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The year Sadc lost its purpose and relevance

19 Aug 2019 at 12:19hrs | Views
SADC, then known as SADCC, was formed in 1980 with a memorandum of understanding on common economic development. Among its goals were to introduce programs and projects which would influence the Southern African countries and the whole region.

Each member state among the nine had a role, Zimbabwe being chosen for food security. Zimbabwe could export its agricultural products within the region and beyond.

A violent land invasion on white-owned farms saw productive farms being grabbed and turned into desolate land. Now the nation imports from states it used to feed.

Sadc was later to deviate from its main purposes when in 1996 an organ on Politics, Defense and Security was launched.

The bloc, with nine member states, would grow later as it turned into a club of Dictators with sole purpose of maintaining a grip on power while employing same tactics of former colonial masters they had removed. Arbitrary arrests of activists, disappearances and use of force became the common tactics to instil fear.

The mandate of the Organ on Politics, Defense and Security as stipulated among its roles was to support the achievement and maintenance of security and rule of law in the Sadc region as well as to encourage observance of human rights.

Instead of the Organ acting as a monitor on member states, it has turned a blind eye each time they are called to react. There is no rule of law in some member states as nations with worst human rights records have become members and can now act with impunity.

Sadc has set 25 October this year as a day to call on sanctions to be removed on Zimbabwe. Instead of listening to the opposition in Zimbabwe who have sought their mediation they rather listen to the whims of Zanu-PF, how ironic!

Since Munangagwa became head of state soldiers have been used against the people and innocent lives lost. Sadc never said a word not that one would expect anything as they serve no purpose which can help Zimbabwe from Zanu-PF quagmire. Now their voice is there to say sanctions must go, they have found a voice.

Zimbabwe is not under sanctions, sanctions are on individuals.

Sadc sends election observers each time there are elections who only come for holiday then wake up from their slumber to say elections were free and fair.

On comparison, taking a look at Latin American countries that have recognized Juan Guido as the President of Venezuela. They have rejected to stand in solidarity with a thug leader who oppresses his people. Sadc states will turn a blind eye like the organization exists on paper only.

To borrow from the former President of Zimbabwe who likened Commonwealth as a "tea club" the Sadc has become Dictators club were their toys are water cannons, piles of ammunition, teargas canisters to use against their own unarmed people and claiming to observe human rights like they know its meaning.

As it is now the Burundi leader who has disregarded the country 's Constitution when he contested elections against two terms limit has applied to join the Dictators club.

Source - AT Kadada
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