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Zimbabwean economy unlocked to empower Zimbabwean

01 Sep 2020 at 06:16hrs | Views
A large proportion of Zimbabweans if not 99,9 % are still trapped in poverty post-1980 since gaining independence from the colonial regime.

One of the reasons of poverty faced by Zimbabweans currently was caused by the colonialists otherwise currently known as "white farmers" since their forefathers illegally grabbed the Zimbabweans' arable land for their current descendants being the white farmers.

The other reason for the continuation of this poverty after 1980 was the British who appointed themselves as peace negotiators ushering the young Zimbabwe nation into independence and thus binding the ignorant Mugabe and his Zanu-PF and the whole of Zimbabweans onto the white biased Lancaster House Constitution.

The reason for the liberation war was to reclaim the stolen land from the colonialists.

The clause inserted in the Lancaster Constitution by the British "willing buyer willing seller " was treachery as it ensured the continuation of the protection of the wealth of the few minority whites remaining in Zimbabwe post-1980 including the "white farmers".

What it meant was that for Zimbabweans to reclaim their ancestral land they had to buy it back from these white farmers. Where were the Zimbabweans going to get the funds coming straight from a devastating liberation war?

Since the British wanted to look after their kith and kin, why did they not request the IMF, WORLD BANK, EU to assist them compensating these white farmers?

In essence Mugabe and his Zanu-PF were fooled by the British due to their shortsightedness and foolishness.As of now Britain still does not have a Constitution for their own citizens, parliament and the queen is the highest law in the UK and not the Constitution which was quickly shovelled down Zimbabweans' throat.

The first source of wealth for Zimbabweans to unlock wealth and uplift themselves from poverty is the  LAND which is a source of wealth worldwide whether in Africa, Europe, Asia or America.

Land is a source of mining, agriculture, manufacturing, etc there is no infrastructure anywhere in the world where you can set up a building or road or any industry without that structure being set up on land.

The second factor is CAPITAL or CASH of which Banks in Zimbabwe must provide all Zimbabweans with LOANS

Source - Mandla Nkala
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