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The Christian attack against the native family and The Native Religion Beyond Jerusalem! Rome and London

25 Aug 2019 at 22:36hrs | Views
"I have travelled across the length and breath of africa and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief such wealth I have seen in this country  such high moral values, people of such high calibre, that I do not think that we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Africans think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation." Lord Macualay's address to The British Parliament on the 2nd of February 1835. Source

What a discovery within the native families! And across the native world! Quick-takers of both settler-religious and political colonialism! Africans and other natives of the world trained to lead in the settler-colonial spiritual colonial agenda and condemnation of their native religion in the name of civilisation! The creation of a devastatingly indocrinated and highly influential settler-anointed native clergy and leadership at the service of the unscrupulous spiritual invader! The invader who unleashed terror upon the non-takers of the new destructive order.

The most grave prevalence of multiple moments of spiritual fraud! Broad-daylight spiritual robbery! Spiritual injustice! Violence! Spiritual atrocities! Spiritual betrayals! Spiritual bullying! Destructive spiritual compliance! Spiritual resentment and rejection! Spiritual theft of talent! Spiritual corruption! And spiritual forced labour! Spiritual dominion of a strange god/s upon the native world at the expense of the God-given religion.

The native men who learnt, spoke and taught English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Wore straw-hats! Suits with shining shoes, neck-tie and glittering Rolex and Rotary watches at an immeasurable price in exchange of own native religion. Taught never to break the invader's language to this very day. Spoke perfect English as broken English depressed! And, therefore, would depreciate that fraudulent status! And yet breaking own native language went without mention. Good English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or German determined the amount of favour as a most critical status symbol. The men in high demand for interpretation services for colonial authorities! The men who looked after the whole clan and educated all those who went to school within both the respective clans and the neighbourhood whose sons and daughters obtained first preference everywhere. The men who would recommend neighbours for favours in one way or the other. And gave lots of donor-hand-outs including scholarships and soft-loans to the respective communities! As well as the coordination of tax collection in favour of the colonial masters. Poligamous families qualified for permanent such hand-outs there-by obtaining undying paid-for loyalty! Hired compliance to Christianity. Or, favours obtained by mere mention of such men's names such as when they stood-out to teach that native spiritualism was paganism! African culture was a curse! And, therefore, condemned  into the dust-bin! And Jesus The Christ was the way, the truth and the light for all races and the multiple tribes of the world. (John 14:6). No-one would dare oppose. Not long, the whole community aspired to speak the whiteman's language. A language of great favour! And abandoned their own God-given native way of life. Lost contact with the native true God and the respective ancestral intermediaries! And dressed like the uncompromising invaders! And fake spiritual bonding by worship of their unknown god.

Unlike South Africa's fallen century-old apartheid state that took to fulltime defence of Afrikaanerdom with The Broederbond as its key organ of sustanance. The Broederbond comprised of almost the entire apartheid establishment including the head of government, his most senior Cabinet Ministers and Generals. As late as 1984, the most critical political turning point! When urgent need arose to prepare the apartheid state for majority rule, guarantees for minority rights came as top-most in the respective Broederbond resolution. The Sunday Times Insight Africa of April 14, 2019, in the orbituary to one of Afrikaanerdom's most acknowlegded sharpest minds of the time, Pieter de Lange, cites of what it called "one of The Broederbond's most important policy documents, Basic Political Conditions for The Continuing Survival of The Afrikaaner, was circulated among its 20 000 members and released publicly in November 1986. It argued that the continued exclusion of blacks at the highest level of decision-making had become a threat to the survival of Afrikaanerdom. In the respective orbituary, The Sunday Times reports that in 1986, in New York, de Lange met one of The South African National Congress guerilla war leaders, Thabo Mbeki, who led the African National Congress delegation, whom he told straight on the face that Afrikaaners were more concerned about losing their cultural identity in the envisaged democratic South Africa than economic or political power. That was to say that all the atrocities of resistence of majority rule had been a form of defence of Boer culture and religion. In the established post-independence Afrikanner colonies scattered around South Africa, residence or citizenship was open to all races, colours or creed on confition that they assimilated into Afrikaanerdom. Abandonment of own culture and religion! Continue to worship a white god! When people assimilate into a group or society, they