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MLF pissed-off by Jenni Williams

25 Aug 2020 at 19:24hrs | Views
MLF is pissed-off to learn that all along, Jenni Williams disguised as the human rights activist who herself out of her mouth said she would never share a platform with Emmerson Mnangagwa, the serial killer of her kith and kin, yet she is the sweet talking suppressor of the human rights.

The lady has skinned off the sheep skin and she has on full time joined other hyenas. She now without shame takes orders from Mnangagwa and strive to deprive Mthwakazi people of justice for Gukurahundi genocide which killed over 80 000 innocent and defenceless people of Mthwakazi. Jenni's actions quickly remind us of the Shona -Whitemen union against Mthwakazi which began in 1893, where 693 Shona batsmen teamed up with the colonial settlers to destroy Mthwakazi and we wonder where she thinks this will end.

We wonder what kind of a human rights activist which does not differentiate a genocide from a natural disaster. Where on earth that Jenni is an activist on, has she ever heard of a genocide whose justice is met through devolving power and whose case is discussed and its verdict handed down out of the court of law?

As MLF, we would like to warn Jenni that, whether she is into the so-called Gukurahundi Resolution chamber through bedroom relations with Mnangagwa or she received bribes from Zanu, she should always bear in mind where this will all end. She must start considering a residential shift from Mthwakazi to Zimbabwe. If she wants to stay in Mthwakazi, we advise her to keep away from the gukurahundi issue because we cannot sit and watch her and her Matabeleland Collectives, a Zanu project, striving to let the perpetrators of the killings of our people walk scot free. For starters, Jenni is unqualified to sit in the resolution chamber, representing Mthwakazi people on basis that she knows nothing about the pain that Mthwakazi went through during the Gukurahundi era and the pain that she still reels in today.

At her late and perhaps her final adulthood days, Jenni should be ashamed of soiling her career in activism when she should be doing things correctly. What she is doing can never be mistaken for an error but simply selling out Mthwakazi people.

In her hands, the Gukurahundi case is not just in the wrong hands but in a slithery snake that wants to use the case to bite on the unsuspecting Mthwakazi people. We urge all Mthwakazi people to rise against this Zanu sponsored project in whichever possible way. Let no victim of Gukurahundi be exhumed anywhere.

Let no Mthwakazi person be made to believe in the promised modern day justification of colonialism. Who is Zimbabwe to devolve power to Mthwakazi in her own territory? Mthwakazi does not want to be ruled nicely anymore but she wants to rule herself and decide her political, social, economical and cultural wellness.

Jenn and company in Matabeleland Collectives lack respect for our nation and in whatever cost they need to be disciplined. We are more appalled to learn that they even invite the shameless and unrepented butcherer of our people all the way from Zimbabwe to interfere with that thorny issue. Isn't that evident enough to prove that Jenni and company are secret agents of Zanu specially employed to set off the hook the perpetrators of the killings or that is a sign of madness that Mugabe talked about?

If they think we will consider their actions as a 'moment of madness', then they are joking. As long as we never saw or heard of any psychiatrist hired to attend to Mugabe until his death, they must know that their actions are calling for Mthwakazi justice and in that regard, we say, shame on those whose hands will be found to be socked in the blood of the gukurahundi victims or in any way adjudged to have interfered wrongly with the case. They will wish that they had died with Robert Mugabe and Perence Shiri

Source - Mthwakazi Liberation Front
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