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Kembo Mohadi embarrasses the presidium

20 Feb 2021 at 08:30hrs | Views
The vice president's power to lead comes from a ceremonial reverence Zimbabweans grant their presidents. To deserve the reverence, a vice president must act as a steward of the dignity and stature of the office. In short, a vice president must be presidential. He is seen as a custodian of dignity and honour. Basically, to act in keeping with our highest expectations of the office. "Moral nature is a part of our humanity and people crave the maintenance of principles that have ensured order and prosperity," For the important jobs only a vice president can perform, we expect behavior consistent with the scope of their duties,

The vice president must have a behaviour  that is above the traditional office and must have a connection to the values of the office or duties of public life. "The standard in the executive branch is supposed to be different, higher, than for the legislative and judicial branches. Because power corrupts, society's demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases."

"From the very circumstance of his being alone,the vice president "will be more narrowly watched and more readily suspected." Vice Presidents must not allow their power to overshadow their duty to the republic, which is to resist the posture of a breaking social expectations which  brings respect and honour. The vice president must even be concerned over the way he dresses, because the country is watching. As the historian Joanne Freeman writes, based on "the logic of the time, if national leaders dressed and behaved like aristocrats, the government would take on an aristocratic tone, the people would adopt it, vote more such people into office, and in no time, the republic would fall."

The idea of acting presidential was around before the presidency even existed. The vice president
cannot but produce the most salutary measures which will stamp a confidence in them" that the opposition "will not dare to attack or endeavour to disrespect the office occupied by such an upright man. The vice president's contribution to Zimbabwe is to light the dark areas of our customs and culture with the glow of his reputation and character, lending legitimacy and credence to a bold experiment.

Zimbabweans look up to a man who stands to defend the culture and teaches the youth good behaviour and All that he stood for in battle, but more important, what he stood for as a national leader who had repeatedly sublimated his personal ambition for the good of Zimbabwe. A proceeding that paid daily homage to those ideas into their work product and be exemplary in every aspect of life.  

The ongoing stories about relationships between the Vice President KEMBO Mohadi and several married women are hardly the first allegations of sexual misconduct by a senior official. In America John F. Kennedy has long been rumored to have had many affairs while in the White House, including one with Marilyn Monroe, who famously serenaded him during a big birthday bash at Madison Square Garden.

This includes many presidents in America and the world, but this does not define us as Zimbabweans. The behaviour of the Vice President Mohadi is disgusting and embarrassing un Zimbabwean and does not reflect the office of the Vice President he represents. Exemplary people excel at what they do and are excellent examples to others. Not negative deeds but deeds which are cherished. Mohadi has let his principal down and must do the honourable thing and resign in shame. Something exemplary is so good that it is an example for others to follow. When something is the best it can be or reaches the highest point, it is exemplary and thus worth imitating.

Power is at the core of feminist theories of sexual harassment, although it has rarely been measured directly in terms of workplace authority. Popular characterizations portray male supervisors harassing female subordinates, but power-threat theories suggest that women in authority may be more frequent targets. The behaviour of VP Mohadi exposes him as a ruthless predator and a sexual vampire who disrespects his office and probably being led by sexual thoughts. His escapades suggests that he might be sexually insane.
But, while there is no law against dating your subordinate you should consider that there is definitely a conflict of interest. Many companies have policies in place that restrict bosses and managers from dating subordinate employees. The VO should have kept his character intact by keeping his manhood in place and not placing it in places.

The definition of a subordinate relationship is one in which two people interact at different levels. The direct subordinate reports to the supervisor and relies on the supervisor for direction, leadership and feedback. The supervisor is taken as a father figure and the one subordinates must learn to confide in and come to him for help and advise.

Far too many office relationships fail and cause disasters to too many lives including children and marriages as a nation we must be horrified by such relationships. The only exception is if the couple are already married before coming to the job. But going after your worker or subordinate is devilish and evil. Even if she has agreed in the case of Mohadi how many subordinates would say No to the Vice President.
Complications arise when you deliver these expressions of intimacy to your special someone – and you're their boss! When they come out they will have sexual abuse written all over the leak. This puts the office in disrepute and as a Vice President you fitness to occupy such an office will be impaired.
Even if the feelings are reciprocal and you're being discreet (or think you are) about dating a subordinate, it's a relationship fraught with perils. If you attempt to do so, make sure to prepare yourselves for likely repercussions. There's a power imbalance here with serious implications.  It will always be the powerful the people will blame.
Many a subordinate's admiring glance or lingering smile has been mistaken for affection. Your direct reports naturally need to attract your attention and convey fondness. You hold their job in your hands, after all.
If you approach one of your employees with romantic or lustful intent, they might not want it. At a minimum that would be hugely awkward for both of you. But because they are subordinates whose career is in your hand they play along. This is a clear case of sexual harassment suit.
They May Consent For the Wrong Reasons mostly motivated by fear.
They have no choice if the abuser is the second in charge of a nation, they accept the VPs advances even if they don't want to. They might fear the career consequences of rejecting him. Conversely they could be exploiting the VP merely to advance their own interests.
Especially that they are married and some of their husbands are juniors to your office.
 The VP has Put his Reputation at Risk
You and the subordinate you're dating may genuinely fall in love. And you might be scrupulous about ensuring they are never shown favouritism. That won't prevent jealous colleagues or skeptical executives from judging harshly. This alone brings disrepute to the office of the Vice President.  Questions will always be raised like ,
Will your lover ever get proper credit for their work? Or will every promotion, raise and acknowledgment they receive from you be tainted by suspicion of special treatment?  What does this say to the office of the Vice President?
The Vice President's  Own Professional Judgment is now impaired. People will always say
So, this is how you behave when given a little power. Unable to prevent yourself from crossing a precarious line. Exposing you and your lover to accusations and ridicule. Putting the Principal in a squeeze if things should go awry and get publicized.