become an all-round part of it. The same old tactic that they had championed to dispossess natives of their Africa and religion. Meanwhile Wilhelm Verwoed, quoted his grand father in a 1958 inaugural speech into the highest office in the land as follows: "We are not fighting for money or possessions, we are fighting for the life of a nation." Wilhelm wrote in his book, My Journey Through Family Betrayals, as quoted in The Sunday Times of 29, 2019, "Ouma Betsie always gave her grand children Afrikaans story books as birthday presents ... On the front page of volume one of professor G.D. Scholtz's nationalist biography, Ouma wrote, next to each off-spring's name, "Look to the rock from which you were hewn." Isaiah 51:1. Critising the rock from which one is hewn feels like a fundamental betrayal. UZwi Lezwe Dr. Prophet Samuel Hadebe, Credo Mutwa, Enock Mgijima, Alice Leshina and Korean Mother Moon and their followers also wield of an equal inalianable right! The same entitlement! To rise and defend their origins! Their respective religions and cultures! A nation that allows robbery of its native origin remains as a nation that holds on an artificial presence! And, therefore, on borrowed realities of life on planet earth. Covenant with their God in their own God-given native formular remains as that most critical pass-word! Defend their functional nativism at all costs beyond Jerusalem! Rome and London. Mother Moon and all native prophets of the world have been persecuted for seeking to enrich their nativism and their active international peace efforts. When you scatter or fake religion you scatter or fake nations! You scatter religious harmony! It remains as the greatest catalyst in the making of devastating wars and both spiritual and material poverty. It was this fear of religious harmony and tolerance that has put the western masters into fulltime agitation with The Vatican desperately coming down to Morocco proclaiming of a converging interest with the Islamic nation. It was through religion that solid nations were built! The time to re-strategise on the divide and rule tactics has come! In the auction of Verkykerskop Private Town in The Free State, property owner, Matt Hoffman, explained to The Sunday Times of May 26, 2019, to the effect that the respective Town could have grown into a prestigous city but failed because the authorities of the day did not build a Church! That was to say that there was no spiritual convenant entered into with their God to crown the respective Town's envisaged growth into a city in the manner that had transpired at The Battle of Blood River. ENcome. There-by confirming the strategic value of spiritual convenants in development as alluded to in the teachings of Prophet uZwi Lezwe Dr. Samuel Hadebe, in reference to the apartheid victory into South Africa and The eNcome Dutch Refirmed Temple that symbolised the covenant into such victory. The spiritual battle goes-on unabated with early-age induction into the Afrikaaner nation. We learn, in this instance, that religion was not just that ordinary matter of open subscription, but had to be defended and fortified at all cost. Latest was the proposed construction of the all-Afrikaaner Town of Eureka in The Eastern Cape for purposes of  presevation of the settler-minority culture as enshrined in the South African constitution by demand.

Morocco's Foreign Affairs Minister, Nasser Bourita, was quoted by The Sunday Times Insight Africa, 14, April 2019, journalist, Ranjeni Munusamy, as follows: "Not just any old kingdom ... Morocco is not just another country, ... It has 13 centuries of history and its monarchy is a direct line from Prophet Mohammed. King Mohammed V1 is a religious authority in the Muslim world and is respected across the world. South Africa should not be misled into thinking Morocco will accept the challenge to its authority lying down" ... This was in reference to The South African attitude to The Moroccan-Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic long-standing teritorial conflict on the eve of The Pope's visit to The Kingdom. Bourita was further quoted in the same publication as saying that The Pope and The King, Mohammed V1, had realised of convergent views on the rights of, and compassion for migrants ... "Since 2014 we have regularised 50 000 Sub-Saharan Africans, allowing them to have access to employment, schools, to hospitals. In Morocco, the migrant is not a criminal. The migrant is a human being." That was in direct mockery of The South African xenophobia that has targeted fellow poor Africans from the regional countries. Unlike other nations, those who have attached maximum value to their respective religions have not prostituted! And, therefore, have remained as prosperous and much closer to the respective spirits that have continued to guide their fortunes. However, both Christians and Moslems have no intermediary spirits! They believe in each man for himself at all spiritual levels. Moroccan families took great pride in having successfully retained that identity connection to The Prophet Mohammed 13 centuries later. Afrikaaner families advanced their cultural loyalty, for the good or for worse, as a most critical determinant to majority rule. They sought assurance on the possibility of their forced or circumstancial religious delinquency or deterioration as part-package of majority rule. Afrikaaners staged early refusal to worship in The African Temple by the rivers! Mountains and forests at independence in 1994 and beyond. The direct reverse of what they had done with natives.

