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May churches play their part in taming the youths

by Tondo
11 Sep 2020 at 07:02hrs | Views
The 'cheap', but very cheap spirits (alcohol) on sale countrywide, do authorities or those tasked to do quality control aware of their production or importation?

The beverages are competing well if not very badly with the illicit local brew (kachasu) but, the effect is shattering.

They may both be 'illegitimate children' but their twin presence can not go unnoticed. The labeling Vodka and Brandy are so catchy but to the seasoned connossier, the taste begs for a different name.

Getting sloshed may be the idea but getting it down is not for the lilly hearted, it needs hardened imbimbers.

But even giants lose their perpendicularity after a shot or two, in fact, after an hour of opening the bottle store, a few a seen measuring their lengths instead of their heights. How healthy are these cheap drinks?

Many youths have sold their souls to the devil, they stagger and struggle to get home after a day out. Some even fail to pitch up and may never remember events of the previous day.

The Covid-19 induced school holidays have exacerbated the situation, known school children have made shopping centres their second home. Churches and village elders used to 'tame' the youths, why have they gone quiet. Are these some of the end times, who shall save our youths?

Every shopping Centre is awash with such drinks, one guy is known for bartering the alcohol with maize, my foot! Does the family know? Wanton fights and foul language are now trending, unprintable words have become the language of choice, God forbid. Let's pray for our children and bring them nearer to God.

Pray ceaselessly. Our God is a faithful God.

Tondo. Mash. Central.

Source - Tondo
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