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Motorists face nightmare in Tollgates

07 Dec 2020 at 05:53hrs | Views
Motorists are facing a nightmare in tollgates, it is just so frustrating, motorists get delayed trying to navigate in the heavy rains, they then face horror at tollgates when are told swipe machines are not working,

No cash means a long wait in the queue

The officers will then move from one vehicle to the other asking those with BOND CASH, now drama ensues when one with BOND CASH has to move their car from the queue to the front, some are very frustrated are delaying to remove their vehicles, some hooting and screaming in frustration.

Open defecation a health hazard

Some are running pants down to the nearby bush squatting almost openly to relieve themselves, kids doing it near the cars, thanks to the rains that washes away the k*k, people are justified to do it near the road, what you get mugged in the thick while squatting doing number 2, you cannot away with pants under your knees.  I witnessed a 45minutes delay in the queue, was lucky my card worked, tried for this desperate dude by it failed left him there very frustrated,  left others also kicking and screaming,  their cards refusing to work, a health hazard to due to open defecation by motorists near tollgates.

No contingency plan

The officers crisis cross the vehicles and appeared like they have no clue on what to do, they appear overwhelmed. ZINARA must find an efficient and effortless way of managing Tollgates, the first season is coming, there will total chaos this is just a highlight of a potential disaster and road blockade,

Potential frustration induced accidents

Motorists will then drive angry, frustrated, speeding trying to catch up with lost time in Tollgates and in rains, it is a recipe for disaster.

Time is a commodity

Time is a commodity too, some people will be having very important appointments that mean life and death, business appointments, interviews appointments, loved ones appointments they will all have missed opportunities, the economy is also heavily affected, transporters in haulage trucks get paid by the turn of the wheel, courier services, food deliveries, I cannot overemphasize the cost of the delay caused by ZINARA.

Looking ahead

There is a need for an immediate contingency plan at Tollgates as the festive season approaches.
There is a need to allow USD payments too.
There is a need for a prepaid system to avoid all these otherwise avoidable delays.
There is a need for public toilets near Tollgates.
I hope at night motorists are safe in those long queues.

The question is where is the money going from toll fees if cannot improve services at Tollgates?

Source - Michael Mdladla Ndiweni
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