While for other African or native families that were either violently or hand-out enticed to embrace Christianity, it became a conditional permanent pull blessing favouring the invaders to the very present. Kings and Queens! And Chiefs and other prominent persons bribery out of Africanism or nativism into the unknown in exchange for sugar, ornaments and other cheap forms of acknowledgement! And false protection too. African true heroes and great parents and ancestoral chains found themselves classified by their own as demons only fit to be exorcised at high speed. Or, social misfits condemned to hurried ostracism. Those Africans and other natives of the world! Natives of unpoluted vision, found themselves in full colonial wrath of violence and imprisonment. With these great men and women as illustrious role models of the time great inspiration still prevails to re-connect with the value-adding past. Natives were groomed to despise their dead clan lineages and yet continue to draw abundant of artificial inspiration from Israeli equally dead prophets and elders such as Moses! Dorcus! Miriam! Daniel, Shadreck, Meshack and Abednego. It has remained as being in order to get a Moseic spiritual visitation! Or, one's pastor or prophet dead or alive! Interpreted as a sign of good fortune to be prayed-upon with fasting. And yet so spiritually obscene to get such from the late and the living native prophets such as Enock Mgijima! Nontetha Nkwenkwe! Credo Mutwa! Or Isaiah Shembe. Or uZwi Lezwe Dr. Prophet Samuel Hadebe of South Africa. Zimbabwe's Chaminuka, Nehanda, Kaguvi, Johane Masowe or Samuel Mutendi. Such visitation naturally carries prescribed Christian spiritual fire-fire violence! Sign of bad fortune. The colonial authorities issued the native favoured crusaders with guns and lots of power to look after western interests with spiritual propaganda. Bicycles! And later, motor vehicles! And overseas travel too! Those who bought-in qualified for quick returns such as scholarships to study Christianity overseas as a means of breaking good willed resistence. This approach triggered and guaranteed quick conversion from nativism to Christianity. Time had come to despise the functional African or native self-inflicted total isolation from the realities of true native religion. Alas! They could only delay it but never totally suppress it. That was the most rare characteristic of the truth or reality.

The most out-standing known variance between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, African Religion or other native religious outfits of the world was that Christianity was man-made by non-believers in Rome. While Judaism, Islam, African religion and other native religious outfits were of God. Judaism left Israel as a Hebrew family way of worship! Got mugged in Rome and converted into Christianity many-many tears after Christ! Got transported to England as politics! And got re-packaged and customised for the native world as a violent business venture. While Judaism was prostituted into Christianity, Islam was most effectively defended at all costs to this very moment it has never been prostituted. And African and other native religions were forced into hiding and labelled as sorcery. And, therefore, lots of violence was unleashed upon the respective natives as recently experienced in The Christ Church City of New Zealand in mid-March 2019 where about 50 Moslems were cold-bloodedly shot in worship by a Christian protestant. Manufactured by mugging of Judaism, branded and patented by then sitting Roman Emperor, Constantine, to meet the then prevailing demands of his personal political cause, with his mother playing as mid-wife. Christianity has remained as violent, most rigid and prescriptive and playing superior above the God-given physically unarmed religions. Many Christians have remained in hood-winked lip- service on the assumption that Christianity was of Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ! And yet it has always stood to be news of the day for him as the same Jesus had been an anointed full-fledged practitiomer of Judaism! Who neither build a Temple nor formed a religion not by mistake. Emperor Constantine, fevered by The Roman growing conversion into Judaism, by the continued teachings of the deciples of Jesus many years later, which he had viewed to be a live-threat to his political authority, tactifully blended Roman Satanism with Judaism to come-up with a new product called Christianity for the world with its seat of power premised in The Vatican in Rome. A product of Satanism remains as the same. To support this cult artificial product, astute quick-buck driven native men and women of all races and tribes had to go, inevitably, to be groomed and armed for the task in various schools and laboratories despite the fact that none of the respective professors commanded of a fragment of competence to talk or illustrate of both heaven and God. They have continued to teach of an imaginary men-made book God and heaven. While the God-given religions never walk in the air! Neither dish-out miracle money! Bring angels into The Temple! Nor fake the raising of the dead like The Christian cult have done of late. Christians have remained as too desperate to support their spiritual shenenigans to purchase fake relevance. Or, continuously