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Everything happens at 'The Appointed' times

01 Aug 2019 at 09:53hrs | Views
The Almighty knows what the future holds for everyone of us, even when our demise is. All this happens at the 'appointed times' no matter one wishes otherwise.

Despite circumstances surrounding the means and what analysts of dubious characters say and wish for, Emperors and Kings are chosen by God. Only Him can initiate their removal and replacements after divine assessment and rating, not some Nutty Professor in outer Timbuktu or the sobbing nephew across the big river.

Cyber 'witches' may try uncouth machinations through falsehoods and blatant lies to cause alarm and despondence but in the 'heart of your hearts' remember the 'appointed times' from high Heavens that no mortal soul can fast-forward or alter to suit wishes and imaginations.

Pastors and the dollar prophets may claim false oracles and visions but that will not have effect on 'appointed times' set by our FATHER who art in Heaven. We falsely hear from cyber 'witches' that motor vehicle licencing fees will be increased by 500%.

Not even ZINARA is aware of such pagan visions and online hallucinations. With no divine phrase "Thus says the Lord", dreams will remain such until Kingdom come.

All we can do is to pray to God so He can 'heal' our polarised nation  and give wisdom to those in leadership positions to make constructive and unifying decisions. Zimbabwe can rise again and the suffering you see today will be no more.

Do not cultivate hate and never wish anyone dead. Remember the 'appointed times'.

God is watching.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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