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Donald must phone Dambudzo

by Mapombi
11 Nov 2020 at 18:47hrs | Views
It never rains but pours for the little boy. Things haven't been going his way of late and I would never want to be in his shoes. Zvakaomera Chamisa hama dzangu and I feel sorry for him. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Save rwizi rwukuru, Rest in Power. Ndima yamakasiira mufana wechidiki iyi ine makata yakutoda mishina mihombe. Let me divert a little and go to America. Patakasangana naTrump kkkkkk, asi Chamisa usadaro. You did not meet Trump please stop lying to us. But I don't blame him hangu because meeting the Trump administration is the same as meeting the Donald himself. I hear the elections are not going the way of the Donald. Joe vuli gate vatiza nechinhu. I thought elections are rigged in Zimbabwe only but what is happening in America is shocking. Rigging inogonekwa neZanu-PF chete and you will not know how you have been rigged but you just feel you have been rigged.

Chamisa was rigged in 2018 but up until now he does not understand how it has been done. All they say is that Zanu-PF rigged them but they do not have the evidence to prove it. Inonzi Zanu-PF vakomana and my advice to the Donald is that he must phone Dambudzo so that he can be given a few tips on how to win the elections. I heard Trump saying if the legitimate votes are counted he will win meaning to say pane chimweya chechiZanu-PF chapindira kuAmerica uko. Joe Biden, who is currently knocking on the door of the White House, is one step away from being the President Elect. Hanzi Trump cannot go to the White House because it is for-Biden kkkk. I hope Trump haazodiri hake jecha muupfu. American democracy is a bit mature than zvedu zvana Dambudzo naNerison. America comes first to the Americans and you will see than when the final vote is counted, Trump or Biden will phone the winner and give their congratulations. What Mapombi does not understand is why Zanu-PF is celebrating the victory of Joe Biden. Nhai maZanu huyai pano mutiudze kuti muri kunatsa kufarirei chaicho kuti Biden is winning the American elections?

I bet maZanu think that Joe Biden will remove the sanctions kkkkk kuseka nhamo serugare. Let me school you a little bit dear readers. American foreign policy does not change overnight. The sanctions will not be removed because Joe Biden is in the oval office. Even if you take Dambudzo and put him in the white house, what I can assure you is that he will never remove the sanctions on Zimbabwe. America is not governed the way most people think and America does not have permanent friends but permanent interests. If we want sanctions on Zimbabwe to be removed we have to do it from within. Let us ask ourselves some difficult questions like, Why were sanctions imposed on us in the first place? Who is responsible? What needs to be done for them to be uplifted? If we can answer these questions I tell you we will be free from these sanctions. I do not understand why Zanu-PF is not keen to implement the necessary reforms so that the sanctions can be removed. I do not understand why Zanu-PF is failing to respect human rights so that the sanctions can be removed. Before we throw stones at the Americans please let us look within and see where we are going all wrong. This sanctions issue needs sober minds which are not blinded with politics. America does not just wake up and say we are imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe from nowhere. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Let me not dwell much on America because hanzi kutaura about America its unpatriotic and you may be arrested kkkkk. Asi Zanu-PF musadaro vakomana. Why do you want to hide misarinya yenyu yamuri kuita iyi. When people speak against your maladministration you say we are being unpatriotic and yet someone tries to skip the country with 6kgs of gold and is given a slap on the wrist. Why are you treating corruption with kid gloves nhai Dambudzo. Rushwaya uyo munoreva here kuti ane connection yekubuda munyika nethat amount of gold in the country. If Rushwaya can do that how about the likes of Dambudzo himself and his cronies? This country is cursed I tell you. Then we hear Rushwaya saying that she picked the wrong bag kkkkk, mukadzi ane zvivindi uyu. Wrong bag really? Don't take us for fools please. We know there is a bigger fish to fry on this case but we know the First Family is above the law. Kumagumo kune nyaya yakadaro Masvingo. Rushwaya has the guts to demand bail and throw it to our faces that she is worth millions, where did you get the millions from? We are suffering and someone tells us that she has millions of dollars not bond but yaBiden chaiyo. Musadaro vakomana. We have teachers on strike because they want a surviving salary yet vamwe vanokama mukaka wakakora kare. Pasi necorruption. This First Family is very corrupt I tell you.

I do not know what former MDC top official Tongai Matutu saw in this party. He now calls Zanu-PF home and all of a sudden he is Cde Matutu kkkkk. Mapombi was really disappointed with Matutu. I know it's his right to do whatever he wants but to join Zanu-PF here vakomana. I know Chamisa, just like ED, did not turn out to be the leader we expected him to be but kubva waramwa zvekuenda kuZanu here haaaa Matutu wakandibaya panyama nhete. I am in great pain and the departure of Cde Matutu means MDC is as good as dead in Masvingo province. I know it was dead but now it's deader kkkkk hameno kana kune word rakadaro. But there are two sides to every story and I think Matutu is somewhat justified. The man was frustrated long enough and we all have our breaking point. He once left MDC when Tsvangirai was still alive and he joined Biti and he came back home again. As if that was not enough, Chamisa did not like Matutu. He disqualified him from the provincial congress last year despite commanding a huge majority. His crime was for leaving. The province never healed from that congress until the same Chamisa suspended the entire province and ultimately fired Gumbi. We thought the door was opened for Matutu but Chamisa in his wisdom or lack of it appointed the old and tired Misheck Marava to be the chairman. This angered Matutu and he decided to hit Chamisa on his balls by joining the enemy. Ehe vakutonzi Cde Matutu kkkk. To show that Matutu is more valuable to Zanu-PF, he was given a red carpet welcome at the State House by the top three boys.

I think Matutu made a wise choice because there is no hope kuopposition. We all should just support Zanu-PF and try to reform it from within. Zvekuhukura tiri panze hazvishandi izvi. We have tried it for far too long and we have invited suffering to ourselves. If Matutu with all his monies can see that Zanu-PF is home what then of Mapombi asina kana cent anorarira mabanana akaora nemaputi. Chairman wevanhu Cde Chadzamira ndadzoka kumusha kkkkk. I was once lost. Pamberi neZanu-PF, pamberi nekutonga, pasi nemhanduuuuuu kkkkk slogan ndarova. zvaChamissa Chete Chete ndakutosiya because ndinofa ndichitambura. Joining Zanu-PF does not mean that ndinoida bodo, musangano uyu handiudi but ndiko kune tafura saka handei tese tinodya. Cde Matutu I hope you will find peace with your decision. You have betrayed the people and we hope someone will rise and lead Masvingo and MDC Alliance. Job Sikhala uriko here uko kkkk. I have said enough regai ndinokanga zvangu maputi angu for lunch. Mboko imboko.
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