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Gukurahundi can only be resolved with the victims

26 Aug 2020 at 23:04hrs | Views
The Gukurahundi sanitisation project fronted by Jenni Williams and her cabal is a dismal failure except for its obscenity and vulgarity of holding vile celebrations in Bhalagwe - a scene of heinous crimes against humanity.

Jenni Williams who has deceived her handlers by pretending to be the voice of Matabeleland is a fraudster exploiting the genocide for a sinister and cynical agenda. It is on a record that her so-called activism was a response to the white farm invasions of 2000, and she has no basis whatsoever to masquerade as a representative of anyone except herself.

Given that the victims of farm invasions are set to receive a cool $4 billion United States dollars, her agenda has been achieved and therefore she should now disband her farm invasions awareness entity. Her cultural illiteracy offends to the high heavens as her choice of Bhalagwe with her handlers is the highest act of insult to the spirits of those who were butchered for their ethnicity and political affiliation. In her blind arrogance she is ignorant of the Ndebele culture that nobody (worse those associated with Gukurahundi) must dare set foot on Bhalagwe without cultural rites which must be conducted by traditional leaders and the spiritual custodians of the Mthwakazi culture. She is also in her new-found fantasy unaware that such cultural rites can only be done after an unconditional apology and reparations which must be accepted by and sought from the victims.

In her words Bhalagwe was the epicentre of Gukurahundi, and it boggles the mind how she reached that strange conclusion as the entire Matebeleland and Midlands was subjected to a genocide by a militia trained and armed by a political party for the purpose of exterminating all the various tribes in Midlands and Matabeleland except the Shona majority.

Probably, she is blissfully unaware of the fifty -seven young man dragged from their homes and shot at point blank range in Siwale river banks, Lupane. Has she heard of the ZAPU officials rounded up in Nkayi, shoved into a mass grave and sprayed with bullets? Does she know were Tsholotsho is and the sea of mass graves littering Tsholotsho ? Is she aware of the ZAPU official who hid in Kadoma police station only to be handed over to a frenzied mob that clobbered him to death at the gate? Dies she know that most ZAPU supporters were evicted from their properties and homes in Harare? Or the cruel confiscation of ZAPU properties bought with the entire demobilization payouts of former ZPRA combatants who remain the symbol of poverty and humiliation to this day with nothing to show for their heroic exploits save the marks of the Rhodesian Forces battles and the scars of Gukurahundi genocide?  With her forked tongue, she ignored the unforgivable characterization of victims as a righteous Ndebele minority and the vitriolic and unrestrained tribal attack on Archbishop Ndlovu.

He was singled out for mauling, as a nonentity for daring to look at the sun with his sinful Ndebele heritage and abominable surname. The crass unrepentant Gukurahundi demon, which the blood of 20000 plus patriots has not exorcised or quenched reflects a window-dressing attempt to hoodwink the world and disrespect the victims. The memories of the cruelty of how the victims were killed lingers as they were wickedly slaughtered  like dogs with relatives forced to dance on their graves singing Shona songs. Victims deserve to know who ordered the satanic genocide and why and have assurance of safeguards against bloodthirsty warlords who use the state to unleash private militias to slaughter civilians on the basis of their tribe or whatever they deem undesirable.

It is shocking that Jenni Williams has become a god who knows how the victims feel and what they want and seems be deluded into thinking that she is an authority on Gukurahundi or on anything for that matter. When the Government decides to genuinely address the Gukurahundi genocide, it shall know that the pillars of truth, justice and reparations represent reconciliation and forgiveness. It is foolish to squander an opportunity to fully address the Gukurahundi genocide through a vain sideshows that inflames the pain and despises the victims. Gukurahundi involved the Press that had headlines screaming "Hit them Hard!" and "Bring Back Gukurahundi,' the brainless supporters that danced at the news of death of Ndebeles, the political party that declared that all Ndebeles were dissidents and other unsavoury genocidal names. ZAPU as a party for which thousands perished has two elements.

There is the hungry element ensconced in ZANU-PF too timid to declare Thenjiwe Lesabe a hero, too compromised to speak for the victims, too blind to see the injustice and sacrifices in blood and bones made by their supporters. Their agenda is to please their masters and sing their songs. That is the useless component of ZAPU, unfit for any purpose. There is the ZAPU that broke away with the late supremo Dumiso Dabengwa, it hardly resembles the formidable ZAPU of yesteryear, but was the excuse for the genocide. There are issues around the support of Umkhonto WeSizwe by ZAPU that made Gukurahundi am attempt at the derailment of the independence of South Africa.

They are Government officials who made inflammatory  remarks that stocked the tribal flames and had an active and visible bloody hand in the execution of the genocide. All these stakeholders must be involved in genuinely addressing Gukurahundi with the guidance of community leaders and not the Jennis of this world who are on a journey to infamy. If there was an iota of sincerity, the Chihambakwe commission report of 1983 would have been published.

This commission was expressly set up to absolve the Government of any blame on Gukurahundi, and that its report has been kept a strongly guarded secret for 37 years, leaves no room for speculation on its contents. The present endeavour is a clumsy gimmick to create a bygone of a genocide which lingers and maligns as the dripping blood of the victims is a stench crying for justice everywhere in agonizing whispers of pain. Gukurahundi has become an inconvenience to be disposed of in shallow grave of hypocrisy. As dogs dug up those buried in shallow graves during Gukurahundi, the dogs of righteousness will surely dig up the vain efforts to sanitize Gukurahundi. The stench thereof will be worse and pungently permanent.

The conglomerate of Gukurahundi denialists,under the so-called Matabeleland Collective have disguised Jenni Williams as a collective. Why are they afraid to state who they, and always camouflage their identity under a meaning umbrella of collective. It is precisely because they know that they represent nobody but their stomachs that, it is difficult for them to come out of hiding as their shame will be seen by the world. Why did they not represent us when huts were sealed and set on fire or mass graves were dug? They could have volunteered to die in the place of the victims.

Their sin is worse than those of the perpetrators. They have shut the door to healing and reconciliation by facilitating a charade and insulting the memory of the genocide victims. It is unbelievable that strangers want to play with the bones of the Gukurahundi victims and build their faltering influence with the shiny bones of mass graves.

An official applauded his party for  promising to issue birth certificates to the victims of Gukurahundi. In his warped view the victims must throw parties to celebrate the issuance of birth certificates after their parents were murdered by a militia sent by the same party. The thousands who were disappeared, what shall become of their records? If there is no will to genuinely address the Gukurahundi genocide with the victims, this exercise in futility must discontinue. It is worse than the Gukurahundi that it claims to be addressing.

Source - Lizwelethu Dube
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