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What kind of beast is devouring Chiwenga's generals?

17 Feb 2021 at 08:35hrs | Views
"Covid -19 complications", is the cause of the death of army generals. At least that is what we are told by the government of Zimbabwe and the state media.

Zimbabwe must be having a new covid- 19 variant which has the eyes as sharp as those of an eagle to identify VP Cosntantino Chiwenga's faction members with military background among other groups and strike them down with pin point accuracy.

In between sorbs, weeping Oppah Muchinguri, Minister of Defence gave us a clue, "Mnangagwa's body guards are carrying covid-19 and spreading it," she told under cover Zimeye journalist, Simba  Chikanza. Humiliated Zanupf quickly disowned and dismissed the statement.

Another signal came from  Ndavaningi Mangwana, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information. He said the deaths were caused by "medical assassins". Again, Zanupf jumped up and quickly disowned his statement as soon as it was released.

Politics, being a complicated subject that uses coded language, we must read in between the lines and decode Amai Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri and Ndavaningi Mangwana's messages.

Key words in Oppah Muchinguri's statement are " Mnangagwa's body guards spreading the virus". And the key word in Mangwana's statement is "assassins". So there you have it! The two statements point to assassinations within Zanupf, a party at war with itself.

These statements and many others that keep on popping up are testimony to a clandestine and tense biological warfare between Zanupf factions that started soon after the 2017 coup. The factions are organised on tribal affiliations and the two tribes at war are Karangas, the current ruling tribe led by President Mnangagwa, and Zezurus, elbowed out of power through 2017 coup. Interestingly, Rt General Chiwenga was the Commander of coup that transfered political power from his fellow Zezuru clan into the hands of the Karangas with the hope that the power hungry Karangas will hand it back to him on a silver platter. He must be hitting his head very hard against the wall on realising his fatal political blunder.

It seems Polonium 210 is the most preferred biological weapon. It is used in food poisoning, and Covid- 19  has also come in handy for use as a cover up.

This is why VP Chiwenga who is the target of food poisoning refuses to take food or drinks at Zanupf functions. This is why Big mouth Victor Matemadanda has toned down nowadays after a suspected polonium 210 attack that made his body swell and sweat profusely like VP Chiwenga.

There is no honour among thieves and genocidists. They do not respect the lives of the masses and the lives of their own comrades.

At stake is political power and all the glory that goes with it. We must remember that in Zimbabwe, Shona people do not take political positions to serve the public but to satisfy their gargantuan appetite for corruption and stealing which forms part of their DNA. Winning an election or taking power through a coup is a blank cheque to stealing from the public purse.

We are happy that MLO is no longer the lone voice concerning corruption in Zimbabwe. It has finally caught international attention as evidenced by the damning report by the South African Maverick Citizen under the title, "Cartel Power and Dynamics".

The report shows in detail how looting cartels led by king pin, President Mnangagwa have captured the state and are now running the politics and the
economy of the country. How they have captured key state owned companies and private firms.

They are involved in drug trafficking and illegal smuggling of diamonds, gold and cigarettes. State contracts are inflated when services are provided at state owned companies like Zimbabwe National Road Agency (ZINARA), Zimbabwe Passenger Company (ZUPCO), Command Agriculture Program (CAP) and many others.

The country is losing US $5 billion annually due to underhand operations of the Mnangagwa led cartels that run politics and the economy in Zimbabwe.

This is a huge amount of money. Zimbabwe, with a population of 10 million Zimbabweans or Shonas plus 5 million Matabeles, can afford to give each person US$1 million (R14 605 250,00 South African Rand)  and still remain with a change of US$4 billion 9hundred and eighty- five million.

Unfortunately, due to greed, selfishness and corrupt tendencies of the Zimbabwe government officials, potentially rich Zimbabwe will remain a failed state without its own currency and dysfunctional
economy. It  will remain a bowl carrying beggar state that is splitting into two states, The Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe. Both Matabeles and Shona people will remain poor and laughing stock of the world.

Although MLO is working on its revolutionary program to liberate the oppressed Matabeles from the oppressive, corrupt, tribalistic and genocidal Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe, we urge all Matabeles to keep their eyes open and use the window of opportunity provided by the Zanupf factions that are at war with each other to get out of Zimbabwe.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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