renew their artificial and continuously endangered religious shelf-life by hook or crook! When they take to dishing-out outrageous customised or false prophesies they have never reacted! To this date, no Judaist, Islamic nor African  Temple was known for these Christian most bizzaire miracles! God-given religions have remained as most astute worshippers, teachers and dedicated employees inspired from the respective Temple by the teachings and true prophecies of their own prophets as prescribed in the book of Deuteronomy 18:18. In Zimbabwe, former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe, went more frail with misdirected good hope and close to spiritual paralysis with customised false prophesies! While his youthful wife Grace went on over-drive ambition in front of media cameras from Archbishop Johannes Ndanga and Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe of The Christian cult which promoted bad governance and enshrined husband-to-wife "mis"rule! The Men of God prophetically favoured the continued Atrocious Governance! Atrocious Cost of Living! And Atrocious Service Delivery! System AAA! Typical of Satanism on assumption of Mugabe's continued stay! Top-most priority for The Men of God was to secure of that niche position within The Devil's Heart and still remain of That True God! The great prophets continued to prophesy of a bright future for Mugabe and of a wife who carried of the same palace anointing as Mugabe, equipped to rule up to that November 15, 2017 military coup. Sitting Zimbabwe president, Emmerson Mnangagwa has inherited the same litany of false prophesies from the same mouth! Fellow Christians, Mahendere and entourage, have, to this day, seen no cause to react. For them (Christians) it has remained  as so convenient to point fingers across the oceans and not below their noses.

Korea's own True Mother Moon has suffered undue international vitriol for standing for her native religion and the betterment of her country, its people, and the world-over through her Universal Peace Federation (UPF). Zimbabwe's Christian cult Minister, Michael Mahendere, among others, mobilised the unfortunate resentment and rejection of Korea's True Mother Moon on the fact that she subscribed to her native religion. In this way Zimbabwe paid a high price for spiritual ignorance. If True Mother Moon had staged a Fire-Fire lical brand of Christianity in honour of a hired God, the venue would have over-subscribed! True Mother Moon paid a high price  for practising her faith and commiting to world peace. True Mother Moon has been condemned for spiritually resisting Jerusalem, Rome and London in favour of her God-given native origin and aggressive search for world-class rule of law and creation of peace through good governance as a most sure guarantee to international higher quality of life for all. Korea's True Mother Moon stands accused and spiritually unduly convicted for seeking to up-grade the majority ordinary peoples of the world who have been previously long condemned into excruciating man-made racism, xenophobia, and related intolerance in poverty. Wars! Hunger! Corruption and disease. True Mother Moon has been labelled a Satanist for up-holding her native God-given faith as a means to barricading or restricting her effective access to the most needy peoples and situations of the world. True Mother Moon carries a high-value spiritual currency for Korea as enshrined in the magnitude of the following that she commands! And wields of equally most superior global currency in the form of religious/spiritual harmony and quest for the rule of law, creation of peace and a good-governed world. Oppression thrives on the continued growth of the oppressed families and dispossessed communities of the world. Mother Moon has been condemned for her unwavering open resentment and rejection of such world order in favour of the prevalence of a most just and peaceful world with value-adding governance for sustainable development. Korean True Mother Moon carries a powerful and yet very clear message to the world peoples of various pursuasions! Lets get together and entrench the rule of law! Create peace! And enshrine good governance to give the majority peoples of the world genuine quality of life! True Mother Moon neither asked anyone to convert to her Korean native religion nor the alleged Satanism! True Mother Moon has made a most brave attempt to conscientise the world of the need to stop the prevailing destructive man-made human under-development that has seen the girl-child continuously pull-out of school and being drafted into either early marriage or sex-slavery due to the lack of sanitary towels in Christian cult environs! Poverty! While the boy-child was drafted into war-lordism as a child soldier and other forms of heinous crime. True Mother Moon has stood tall to condemn the governance for the perpetuation of poverty that long captured the world with multi-national corporations thriving on such sorry state of the world affairs. It remains as an undisputable fact that the same institutions have risen to finance the prevailing True Mother Moon strings of resentment and rejection in some such primitive parts of the world. For example, arms of war factories and war theatres thrive on sustainable poverty which also serves as fertile ground for