People are bound to find out eventually. At that point like this the nation will see you as deceitful or are you not?
It is true that flaunting your fling will surely rankle others. They're certain to question whether your lover is getting special treatment at work. Never mind that public displays of affection may leave some feeling ill at ease.
 In all of the many social groups that we as individuals belong to, we have a status and a role to fulfill.  Status is our relative social position within a group, while a role is the part our society expects us to play in a given status. 
Because of this status,the VP is expected to fulfill a role for his citizens that in most societies requires him to nurture, educate, guide, and protect them. 
 The nation gives us a set of statuses and role tags that allow people to know what to expect from each other--they make us more predictable.

Should we not be living in awe of the sexual prowess of our  vice president? Even though Mitterrand of France, who was very open in his sexual obsession would always disappear after a speech with a young woman.  But No we are not French. Should Zimbabweans not  be a little bit more openminded and permissive about their Vice President? After all, we live in a highly pornographic culture. We're on the internet now, and one click would take us to all sorts of vulgarity. Why are Zimbabweans so uptight about the sexual behavior of their  vice presidents? This is because the continuity of us being Zimbabweans is in the hands of the presidium. If the VP is to be led by his manhood and not his head ohhhhh God have mercy on us. In fact, if Mohadi is left to prey on married women there will be a long history of presidential peccadilloes. Many presidents to come will be influenced and will have their careers affected by the hand of a woman, sometimes that of a wife of another but at other times that of a mistress.
We would love to omit Mohadi's marital woes, love lives, and sexual peccadilloes. As Robert P. Watson reveals, it is precisely these intimate and all-too-human moments that provide some of the most valuable insights into our leaders.

Affairs of State should not just be about sex and scandal—the "who did it" of history Vice Presidents do write their history.  What history is Mohadi writing.

The current case of Cde KCD Mohadi shows us how deep we have been infiltrated. Exposing our high office weaknesses and failures before the Country and African Ubuntu standing morals. The leak shows that Mohadi is being fought by some powerful people in the government. But he lifted his own skirt.

Moral Astuteness must prevail from all office bearers.
Yes the happenings are private things but once these are being done in the Office then we have Issues with it.  The greatest question is the Marah lessons the VP is giving our children.
The VPs are National figures whose astuteness, moral and ethics is of paramount importance. Comrade Mohadi did not behave morally right and do not fit to hold this high office. The president must accepted his resignation as VP is a highly preserved and credible institution.
In our case the National offices are a preserve of our culture, Ethose and heritage. sleeping with other people's wives surely is not acceptable.

Mohadi the VP must tender resignation. If it is TRUE the President must Replace him.

Above all the security around presidium must be reviewed.

The issue of infidelity is a test to the President. Those exposing it they want to see how astute are we.

We do not have any history of making inappropriate relationships an issue at ZANU PF. Those have been left to the players themselves to handle. Mangurenje was known for womanizing till his demise and RG would laugh it off. Then the trend of wife renewals came and its still there. RG himself tried hard to sanitize his situation when as Prime Minister was deeply involved with a number of women. Cde KD has not done anything that has never happened its only that our guys at Secret Service manage these matters well otherwise all of us could be caught on wrong footing.

These things have been around for time immemorial what has changed is technology which has become a nightmare to privacy. The problem is that today's woman values money and comfort more than anything else. Some of the women may be very fortunate in that they are able to generate money for themselves while others try to use the wrong generator. Its unfortunate men are broke and very few have money hence women find themselves clashing over one man thereby exposing each other on social media. Its time also women ask themselves hard questions than exonerate their kind. If the women choose marriage then they must not make themselves available. All the girls trying to break into the Presidium are married. The men back home are eating food provided by the women but where does that food come from. Its changing times. The woman is over advertising herself. There is bleaching, cosmetic grooming, figure reconfiguration and dressing to kill. That are aside. People are saying Comrade Duggish chased away his wife with an axe and now he is taking their women but these are statements to defend women. Does anyone care that Mai Mohadi Senior was involved in an infidelity case many years ago with those 4×4 rural NGO men. That ended very nasty and nobody knows what really transpired. Women always want to come clean while being the protagonists. We have hurricane Susan Mutani just see how one girl can cause destruction. A lot of men of good standing were undressed bare by one woman in a few months.remember we all live in glass houses. Someone out there saw you outside a Creche and we do not believe you now teach there.

Being that as it may good moral behaviour must start now.  Despite the theories doing rounds the below the belt happy Mohadi might be a victim of circumstances. The way he is trashed means his phone is bugged. That is treason. The security sector must round up the jealousy husbands and get to the bottom of this scandal. Sex aside Mahali could be receiving blows from those who never supported his appointment to the vice presidency.

All these security breaches in Mohadi Scandal must be seriously investigated otherwise our own president is not safe. The spies are in the office next door. Something must be done. Above all we must change our ways of entertaining our little men below the belt. It does not end well

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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