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Zimbabwe is doomed

07 Sep 2020 at 22:58hrs | Views
Zimbabweans are a doomed people for as long as this ZANU PF is in power.

We live in a country where the ruling party tops corruption tendencies. And they force the media to keep quiet about it unless they want to chuck people out of their party over personal reasons.

That is when you will hear the state media speak ill of ZANU PF loyalists. That is what happened with Fortune Chasi, Energy Mutodi and everyone else who has been fired from the party.

It even happened to the current ZANU PF president Emmerson Mnangagwa when he was chucked out by Mugabe and to the latter when the coup happened.   That is the party running the country and the nation is doomed.
We have a party that leads a nation of millions who are suffering, millions who are without homes, millions who are educated but unemployed but does nothing to better the lives of these millions.

Instead of providing basics for these millions ZANU PF chooses to build a statue of Mbuya Nehanda that is taking months to construct and millions of dollars belonging to the tax payer.   They prioritize where they can loot and be corrupt and fat and they will never stop.

Unless this party is done away with the culture of corruption shall be traded down from one ZANU PF generation into another.

The cycle has to stop or Zimbabwe is doomed.

Source - Tawanda Muyeye
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