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Demon tribalism back to haunt Zanu-PF, Zimbabwe on the verge of bitter split

15 Aug 2019 at 06:37hrs | Views
Once you hear the old tribalist like Emmerson Mnangagwa denouncing tribalism, regionalism, divisionism and reciting the words "Zimbabwe is a unitary state" in almost every political gathering that he addresses, you know that chickens have come home to roost. Tribalism, hatred and regionalism are biological children of Zanupf. These are fragile pillars on which the mythical state called Zimbabwe was founded upon. One strong and loud Matabeleland voice  calling for independence, and the fragile pillars are shaking and falling apart.

Mnangagwa's cries are not without cause. Zimbabwe is on the verge of a bitter split. No president wants this kind of thing to happen under their leadership. But Mnangagwa has no choice. He has to let Matabeleland go peacefully or risk a very unnecessary, painful and destructive civil war. A war that will pit Matabele against Zimbabwe for the first time in history and finally give birth to The Republic
of Matabeleland.

As early as 1976 Ndabaningi Sithole, who was then struggling to regain the leadership of ZANU, endorsed these findings. "The main thesis of my letter is that ZANU as we had first formed it became constantly subject to a process of tribalization or regionalization so that it completely lost the nationalist perspective . . . When we formed ZANU in 1963 it was called the Zimbabwe National Union, but by 1974 and at the beginning of 1975 it had become in practice Zimbabwe African Tribal Union."

Yes, the "Zimbabwe African Tribal Union" that Ndabaningi Sithole warned about before independence is the same "Zimbabwe African Tribal Union" that has ordered the slaughtering of more than 40 000 Matabele civilians, rapping of more than 100 000 Matabele women, burning of more than 100 000 Matabele homes and displacement of more than 1 million Matabele into foreign countries all based on tribal grounds.

The "Zimbabwe African Tribal Union" continues to treat Matabeles like second class citizens. It reminds them everyday that they are not Zimbabweans verbally and through actions.

Matabeles are discriminated economically, in the labour market, institutions of higher education, culturally, socially and politically. This generation of Matabeles are living witnesses of this unbearable yoke of Shona oppression.

MLO rejects with the contempt it deserves, Mnangagwa's offer of devolution. Matabeles are not that gullible to accept a piece of cake when the whole cake is theirs. We advise him to give that piece of cake to his dogs. Matabeleland  is ours. We want it in full, not in pieces.

MLO has already declared that all peaceful overtures by us have beaten a brick wall since President Emmerson Mnangagwa has ignored both the Notice of Demand for The Restoration of Matabeleland State and the follow up letter thereof written by MLO President Cde Paul Siwela.

By this contemptuous  rejection, Mnangagwa is driving this revolution to the dangerous zone where the chains of Shona oppression will have to be broken using the AK 47.

This time around Matabeles would not fold their hands and die like flies as they did during Matabeleland genocide. They will take up arms and defend themselves. They shall fight aggressively for their independence.

Collateral damage will be unavoidable as there would be casualties both sides this time around.

For Matabeles, the means justifies the end. We have nothing to lose except the chains of Shona oppression.

Lukhulu luyeza luyenyelela!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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