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Does the Rule of Law exist in the so called, 'ROLE MODELS SUPERPOWER COUNTRIES'?

by Njabulo
15 Sep 2020 at 07:15hrs | Views
This digital age has experienced a genocide of blacks perpetrated by the white supremacists in the USA. The genocide in question, was not only perpetrated by their white supremacists police, but by also some white supremacists citizens.

There are some other cases of blacks killed in the UK and other EU countries, but have not been reported by the media of those countries, for fear of destroying the image of those countries. Usually, their state media embellishes everything about those countries, so as to give people a false impression, that there is rule of law in those white supremacists countries.

In the UK, this digital age has seen an exponential rise of blacks knifed to death or injured or gunned to death or injured by whites. With this spate of killing blacks in the USA and the UK, one then wonders as to whether there is indeed a rule of law in those countries. Just for explanation purposes, the rule of law is a doctrine whereby all people are obligated to abide by the laws of their states and those of other states, if they are domicile or upon their visit to those states(including international law ). The reason for being obligated, is that, no one is above the laws of any state or international laws. In the eyes of the law, all are equal despite their nationality, race, ethnicity, tribe, language, religion, gender, political affiliation, social standing and /or financial status.

Having mentioned the above, in my view, there is no rule of law in the USA and the UK. If there was a rule of law in the UK and USA, then all the unjustified or unlawful killings or killing of blacks without any lawful excuse, in those countries, would not be taking place. lf there was a rule of law in those countries, blacks would be equal before the laws of those countries. At the moment, many blacks are languishing in those states jails for crimes that they did not commit. Thus because there is no proper and proportionate adjudication of cases involving blacks. Once a black person is alleged to have committed a crime against any white person, they are already guilty as alleged, contrary to the maxim of law, that states that, 'Not guilty until proven guilty by a competent court of law or Innocent until proven 'guilty'. Research has shown that, about 80 percent of blacks alleged to have committed crimes contrary to Sexual Offences Act, in the UK and the USA and other countries of whites, are always found guilty by their courts(even if they have credible evidence to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that they did not commit /have not committed any such a crime). For as long as that alleged crime is alleged to have been committed against a white person, the accused is already guilty. That guilty verdict begins in their racist media which uses undue influence to get all blacks alleged to have committed any crime to be found guilty as alleged. More so, the sentences passed against them or judgements, are always disproportionate with the crimes that they would have been found guilty to have committed. It appears that the threshold set for judging blacks, as compared to whites accused of any crime, is/are higher. The sentences passed and judgements are very harsh. This happens to all crimes alleged to have been committed by blacks. Likewise, in the civil cases, blacks do not win any cases against a white person or organisation run by whites or institution or company run by whites, including cases against their states. So, their judiciary entities are bedevilled by inequities and inequalities. This state of affairs of injustice against blacks, is contrary to the principles of justice, which strongly abhor injustice.

In the USA, where they still have the death penalty(despite the USA claiming to be a champion and custodian of human rights laws), many blacks get executed for crimes which they did not commit or know nothing about. I have carried out a research on this and its is disheartening to note that this is still a common practice in this digital age.

A few years ago, a British Student was allegedly murdered by an American citizen and her Italian boyfriend. One Ivorian black man was also alleged to have murdered the student in question. After a protracted court battle, the two whites were acquitted, but a black person(from Ivory Coast ) is the one serving a long sentence for the crime in question. This is just one example, where a black person is not afforded an equal opportunity before the law, just because of their race. This is one case, where a black person is denied of his liberty because the supremacists whites believe their prisons were built for blacks. However, my argument does not mean that l intend to exculpate him from that alleged crime, as l cannot ascertain whether he did commit that crime. But, l am illustrating how injustice against the blacks is implemented in the states, in the foregoing. The USA state had to send a strong legal team to ensure that their own was acquitted of that crime. By imprisoning only a black person, that state is not upholding the rule of law, which is for equal treatment of all before the law or courts. Of interest in this case, which is disappointing indeed, is that the Ivory Coast government has not made any efforts to fight for their own.

In writing this article, l am not against any whites or white institutions or governments, lest l be misconstrued on the objective of this article. This is meant to highlight or to bring an awareness about the inequalities that exists in the justice fraternities of those states. Those inequalities unleashed against the black folk. The whole idea is conscientise or enlighten those black folk that make wrong conclusions about those justice systems, without any idea of what is taking place there. These black folk in question, have been indoctrinated or brainwashed, to believe that the Whiteman's legal entities are fair and just in serving or delivering justice. That is not true. These black folk even copy human rights abuses unleashed by the white supremacists believing that the whites were God sent to be copied even when they are doing wrong, instead of condemning them. As it is, some blacks who lack foresight, believe that the 'Black lives matter campaigns must not take place. In other countries in Africa, their media is even a parody of the white supremacists countries. They are not initiative or creative. There is nothing novel in what they do, they just copy the wrongs or injustices that the white supremacists perpetrate against the black folk.

As l write this article, the UK is intending to ensure that the EU human rights law becomes ineffective in its use. Beside this current affairs, the UK and USA have/ has always complained about the human rights laws. They argue that it undermines their policies and laws. While the Human Rights Laws have been transposed in their domestic laws, these countries feel that they put the black folk on equal footing with the whites supremacists. This is one reason why the UK withdrew from the EU. While on one hand the USA always derogate in the use of the human rights when it comes to cases involving blacks. So, is there any rule of law in these states, in your own mind?. My conclusion is that there is no rule of law in these whites supremacists jurisdictions, neither are there any human rights for blacks. (My views, with no fear, no favour and no prejudice).

By Njabulo. libertyatliberty at gmail dot com.

Source - Njabulo
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