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Sanction Auxillia Mnangagwa and Freeze her foreign bank accounts

10 Nov 2020 at 12:28hrs | Views
The first family must command respect, not demand it. This, they should do through leading by example. "Julius Caesar's wife must be above suspicion". The first lady should not be seen throwing her weight around pressurising police officials to release a statement absolving her and son, Collins Mnangagwa from wrong doing. They must be allowed to investigate freely without any interference and force by the first Lady  to release a premature statement in her favour.

"I do not engage in illegal narrow minded pursuits like gold smuggling. I'm challenging police through their relevant office to issue a statement", said angry Zimbabwe Fist Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa after she and her Son, Collins Mnangagwa, were  implicated in an attempted gold smuggling scandal.

Within hours and without investigating, Zimbabwe Republic Police Spokesman, Paul Nyathi, released a  statement clearing the first Lady and son. Paul Nyathi has mastered the art of lying and is now accustomed to releasing false statements and lying with a straight face.

Last month he shocked the people of Matabeleland when he lied to the world that two Matabeles who were apparently gunned down by the Zimbabwe National Army for speaking Ndebele language, were shot because they attempted to disarm the soldiers.

We are yet to see a criminal that would admit guilt in public should they be given an opportunity to talk. It is for the law enforcement agents to investigate and make an arrest, not suspects to tell them what to do.

Nabbed gold smuggler, Henrietta Rushwaya is connected to the first family as a child is connected to its mother through the umbilical cord.

Her live in boyfriend, Kumbirai Hodzi is Prosecutor- General. Henrietta and Martin Rushwaya, Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, are cousins. Henrietta and Martin fathers are brothers. Martin and Mnangagwa mothers are sisters. Beside this being a case of tribalism and nepotism, relatives occupying high positions in private and public sector, do not be surprised to see this case dying a slow death and Henrietta being acquitted by the courts due to insufficient evidence or some other technicality engineered by or through the Prosecutor-General Kumbirai Hodzi's  office.

6 kg of gold worth roughly US$400, 00 found in Henrietta Rushwaya's handbag is just a tip of the iceberg. She is just a runner for Auxillia Mnangagwa.

The real leaders of the syndicate behind all the looting and plundering of the precious stones ie gold and diamonds are: President Emmerson Mnangagwa, Vice President, Constantino Chiwenga, Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo, Mines Minister, Winston Chitando, State Security Minister, Owen Mudha Ncube, ZANUPF Acting Spokesman, Patrick Chinamasa,  Reserve Bank Governor, John Mangudya, Commander of Zimbabwe defense Forces, Philip Valerio Sibanda, Businessman cum Mnangagwa front man, Kutakwashe Tagwirei and many others .

This extremely corrupt group is dominated by experienced international looters and war mongers exposed by the United Nations Security Council Investigation in 2002 and 2003 for illegal exploitation of Democratic Republic of Congo minerals. The names that feature in the report are those of President Mnangagwa (Mastermind) VP Constantino Chiwenga, Foreign Affairs Minister, Sibusiso Moyo and Philip Valerio Sibanda among others.

This dangerous group took power in Zimbabwe through a coup in 2017 and minerals like diamonds and gold are disappearing in tonnes smuggled out of the country by the group through many runners.  According to a South African report, 25 to 30 tonnes of gold worth over US$ 2 billion have been smuggled into South Africa this year alone.

As indicated above, this group of looters and plunderers knows no boundary. They stole minerals and timber in Congo,  stole electricity from ESKOM in South Africa and continue to steal diesel and copper cables from South Africa, they are stealing in Zimbabwe and they can steal anywhere in the world. This makes them a security threat in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world.

Little wonder all government departments, parastatals, NGOs,  municipalities, town councils, and local governments even the so called MDC A, so called main opposition party is massively  mirred in stealing and corruption of party funds. These people are not ashamed or bothered as they see stealing and corruption as their source of economic empowerment.

They are not worried about what happens to the country or others. The  next government without Zanupf will not be able to eradicate Shona culture of stealing  and corruption unless if it is led by a Matabele or White man.

We appeal to the international community to impose heavy sanctions on them and freeze all their offshore accounts including those of their fronts,  spouses, children and concubines.

Graft is considered a social ill in many countries but in Zimbabwe it is called self empowerment. Stealing from the government or organization is not a crime at all. Stealing, corruption and witch - craft is part of  Shona culture embedded in their DNA.

This is well demonstrated in the Henrietta Rushwaya case.

She was fired from her position as Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), CE0 on 26 October 2016 for:

i) sending the national team to play in Asia without the authority of the Association.

ii) misappropriation of US$ 103, 000

iii) sending Munomotapa FC to travel to Malaysia where they masqueraded as the national team

iv) match fixing scandal that nearly ended the careers of many top Zimbabwean players, coaches and administrators.

After this humiliating serous scandal we thought it was the end of her. But how wrong we were, Henrietta re- emerged as President of Federal Miners of Zimbabwe.

That is Zimbabwe for you. Stealing from the government or organization is not a crime in this part of the world and those who steal are regarded as very talented, intelligent and clever.

Unless the DNA of stealing and corruption is drained from the system of Shona people and demons exorcised, Zimbabwe will remain a failed state without its own currency and flattering  economy due to theft, corruption and mismanagement.

Even when the opposition takes over looting of national resources will continue unabated for Shona people share the same DNA of corruption.

Rampant corruption is reported everyday in the MDC Alliance controlled metros and  constituencies, donor funds are stolen by leaders for their own use and there is no sense of shame and accountability only lip service to impress those who are gullible and  not aware of this deeply rooted abominable Shona culture of stealing and corruption.

Matabeleland contributes over 80% of gold output in Zimbabwe and the highest amount of gold smuggled out of the country is stolen from Matabeleland.

The Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe has been stealing Matabeleland resources since 1980 and Matabeles have never benefited from their resources since Zimbabwe independence.

The two demands that MLO has made to the government of Zimbabwe still stand. That is, The Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland State and the demand of US$100 billion as compensation for Matabeleland genocide.

Before a negotiated settlement leading to the break away of Matabeleland from Zimbabwe to create mutual respect between the two hostile groups, MLO position is that we prefer going to the negotiating table without the need for war, but Zimbabwe government prefers war first then negotiations later. We have no choice but wait for the breaking up of hostilities.

MLO observed this and authorised MLO President and Commander in Chief, Cde Paul Siwela, to issue a call up notice to all able bodied Matabele young men and women to be available for service.

Caution! This would be the first ever clash between Matabele and Shona people in a war. It would be far different from Matabeleland genocide where heavily armed  Shona cowards murdered unarmed innocent women and Children. Both sides will count a fair share of casualties.

Many previous battles that we have engaged in teach us that it will not be a walk in the park. But we are prepared to shed blood for our independence. We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Lukhulu luyeza luyenyelela!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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