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President E.D engage your political nemesis

12 Jan 2021 at 21:24hrs | Views

In 1999, the then MDC leader and former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, whilst he was addressing more than 20 000 supporters in Rufaro stadium, called for the removal of the democratically elected Head of State, Robert Mugabe, so they say, and he said in his own words I quote " What we want to tell Mugabe today, is that please go peacefully, if you don't want we will remove you violently". This was regarded as treason charges, and immediately Tsvangirai flew to South Africa, where he addressed journalists, and called for the later to step down from office. We witnessed a number of episodes, where George Bizos flew in to assist Tsvangirai, after her was charged with treason, death penalty, if found guilty.


Politics was applied, and Tsvangirai was acquitted after a number of Heads of States, diplomats and other strategic people engaged the former Zanu-PF leader. Tsvangirai went further to contest more than four elections, losing to Mugabe.

Mutual understanding

In 2008, despite a run-off which saw dozens of opposition members being killed, the then MDC leader, and former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe signed a Global Political Agreement, which gave birth to an inclusive arrangement. Who thought Mugabe would share the same table with Tsvangirai?

Narrative :

1. Forgiveness
2. Reconciliation
3. Way forward
4. Working arrangement


In August 16, 2017, Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was dragged before the courts of Law, after being accused of wanting to overthrow a democratically elected Head of State, Edgar Lungu, after his motorcade failed to pave way for the Head of State. The allegation attracted a death penalty, and he spent more than 90 days in prison. It took former Nigerian President , Obasanjo, Yoweri Museveni, Jacob Zuma, and many others to plead with Lungu to release the main opposition leader.


Hakainde Hichilema was acquitted, and the Judge made it clear that he had terminated the proceedings but their discharge was conditional.


1. Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema met at a church function and greeted each other

2. Lungu paved way for dialogue between his party, and main opposition party

3. Peace and tranquility was restored in the Southern Africa country

What is opposition?

1. A contrast or antithesis

2. Alternative

3. Designated Government

4. Check the excesses of the ruling party

Current Trajectory

We have the leading Journalist and filmmaker Hopewell Chin'ono, St Mary's Mp , Job Wiwa Sikhala, MDC Alliance national Spokeswoman, Fadzai Mahere, and Mayor of Harare, Advocate Jacob Mafume.

The non of our business concept :

Fun part of it, Jacob Mafume is number 2 in office, if it was in the Western world, Mafume would be moving around in an escort or motorcade. Do you know what number 2 means? Someone regarded with high calling, higher Office, and he is the second in command in Harare, he is the eye of potential investors.

In the best interest

I'm not saying they are not guilty, my simple advice is you can use your Political influence to come up with a strategic plan to waiver this and peace must prevail in our country. The current picture and image of our country is not looking good

Thank You Shumba, thank You Murambwi, and once again thank You Mr President "

My two cents advice :

1. Get rid of toxic politics

2. You have a legacy to protect

3. You need to be remembered for something that is of importance

4. You need a neutral, Strategic Political advisor

5. You need to engage Nelson Chamisa, despite your political differences

6. Bury the hatchet, and bring everyone to the table

7. We have a Political crisis, which must be resolved by all Political leaders

8. You need a sound Development Policy to give a proper direction of our country

9. Those giving you advice won't be there, when something bad happens, they will throw Spanners on you

10. Exhaust on Strategic engagements with your political opponents

11. Accept constructive criticism

12. Remove bad apples around you

13. Erode bootlickers around you

14. You cabinet is not inspiring.

15. Change within your cabinet is imminent.

16. You have a lot of deadwoods in the current cabinet

17. There must be a proper Economic Recovery framework to address the implications of Covid-19 pandemic

18. Set up a taskforce which is Inclusive of Corporate World, Business Community, church, Researchers, Development Practitioners, academics etc

19. Redirect expenditure towards Critical sectors of the economy

20. You are not being felt on the ground.

Please take note of number 20 👆👆

21. Those around you or closer to you are feeding you with information you want to hear, and later discard you, make use of this opportunity to creat a LEGACY which will be carried in future generations

22. Last but not least, you will loose nothing by engaging Nelson Chamisa, and others on a properly constituted , structured dialogue process

23. Livelihood of people matters most especially during this Covid-19 pandemic era.

24. You need an inspiring team around you.

25. Looting in the public sector has gone to the extreme, and develop a Strategic Thinking Approach on Governance & Leadership to save your name

Kindly be felt on the ground !!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking - ZIST, and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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