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Mohadi is too shallow-minded - MLF

31 Aug 2020 at 05:03hrs | Views
Vice President Kembo Mohadi is correct in asking who hasn't wronged the other but very wrong in suggesting that Mthwakazi has at some point wronged someone. We have always expected such words from him. The man knows he is defending Zanu from Gukurahundi accusations not in a bid to unite what he calls a country but in a bid to say sorry to the relatives of the security agent he shot and killed upon realising that he was bedding his wife. He surely wronged that family and it serves little justice to the family of the victim for him not to portray himself as a saint knowing he wronged them.

He is even correct in his words that he is a Zimbabwean but very wrong in trying to force everyone to be Zimbabwean with him. His way of living better places him in Zimbabwe than in Mthwakazi where he hails from. In Mthwakazi, we do not demonstrate our anger on our neighbours' livestock. His drawing of a firearm, shooting and killing a goat in BeitBridge, a few years back makes him one heartless person and a typical Zimbabwean. One wonders why the SPCA did not act on that. It does not come as a surprise either to see Zimbabwe going down the drain, while Mohadi are at helm. Men like Mohadi lack balls to face problems head on and provide for lasting solutions on them and thus his boss announced that Zimbabwe is opened for business in 2017 but instead of promoting development, his government is hell bent on brutalising and arresting people who expose the rot in it.

It is an utter shame for Mohadi to say there are people who are using Gukurahundi for political mileage, but failing to realise that his boss is exactly doing that. Whose mind is he trying to bribe by vigorously pushing for the reburial of the victims when no one has been arrested or even identified as the prime suspect for such a heinous act? Mohadi' sentiments are nothing but a desperate attempt  to suppress the voices of the very people who were directly affected by the genocide while striving to take the perpetrators off the hook just for a plate of porridge.

More surprising is to learn that Mohadi will blame those who call for proper addressing of Gukurahundi for stifling development yet he has no answers on the cancerous corruption tendencies in the administration that he personally leads. We wonder if Mohadi can tell us how are those who call for proper addressing of Gukurahundi contributing to the economic and social sinking of Zimbabwe and go on to explain if it is the Gukurahundi grumblers who were implicated in the Zisco Steel Blast Furnace scandal of 1987 and the Air Zimbabwe Fokker Plane Scandal1987 where $100 million was blown.

We further wonder if Mohadi can explain who were implicated in the National Railways Housing Scandal (1986), Willowgate Scandal (1988), ZRP Santana Scandal (1989), War Victims Compensation Scandal (1994), GMB Grain Scandal (1995), VIP Housing Scandal (1996), Boka Banking Scandal (1998), ZESA YTL Soltran Scandal (1998), Telecel Scandal (1998), Harare City Council Refuse Tender Scandal (1998), Housing Loan Scandal (1999), Noczim Scandal (1999), DRC timber and diamond Un reported scandals (1999), GMB Scandal (1999), Ministry of water and rural development Chinese tender scandal (1999), VIP Land Grab Scandal (1999), Harare Airport Scandal (2001), Airport Road Scandal (2008-2014), Command Agriculture Scandal (2016) and the Zesa scam Involving Samuel Undenge's criminal abuse of office (2018) or were the Gukurahundi grumblers mentioned in the recent Hopwell Chin'ono corruption report?

Mohadi is too shallow minded not to realise that whether everyone went silent on the issue of Gukurahundi, his administration was a bad name for the development he is talking about. It (administration) is a rapist that is forcing itself on the people who do not love it. And most unfortunate for Mohadi and all his sidekicks in the Gukurahundi evidence destruction agenda, we cannot be told by our killers how we should complain about their act of killing us and we are not going to be silenced.

Source - Mthwakazi Liberation Front
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