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Dear Mr President Mnangagwa

14 Aug 2019 at 22:41hrs | Views
Dear Emmerson,

I am writing this in response to your call on Zimbabweans to cherish the peace we are enjoying as you addressed members of the Defence forces.
I would to like to bring to your attention my own understanding of the term peace on a different scale than your conception of what it means to be at peace which is why protests will be part of your reign.

Peace is more than absence of war in a country, absence of hostilities and violence. When leaders use peace making efforts a behavioral type of restraint is established.
Such behavioral restraint has often resulted in the reduction of conflicts or hostilities and greater economic interactivity and consequently substantial economic growth. (Wikepidia)

One can not seperate peace with economic prosperity of the Zimbabwean people. Peace is not just absence of warlords or militias in our country .

What use is peace Mr Munangagwa when the economy has virtually collapsed and the one calling for people to enjoy peace is part of the system which brought us to where we are now?

When people call for demonstrations they are simply registering their displeasure at how Zanu-PF has destroyed the country. Elections have failed to turnaround the situation, what more do you want people to do when everyday of our lives is just but a nightmare which won't end.

Section 59 of the Zimbabwe Constitution says every one has a right to protest in a peaceful manner. There is no way when you can say you respect the rule of law and on other moments like this you choose to disregard the law. Mr President you are a lawyer, you have been Minister of Justice so it comes as a surprise when people like Matematanda and Zanu-PF youth issue threats to MDC and you choose to be silent. This is not any MDC thing, this is about Zimbabwean livelihoods which have been at ransom by your regime.

Again, Mr President why is it when Zanu-PF calls for protests no one condemns them. The police is silent, no one has to approach the Courts for permission.There have been numerous protests by Zanu-PF and War vets but when it comes to MDC the tone changes.

Why are you afraid of protests when millions of Zimbabweans "voted" you to be their leader? This is a chance for you to show the world that you can tolerate voices that oppose you. This is an opportunity for you to show you are different from your predecessor but you choose to bungle this by unleashing force on unarmed citizens each time there are protests.

Ask yourself why people are still trying to leave Zimbabwe to take up whatever job they can in neighbouring countries foregoing the cherished peace back home in our sovereign state.

As it is people at peace are Zanu-PF inner circle, their cronies while ordinary folks are reminded to cherish hard won independence as if it puts food on my table, gives me access to modern healthy, gives me electricity .

You have proved Mr President you only come with rhetorical statements which you don't believe yourself. Zanu-PF has proved over and over again on the economy front you are clueless.

Before I sign off what are your promises for the people after the next elections?

Source - AT Kadada
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