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It must be compulsory for Zimbabwe MPs to attend all Parliament sessions: No walk out

by Njabulo
28 Aug 2019 at 14:04hrs | Views
The government must make it mandatory or compulsory for all MPs to participate in the debate of all bills or issues concerning our country.That is what those MPs were elected for and are being paid for. So, if they walk out, they must not receive pay from the tax payers as that amounts to negligence of duty.

That they do not agree with an issue is not a valid excuse for them to just walk out. They must work for the money which they earn.Any MPs who conduct themselves in that manner must be removed from those posts as they do not render the public services which they are elected to render. That is why so many issues remain unresolved due to these lazy MPs.

If they do not want to attend Parliament session, then they must the removed from serving their constituencies. It is in Parliament that issues that concern the public are solved. So, if they don't attend Parliament sessions, they serve no purpose except to earn the public tax payers money for nothing. That has to stop. Every Mp must be obligated to attend all Parliament sessions, unless if they are incapacitated by illness.

Moreover, it is better for one to vent out their views instead of merely not saying anything about an issue.Parliament is for debating matters that concern the welfare of the public and the governing policies of our country. So, if issues are always postponed due to walk out, its not good. That amounts to waste of time, money and unnecessary delays in passing of important laws. MPs receive allowances for attending Parliament so if they deliberately absent themselves from attending any Parliament sessions they must be so form of sanctions imposed against them by Parliament and the government. Some MPs are seen on holiday resorts when Parliament is in session.

All their actions amount to abuse of office and defrauding the public of their tax. So, those MPs who always walk out and are sometimes absent from Parliament must also be arrested for abuse of office and made to pay back the money which they receive from the government. Those allowances must be returned to the government because they did not perform their duties.This is a serious matter.

They always go to the people in their Constituencies and lie to them on feedback of issues which the public want resolved.MPs must know that Parliament is not an arena for political demonstrations. It is an arena for debating, making law, unmaking law , amending law and coming up with ideas to help the public which they serve.

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Source - Njabulo
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