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The World Will Never Be The Same After January 2021

18 Dec 2020 at 11:30hrs | Views
After President Donald J. Trump has been declared the winner of US Presidential elections and sworn in on 20 January 2021 as the new President, I foresee total chaos and massive trail of destruction followed by the crash of the usdollar as the world reserve currency.
This may mark the end of United States as a super power and potentially disintegrate like the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ie USSR and give rise to China to become the next super power and dominate the world affairs.

Those who keep and use the usdollar, please exercise extreme caution and due diligence or better still stop accepting or using the usdollars in the next few weeks.

This will have serious ramifications on the stock markets and world economies culminating to high levels of unemployment, poverty, bankruptcies, business closures, government budgetary constraints and civil unrest in many parts of the world and governments overthrown one after the other. New independent states will emerge through some painful break away processes.
This will call for a new digital currency backed by gold to replace the usdollar as world reserve currency and thus all paper money will be disused in due course.

I foresee the Brenton Woods institutions in particular the IMF taking control and most countries going for balance of payments support that would be accompanied by very stringent conditions to be met before approvals and disbursements. Political leaders shall be placed in a terrible quagmire on deciding whether to accept IMF conditions or live without balance of payment support.
Banks as we know them today and ATMs in convenient places together with paper money will thus disappear as well as throwing many bank employees into streets.

I foresee the world moving to another level of unchartered waters that would mean so much confusions, contradictions, pain, prejudices, anger, distress and disunity between members of the same or disparate families, communities , ethnic groups, nationalities, and national leadership.

I foresee inhumane situations arising in african and other third world countries.It would be extremely bad in Zimbabwe exacerbated by shortages of food, water, electricity, transport, abuse of human rights, tribal prejudices and potential genocide.
Matebeles in their diversity will regret why they chose to follow and support Zimbabwean political parties and leaders instead of their own. Its time Matebeles must stand together and demand their Independence and Sovereignty and reparations payment of US$100billion united states dollars or equivalent to the forth coming digital currency.

People of colour may find it extremely difficult to live in developed countries and wish they could return home. Cost and traveling conditions prevailing then may be unfriendly and inhumane.

Many would be surprised to discover that whatever you learnt at school /college shall become meaningless and valueless and will not help you. The world will be entering a total different space and dimension where your assumed knowledge or expertise would not be required or serve any purpose in the new realm.

The world will never be the same again after January 2021 and beyond but dominated by not only FALSE but CONTRADICTING information making it difficult to make informed decisions.

I wonder if this is not the end of civilization as we know it today but certainly this is leading to perilous times as foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ concerning his second coming. Prepare for any cataclysmic events and difficult times ahead.
Nothing will stop the coming events foreseen and foretold above.

Source - Israel Dube
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