corruption and armed conflict. True Mother Moon has despised the order of the day that has kept war armerments factories as the most lucrative all-season enterprises. True Mother Moon's greatest aspiration was to see those uncalled-for war artillery factories turned into food and  pharmacetical processing plants. True Mother Moon's greatest dream was that of good health and sufficient food and security for all the peoples of the world with smaller graveyards and thrieving family life where all true peace, prosperity and happiness originate! Despises running battles and life waste in the various parts of the world. She has despised governance elected only to emerge as more elite with huge motorcades that make politicians more important than the majority needy who elected those who govern. She has resented the order of The Presidential Jets and chattered flights that fly-over the hungry war and poverty weary communities in lack of running water and quality sanitation! True Mother Moon champions informed quality servant leadership for both national and world prosperity and peace! Where leaders serve with both honestcy and dignity in a transparent and accountable way as against the prevailing excommunicative master-servant leadership which entails of a leadership that emerges as unaccountable and superior to the majority poor who elect it. Leadership that views public office as a grand opportunity-not to be missed-into wanton looting grounds! Looting of public resources for personal gain! Benefit children! Uncles and cousins sitting in equally looting multi-national corporations as senior executives. True Mother Moon has introduced a new state of the art  commodity for the international markets: The rule of law and creation of peace and good governance for all irrespective of political or spiritual pursuasion. True Mother Moon has consistently remained as that most feared advocate for regimes that put shoes on the feet of the poor rather than coats on the backs of the already filthy rich with lots of loyalty to her native Korean religion that has seen her leading  one of the world's largest followings. And acting, with her late husband, as a real patriot for a country at a moment of critical need against Korean national recession. Prophet uZwi Lezwe Dr. Samuel Hadebe, founder of the fast-growing now regional Revelation Church of God, summed it well when he acknowledged international spiritual variance as God-given. Spiritualism differed from nation-to-nation and yet strongly acknowledging True Mother Moon's heroic search for the rule of law and creation of international peace and good governance as the most crtical common denominator with her. Prophet uZwi Lezwe Dr. Samuel Hadebe, vows never to lead anyone to Korea to praise and worship in the Korean native way with True Mother Moon as Africa had its own equally rich religion to pay adequate attention to! But would always be very ready to lead anyone to Korea and the world-over to strategise with True Mother Moon on the restoration of the rule of law, the creation of peace and good governance initiatives as well as religious harmony in a similar way that has bonded The Islamic Morocco King Mohammed V1 and Rome'sitting Pope Francis as discussed above. It remains as very difficult to obtain a solid spiritual footing without a detailed interrogation of what Prophet uZwi Lezwe Dr. Samuel Hadebe has called The Books of Wisdom, the Christian Holly Bible and The Islamic Quran.

Unlike Africa's native gospel music maestro evangelists who have taken all their time and energies to pull great crowds upon Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ! Native talent has been stolen too and deployed on abusive use. Zimbabwean song-birds and couple Pastor Charles and Olivia Charamba, Minister Mahendere and various others but made no mention of Zimbabwean indigenous gallant prophets Nehanda, Kaguvi and Chaminuka! Or, of The Great Zimbabwe Ruins. South African music iconic group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo's close to half a century of international multi-award winning powerful ministration singing of Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ and his wounds under the leadership of the legendary Joseph Tshabalala! With mighty foot-work and dance moves with real golden voices in full praise of spiritual colonialism! Singing of Israel! Jerusalem! Calvary! And Bethlehem! And yet make no mention nor pay any form of attention to South Africa's own indigenius prophets as highlighted above. Or, prophetic King Tshaka Zulu and Goodwill Zwelithini and various other such indigenous icons. Ladysmith Black Mambazo has called all the peoples of of the world to pursue a Jewish prophetic agenda there-by putting their own into immeasurable shame. Sibiza bonk'abantu wozani kuJesu (We call upon all the peoples of the world to follow Jesus). And another so touchingly famous and equally misleading : Ngithand'ukukhula ngifane noJesu. (I aspire for spiritual growth that should be equivalent to that of Jesus). Jesus The Christ, also rightfully known as The Lion of Judah! One wonders as to which part of Africa, the Asiatic world, or any other, would be the kingdom of Judah other than Israel. And as to how the entire world would aspire to pursue that Lion of Judah there-by ignoring or humiliating its