they will be evil ones.

Source - MRP
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