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Mnangagwa scared of being eaten by protests: run Mnangagwa run!

22 Aug 2019 at 08:32hrs | Views
Not too long ago, protests would not subdue a dictator. Not now! Second only to military coups in deposing dictactors, protests have developed huge teeth that can crush a dictator to nothing in a matter of days if not hours. If you are a compromised  despot, genocidist and human rights abuser like Emmerson Mnangagwa, you do not leave anything to chance when protests are building up in your own back yard. Run Emmerson Mnangagwa run!

Protests nowadays may result in a dictator losing power in a matter of hours or days. This, through forced resignation or tyrant fleeing the country to save dear life.

Falling from power this way has dire consequences especially for blood socked and scandal ridden politicians like Emmerson Mnangagwa. One may see the end of his comfortable life through assassination or execution like  Ali Abdullar Saleh of Yemeni and Maummar Gaddafi of Libya. The two fell from power through Arab Spring protests.

Sometimes one may be lucky to escape death, but fail to avoid the embarrassment of being imprisoned for crimes like theft, corruption, unlawful possession of minerals, money laundering, murder and genocide like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt ( Arab Spring casualty) and the latest casualty of Sudan protests and ICC candidate Omar al- Bashir. It may also lead to involuntary exile where one dies of stress related illnesses like  Mobutu Seseseko of DRC who died in Morroco soon after he was discarded through a coup. Another good example being Robert Mugabe, Mnangagwa's Cde and political mentor Robert Mugabe who was placed under permanent house arrest after the Zimbabwe 2017 coup.

 Is Mnangagwa prepared to swallow his own bitter pill? The illegalization and clamping down of MDC Alliance protests expose a very insecure and paranoid Mnangagwa. There are tangible reasons for one to be unsettled, uprisings of this nature also have a tendency of degenerating into military coup or civil war, all which do not favour despots. They can split countries too as Yemeni was divided into two and Libya and four countries. In Zimbabwe there are many political prontagonst who eye such an event with great interest, talk of G40, The weevils, the army and Matabeleland Liberation Movements. One mistake Zimbabwe meet its demise.

But the question is, until when will Mnangagwa live in fear of his own people, his own police, his own army and fellow politicians? Surely something will give.

Enter Matabeleland aka Mthwakazi.

Unfortunately for poor Matabeles, no Zimbabwe election, military coup, or most dramatic protest will deliver independence for them.

Matabeles can vote in the Zimbabwe elections, support any military coup d'etat by any Zimbabwean military leader or run in the forefront of all protests but at the end of it all, they would find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Shonas will shift back to their old ways of abusing their majority advantage to discriminate, dominate or even kill Matabeles.  Matabeles will find themselves stuck with the new or old Shona supremacist government that will continue to oppress, demonize and humiliate them as this gives them pleasure. No Shona will ever rule Matabeles well. Matabeles must govern themselves.

On Sunday 18 August MLO representatives attended an emergency meeting held at Jubert Park in SA, in solidarity with Chief Khayisa of Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland who is locked in Khami Prison based on trumped up charges.

We maintained a silent but very observant and effective presence, the events were not disappointing. There was a show of unity, unwavering solidarity and comradeship among Matabeles of all walks of life.

Over 10 speakers dominated by young people between the ages of 19 and 42 spoke with one powerful voice. They demanded unity of purpose among all Matabeleland Liberation Organization.

Publicly so and fearlessly, they declared that they are tired of being ruled by the oppressive government of Zimbabwe and stated that they are now prepared to  liberate themselves through whatever means possible, even if the situation demanded that they take up arms of war.

As MLO we heard their calls that were so loud and so clear.

We are happy and know that when the youth of Matabeleland speak out and demand action, only a fool will not listen.

By the look of things it is not too long before Zimbabwe catches fire.

Abanye kukhona okugida kubalunguza.

Lukhulu Luyeza!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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