own respective equally competent and domesticated localised Lions and Lionesses! Time to repent and escape that ancestral rage! And yet the same Jesus The Christ unambiguosly states that he came as the way, the truth and the light strictly to Israel and that he would never put the children of Israel's bread to waste in favour of dogs! (Matt. 15:24-26). The classified dogs were the various  other peoples of the world. Jesus put it very clear that he was not a one size-fits-all Messiah as Christians with the same bible would have the world believe! But strictly for The Jews. Jesus made an honest confession to the effect that he would never rise beyond caring for his native Jews. The world reels with wasted faith upon Israel. The stolen or misdirected talent in favour of such spiritual colonialism at the expense of Africa's spiritual heroism! Ladysmith Black Mambazo has most eloquently sung of all-Israel and made no mention of their own historical local Town of eMnambiti! They have sung of great aspiration to live in Jerusalem partying with Jesus The Christ in all-white robes and neither with any of South Africa's equally ancient and competent spiritual icons. The iconic group makes no mention of either Thohoyandou or eThekwini or uMgungundlovu. Or Dzivaresekwa, Glenora and Chitungwiza in the case of of Mahendere and entourage. The Christian cult chooses the alien Jerusalem! If Africans took to partying with Jesus The Christ in Jerusalem, one wonders as to  would then be equally partying with Africa's own prophets in Soweto, Alexander, eMsinga or Khayelitsha! Or Highfields, Mbare, Mkoba and Makokoba.This sort of ministration kept me in spiritual slavery for over fifty years of dance and singing in white propaganda with Joseph Tshabalala. Indigenous peoples have been effectively  deployed against their own  native origins in favour of wholesome colonialism. Gospel music maestro, Dr. Rebecca Malope, honoured for belting-out colonial spirituality, chose and ministered to all to listen to only Jesus with a thriller song: Moya Wami-Moya Wami ubolale uJesu qha! (My spirit-my spirit you ought to listen to only Jesus), that racked her good fortune  and later an honorary doctorate degree of dishing-out first-grade Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ spiritual fallacy with a greatly misguided audience. Gospel music has continuously erroneously been assumed to be synonymous with Christianity. Gospel was assumed to be only Christianity. Gospel music was erroneously assumed to be songs about only Jewish Prophet Jesus! The Songs of Jerusalem! Israel! Calvary! Gethsemane! The River Jordan! Or, Jewish Prophets Moses and David. And yet AmaSwaz'emvelo traditional music outfit that I also loved as a young boy, I wonder what could have happened to them, advanced a most powerful pan-Africanist message that proudly carried their full identity. Siphuma le'Swazini! Siphuma le'Mbabane! Siphuma le'Manzini! Yith'AmaSwaz'emvelo. (We come from Swaziland! We come from Mbabane! We come from Manzini! We are the native Swazi). Alongside was Abafana baseqhudeni, Intombi zesimanje-manje and Mahlathini and The Mahotela Queens carrying true Africanist vibes. Music that told the story with high desire for native restoration. Raw pan-Africanist music faced state banning orders at the time. While Jamaican stars Bob Marley with his thriller Africa liberate Zimbabwe and Buffalo Soldier-Stolen from Africa. Peter Tosh on identity! And Jimmy Cliff on those struggling men! They surely played their part in the endeavour to liberate the native mindset. It remains as unquantifiable in this day and time that South African sitting Chief Justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng, found it fit to hand sitting president, Cyril Ramaphosa, a copy of The Spiritual fraudulent constitution,  The Bible, for perennial misguidance at the presidential inauguration following the May 8, 2019 elections. Chief Justice Mogoeng took Cyril Ramaphosa out of Pretoria! Alexander! Soweto! And Khayelitsha - well-out-of -reach with the true spiritual custodians of the native world - to the prestigious cities of Jerusalem, Rome and London who long authored that fake spiritual constution as a means to grabbing every inch of the native world. That was spiritual capture upon the president! And himself, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, making so strong a confession of his commitment to an imposed or borrowed religion at the expense of his own native functional culture. In this way, The Chief Justice took all South Africa to Jerusalem and defended his so shallow borrowed a faith! Knelt-down in parliament and prayed loudly to commit the august house to that hired god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! Against the God of John Langalibalele Dube, founding president of the South African National Congress! Robert Sobukhwe, founding president of the pan-Africanist Congress of South Africa! Chief Albert Luthuli! Walter Sisulu! Govan Mbeki! Nelson Mandela! Solomon Mahlangu! Lilian Ngoyi!! Winnie Madikizela-Mandela! Albertina Sisulu! And Matthew Goniwe. And president Ramaphosa received this spiritual capture with his trade-mark unfailing broad-smile even at moments that Economic Freedom Front president, Julius Malema went hay-wire upon him calling on him to wake-up.

