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Loice Matanda-Moyo must not be persecuted

by Njabulo
27 Jul 2019 at 16:58hrs | Views
I think people must respect and admire couples who have been together for such a long time. Why try to destroy what God has put together?'Even the bible states it clearly that what God has put together no men can put asunder.

Some jealous people want to see Mr Moyo's marriage breaking apart. That is not right at all.People must not try to break other people's marriages because they want to settle political grudges. Politics must have a limit in our country. Some people are politicising everything.

Life is not all about politics, although politics is inevitable and invincible.People must praise others when they are doing well in other things instead of politicising everything.

Mr Moyo and wife deserve to be praised for setting a good example to our people. Their work has not made them to divorce each other. We all must admire them for that.As for Mrs Moyo's appointment, clearly she qualifies for that position, so why would she be persecuted for being appointed to that position?.

That is trampling on her human rights.She is just like any Zimbabwean and therefore deserves that position.She is a role model to all women, not only in Zimbabwe but to the whole world.Other women who hold such positions in society divorce their husbands.

As for Professor Moyo's allegations against Mr SB Moyo, that is clearly a witch hunt.Professor Moyo is hurting inside that he is no longer in power, so he is trying to hit back at the new regime.Again reason with me my people that that is politics being used to destroy a good family.

What Professor Moyo should be doing at the moment is to try and plead with the current regime to forgive him so that he returns home and continue with his life.At the moment his life has been destroyed. For how long is he going to be on the run?.He needs to fix that problem and return home to enjoy life with his family. I personally like Professor Moyo and wish that he and the others could be forgiven for the sake of their families.

To continue to fight and fight a battle that they will not win ,that will not help them in anyway. The only reasonable solution is for them to apologise to the incumbent President and others so that they can return home and continue with their lives. Maybe this regime will be in power for thirty years, so are they going to wait for thirty years.

Please note that I am analysing this issue in a neutral position.l have done my analysis without any prejudice or bias.

Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.

Source - Njabulo
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