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There is no autonomous or fair judiciary system in the world

by Njabulo
14 Aug 2019 at 08:06hrs | Views
I am not going to comment on the past election results case. But what I can say as a learned person in law, is that there is no justice system that is fair in this world. Even England and the USA who claim to be champions or custodians of international law and human rights law, do not have impartial or fair judiciary entities.

In the USA and England, their laws favour whites at the expense of blacks. Their laws were designed to put blacks behind bars and even their civil justice laws were designed to favour whites at the expense of blacks.

Many blacks are wallowing in prisons in the USA and in England for crimes which they did not commit. And there is nothing that African countries can do about that.

A good example is a case of Amanda knox, all whites were acquitted of the crime of murdering a British student.

A black Ivorian is the only person who is behind bars for that crime which he did not commit. An Italian with his American girlfriend who were also alleged to have committed the crime (of murdering Meredith Kercher, a British student) are walking scot free.

Ivory Coast has done nothing to ensure that their own child of the soil is freed.If whites were freed then why not free the black man too?. I have complained about this but the Ivory Coast government is not helping out.

The Italians fought hard to ensure that their own does not rot in prison and the American government did the same. This is an epitome of how justice systems are biased towards blacks in Europe. In the USA and in England if you read their criminal cases, one will find that its all about putting blacks behind bars.

Even their judiciary system does not accommodate blacks in high positions of authority per se. Blacks are marginalised. Those blacks that get fortunate and are promoted to high positions, are got rid of one by one.

This is true, you might think I am lying. There are only a few black judges and magistrates in the UK and USA. Its not that they are not capable, but its their racist policies that are hidden. Before the law, the black man is not equal with a white person.

All this nonsense of USA and England being champions of human rights or equal rights or advocates of autonomous judiciary entities only exist in the minds of those indoctrinated with white supremacist ideologies. The UK and USA have clear policies of racism if you do not know. No one can change those racist policies.

As it is now the new PM in England has promised to review all sentencing guidelines in order to make them tougher for blacks. He has also created more spaces in their prisons in order to put more blacks in their prisons. And there is nothing that Africans can do about that. In the USA blacks are tied with ropes and the pulled by horses. A system which was used during the slavery times.

Njabulo.libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.

Source - Njabulo
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