When Christianity disvovered what to it had become of a live ripple effect emanating from the effect of grouping natives with lots of hand-outs which included the intellectual element that bore native nationslism leading to the clamour for equal rights and independence respectively, the system had to re-strategise. Africans and other natives of the world were urgently coerced into trimming families in what was labelled as family planning! One of its key components was the off-loading of the extended family. Natives re-groomed to build huge mansions with one or two kids and yet make it a no go area for the extended family. Polygamy and the extended family had remained as a great source of labour and, therefore, wealth within families. And a natural native requirement that every visitor or passer-by got quality food from every native household. Native villages were known to produce more food than commercial settler colonial farms since the early parts of the invasion to the present. More-so before the stimulation of either forced or enticed urbanisation. Natives had enjoyed unfailing good cropping seasons with rains at the right time alongside huge herds of cattle and small stocks. And almost every household had an unknown native person being kept to adulthood with free shelter and all other resources! Getting name and adopting host family name. A guest was a blessing and provided of an opportunity to give and practice general hospitality! The native own tradition of caring! Africans got re-groomed to see the spirit of ubuntu (care) as a waste of resources. Rain-making ceremonies got condemned and dismantled! Africanism or nativism  was gruesomely broken! And all able-bodied men violently drafted into the colonial  armies, the mines and other industries of the time as cheap labour housed in male-only hostels. Natives were re-groomed to be xenophobic! Condemned brother-keeping as an uncalled-for burden! Re-groomed to scatter uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins! Taught that parental care was optional for working grown-up children as they could safely exist with Jesus The  Christ and Their Fire-Fire Papas. Re-trained to ignore parentsl home leaking roofs and unpassable roads and yet regularly take the fire-fire Papa to dinner and foot his multiple shopping bills from general groceries to clothing, utility bills to automobile. And not even a packet of salt, not to speak of sugar, for parents at home! One South African prominent  gospel evangelist, the late Sifiso Ncwane, was known to have splashed R1.7 million on a papal top of the range jeep when his mother languished in dire poverty in the family rural home. Only to remember of her at that moment of need of a kidney donor! Surely she found him undeserving and he was left to die with no Papal help. There was, surely no advantage in keeping Ncwane alive for his mother. Parental visitation became a sad act! Spousal quick inquiry as to when was date of departure before even knowing the cause of such visitation! Parents and visiting extended family get put on the figure-conscious finger-meal per day! There-by provoking hunger in them. At best, well-to-do natives have been smart enough to emulate the Christian route of either deporting or condemning such aged parents to old-age sanctuaries or, just ignoring them to die pre-mature deaths of avoidable hunger and disease! Followed highly prestigious talk-of-town send-offs graced by the high-heeled who's whos! Presided over by the fire-fire Papa! And multitudes of Abazalwane (fellow fire-fire  congregants), who are ever too quick to remind the berieved to the effect that it was all over for the deceased! The dead to the dead! And the living to the living! This has been well evidenced in the Johannesburg, South Africa's Life Esidibeng saga where over a hundred and forty elderly people were painfully massacred! Elderly parents perished in the hands of a negligent old people's home! The old people's guillotine! These lives were put to waste in process of gracing a strange borrowed culture! In African native culture the death of an elderly person was equated to a burnt library! A library remains as a sacred store-room of wisdom! A strong-room! Or armoury! Never to be neglected! Families enrolled the elderly into old-people-s homes and abdicated! In Gaborone, Botswana, an elderly sickly man was murdered by his domestic worker for the purpose of swindling the estate. The respective employee stole over Three Million Pula from the deceased! And, yet his children only discovered of the  death and murder respectively over six months later after the respective morgue had pressured the police over a long-unclaimed body. Christians preach of no need to spiritually mourn or identify with the such departed in any other way beyond burial! Uthuli ethulini! (Dust unto dust). While in functional African native religion there was no way in which one could call on the true God without that active ancestral intermediary engagement. Then one wonders as  to the sort of conflict that exists in real life carried-over into the spiritual realm as to what it becomes upon the respective living! Dump them alive! You have dumped them in the spiritual realm! This was the creation of hostile spirits! Or agrieved angels! In Judaism, as in African religion, the departed took full honour with all the requisite rituals in mourning. In the book of Jeremiah 34:1-5, God blesses Judaist King Zedekiah with full burial and mourning rituals as prescribed for every such elder of his status. In the Judaist book of 1Kings 14:12-20 God prescribes full customery burial rites and mourning for King Jeroboam's son! And also in the book of Nehemiah 2:2-6, Prophet Nehemiah petitions the King for permission to go back and champion the restoration of the Judaist City of Jerusalem and attrubuted the main cause for that to the fact that the Judaist fore-fathers lay in the respective ashes of the run-down city! But Christians have taught the world to totally disconnect with the dead as it follows Papacy and Jesus The Christ.

