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Mutodi is a lunatic

04 Sep 2019 at 12:09hrs | Views
When we said tribalism is institutionalised system in Zimbabwe you didn't understand now hopefully you get it that when a whole minister thinks that Matabeleland people are not Zimbabweans it actually means that his government is not responsible for providing our basic human rights equal. Would you then be surprised why we are treated differently or why they think land, jobs and or any natural resources belongs to them?

It is not the first time such statements are uttered by ZANU-PF tribalists, remember both Mugabe and many ZANU-PF apologists are on record being quoted by press separating Matabeleland from Zimbabwe and insisting that Zimbabwe and Matabeleland are two nations. Now we have the moron suggesting the same so why shouldn't we be allowed to seek self-determination?

While it has been historically proven that Shona people in their different chiefdoms, are themselves not bona fide owners of this land as they too came from elsewhere and have no proven or properly recorded history, they continue to claim that Matabeleland belongs to them, some in Mashonaland shamelessly claims that Kalanga and Lozi people are Shona people which is not true but they try to use that to claim Matabeleland.

It remains a fact that Shona people have no proven claims whatsoever to Matabele "land", only us Kalanga people and Lozi people can claim it most importantly the San people too, since we live in harmony in our diversity in Matabeleland, Energy Mutodi and his tribalists crafters of the 1979 grand plan must go to hell. People like Mutodi are enemies of peace and tranquillity, they are a disgrace and don't deserve anyone's respect.

Finally we strongly condemn xenophobia in South Africa currently underway. In the spirit of ubuntu, we argue South Africa government to makesure everyone in that country is safe. We are not blind to the fact that Mutodi's government's contested legitimacy is also contributing to extreme poverty in this country, and worse still the unjustifiable migration of Zimbabweans to South Africa thus why his government can't directly condemn the South African government.

Cde Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity

Source - Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo
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