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Separation of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe will end in bloodshed and tears

18 Oct 2020 at 08:05hrs | Views
"Zimbabwe is a liberated country. It did not come through democracy, there was no vote to say Zimbabwe now wants to become independent. It was fought for." This is word of mouth by Patrick Chinamasa, ZANUPF Acting Spokesman, confirming that ZANUPF is a war monger allergic to all processes peaceful and democratic.

In the same breath and same manner, we remind the old timer that Matabeleland was not seized and put under Rhodesia now Zimbabwe, through votes or negotiations. It was taken through a bloody war that claimed 6000 lives of Matabele warriors, 12 000 Matabele civilians, many homes and the Capital City of Matabeleland, Bulawayo, was burnt down to ashes and  the  of the King of Matabeleland, His Majesty King Lobengula disappeared. More than 600 000 cattle and vast fertile land was looted. Surprisingly, the Shona people who claim that Matabeleland is theirs were fighting on the side of the white people to destroy Matabeleland.

It is only in 1980 that the Shona supremacist government, the first of its kind, received Matabeleland as a gift from Britain to thank the Shonas for selling out Matabeles and assisting in the destruction of Matabeleland.

Matabeles are not strangers to wars and we have lost quite a few in our history. We cannot be scared by an old man who has been given a platform at ZANUPF headquarters to hallucinate every week.

Matabeleland is our most treasured gift from above. We will fight for it using any means possible. If it means shedding blood again to regain our independence and sovereignty, we will do it without regret or apologising.

The conquest by the BSACO and its Shona allies was temporary. We regrouped and defeated it and put Rhodesia to an abrupt end.

We have regrouped again and there is no question about it, Zimbabwe is the next fake state to fall. The sleeping giant, Matabeleland has arisen and its enemies are petrified.

The clock is ticking and the zero hour is approaching. Like a thief, we shall sneak in when we are least expected and cause breaking news. It is at this moment of truth that the world and indeed our enemies, will come to know that Matabeleland is not Zimbabwe and that Matabeles are angry and they mean business, and that Zimbabwe is a country in great crisis.

When ZANUPF leaders parrot about war, one can be fooled into thinking that they are invincible inventors of war.You can also be deceived into thinking that they fought the Rhodesian war on their own.

But the truth is, they were ably assisted by China and many other countries that supplied them with  weaponry, training space, instructors and others provided financial help. Even The Western countries also chipped in by imposing sanctions on the Smith Regime to force it to the negotiating table.

Mudara Chinamasa needs to be reminded that Zanupf wars are not our wars, their battles are not our battles, and their enemies are not our enemies.

As you got assistance from China, and many other foreign countries to liberate Zimbabwe from white minority oppression, we have the same rights and freedom to seek help from any foreign country of our choice to fight Shona majority oppression which is worse than white minority domination. We do not need permission from the government of Zimbabwe or ZANUPF to do that. We will never explain ourselves to anyone for any decisions that we take.

If sanctions were imposed on Rhodesia to force it to respect human rights and grant independence to majority blacks, we campaign for even harsher sanctions to be imposed on Zimbabwe government, liberator turned black oppressor, to force it to grant independence to Matabeleland. That too, we shall do without regret.

If anyone from any part of the wold offers help, we will gladly accept without apologising for it.

All young Matabele people who are  joining Matabeleland Liberation Organization in their numbers are demanding military training and Ak47ns to liberate themselves from
Shona oppression, a sign that Matabeles are seething with anger and are ready to liberate themselves. If the young people of Matabeleland say yes, who are we as MLO to say no?

We salute our President and Commander in Chief, Cde Paul Siwela for calling all able bodied young men and women of Matabeleland to stand ready to be called for duty to defend the people of Matabeleland who are slaughtered everyday like animals in Zimbabwe.

Matters have come to a head. The people of Matabeleland have had enough of  oppression, tribal segregation, Shona hegemony, dehumanisation, humiliation and genocide that continues to date under the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe.The latest being two very disturbing incidents in Matabeleland North.

One in Victoria Falls last week whereby two Matabeles were gunned down in cold blood by the Zimbabwe National Army for speaking Ndebele language and another one in Dete about 133 kilometres from Victoria Falls in which Matabeles were beaten and tortured by the Zimbabwe National Army for relieving themselves in a toilet and heard speaking Ndebele language.

The above acts of barbarism by the Zimbabwe National Army are a clear declaration of war on Matabele nation.

We warn our own who have become traitors because of love of money. The history of Zimbabwe tells us that it is the black Selous Scouts and the Rhodesian African Rifles that killed or caused death of their own African brothers than whites during the Rhodesian war.

We know that the a Matebele in the camp of our enemies is more dangerous to us than the Shonas. Some of them have been discovered, some of them have exposed themselves. We say to them the black neckless is awaiting. It is one size fit all. That is the only gift we for sellouts.

The separation of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe will end in bloodshed and tears.

Lukhulu luyeza luyenyelela!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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