Without active ancestoral lineages and contacts African native religion sinks into fulltime permanent paralysis! Or, goes straight unto the spiritual dust-bin! God culculatingly instructed Israelites to honour their fathers and mothers and neighbours in the ten commandments found in Deteuronomy 5:6-21. It never said that people should be lost and forgotten at death. There exists no native without native spirituality. There was no wisdom in attaching higher value on the grave of Usraeli King David, or that of Jewish Prophet Jesus The Christ, in Israel or that of great colonial Cape-to-Cairo emperialist, Cecil John Rhodes in Zimbabwe where forced native pilgrimage prevailed throughout the colonial era, where natives took to paying misguided spiritual  homage and yet paid none to their own kith and kin. In this set-up natives would only live a life of pretence! Living an artificial western-borrowed life at high spiritual cost! Praying a hired or borrowed god in artificial custom and culture. God gave, in good measure, a blessing of marriage in equal to both the rich and the poor for both reproduction and pleasure! Even animals and birds were equally blessed to walk and fly in twos! Then Catholics chose to alter the hand of God by both teaching and going celibate. Catholics surprisingly preferred theft of the free gift of God. The world remained as filling-up with such Catholic celibate priests and  nuns children estimated to be over fifty thousand per year world-wide. In Malawi, 30 nuns have either aborted or mothered children by priests as reported by The Malawi Mail of Saturday 30 March, 2019. And The Pope had to close a French Catholic institution for the same reasons as reported  by The France24 News Channel in early 2019. That pre-eminently marks of the difference between the true God and the artificial. Even in Israel, the dead were both  physically and spiritually mourned! Christians have learnt tactiful bible reading or selective reading to escape those elements of Judaist truths as contained  in what  Prophet uZwi Lezwe Dr. Samuel Hadebe of The Revelation Church of God called the book of wisdom. They have preferred juicy books such as Isaiah 54:17, Psalma 23! And tactifully avoided books such as Deuteronomy 28:15-68 which detail of the gruesome ends of immorality or disobedience.

One never stops as to wondering as to that what becomes of a parent who dies in man-made/child-made grief such as hunger and other forms of such devastating negligence when they reach the spiritual realm. If a parent dies of avoidable anger, pain or grief, the highest likelihood would be that of unlimited vengeance or other various forms of such spiritual hostlity. How does such a grieving and dishonoured angel connect to God on behalf of the aggressor? An angel with tears of grief! A lot of natives have been left suffering beyond measure due to such parental/ancestral fulltime grief, pain and negligence. It was a spiritual fact that the good or holy native departed served as true angels of God over the loyal living whose duty was to lobby the heavens for good fortune upon the living rather than the imaginary colonial white shinning winged angel. African or native spiritualism was not about ancestral worship! It was about the deployment of native  unpoluted ancestors to lobby the heavens for multiple favours over the so deserving or compliant living in that spiritually superior state. For Christians
and every such departed person, no matter how spiritually compliant, such person becomes a demon at death and, therefore, must never pay visitation in whatever form to the living. This remains as living Christian spiritual fallacy.

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Source - Reginald Thabani Gola
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