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EU renews sanctions against Zimbabwe - These measures do not affect the people of Zimbabwe?

20 Feb 2021 at 08:33hrs | Views
THE European Union (EU) has renewed sanctions against the Zanu PF led government while maintaining a targeted asset freeze on the Zimbabwe Defence Industries (ZDI).

The Western bloc announced this Friday after satisfying itself that the Harare administration had failed to meet the minimum conditions expected for the lifting of the near two-decade old embargo.
"The EU has decided to renew its arms embargo and to maintain a targeted assets freeze against one company, ZDI, taking into account the situation in Zimbabwe, including the continuing need to investigate the role of security force actors in human rights abuses," said EU in a statement.

The EU dismissed claims by Zimbabwean authorities the measures affected ordinary citizens instead of the targeted elite.

"These measures do not affect the people of Zimbabwe, its economy, foreign direct investment, or trade, and Zimbabwe continues to benefit from duty free and quota free access of its exports to the EU, with negotiations to deepen the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) ongoing," said the bloc.

The EU called for electoral reforms as an important element to strengthening democracy in Zimbabwe.

It maintained it was ready to continue its support to Zimbabwe in line with the recommendations made by the 2018 EU Electoral Observation Mission.

"The EU will continue to support the people of Zimbabwe, having provided over the last 7 years more than €366 million for the development of the country and €68 million of humanitarian assistance, including dedicated assistance in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic," said the bloc.

The Friday renewal of the embargo comes hard on the heels of the recent United Kingdom inclusion into its sanctions list, of four current and former Zimbabwean security commanders for their alleged role in the killing of protesters during the current Mnangagwa led administration.
However Zimbabwe is not phased by the continuation of the evil sanctions. The language of the EUROPEAN UNION strikes shocking  similarities with the old tired song on the lips of the Zimbabwean opposition in particular the MDC A and Biti.

The president of Zimbabwe ED Mnangagwa has done everything he could do to embrace the West and their ridiculous demands. Unfortunately the EU has no intention of fairly engaging Zimbabwe. The actually pushing for their agenda of regime change.

The West has always intended to  to put Zimbabwe under their armpits. They have relentlessly pursued a destructive way against Zimbabwe.

The None Governmental organisations together with the opposition have proved to be the mouth piece of the West. Because of the funds provided by the West to destabilise Zimbabwe we have seen a number of journalists becoming  political activists.

The EU is punishing Zimbabwe for protecting its own people. The West has shown serious hypocrisy. In America the Democrats are seeking to introduce a law which will ban Trump from ever participating in politics again. If this was done in Zimbabwe it will be translated as something else.

In the United Kingdom a Zimbabwean born Teacher Mr Chinyanga was arrested and charged of terrorism for urging people to burn police stations and assault the police in Zimbabwe. If this was do e in Zimbabwe it will be called a breach of Human rights.

Zimbabwe is not allowed to exercise its right to protect the people and uphold the law.

Despite the sanctions, Zimbabwe will continue to move on to feed its own people and uphold the laws of our country.

Most Zimbabweans who commented on this new development have urged the EU to get their hands off Zimbabwe.

The EU has been accused of being bullies and forcing weaker nations to adopt their laws. Because of their bullish behaviour the United Kingdom has let the EU to have its own sovereignty observed and to give their citizens the meaning of patriotism. It is the Same  EU which seek to preach to Zimbabwe and bully it to submission.

Source - Zim24/7
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