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Cowardice is when you pounce on the weak and shout Courage!

22 Feb 2021 at 12:44hrs | Views
For abusing his office Mohadi must be condemned for his deeds. I refuse to hear tribalists talking about Mohadi resigning from office because of the last week's scandals that were caught on media. Why Mohadi alone should resign if Chiwenga is not pressurized, has never been put under pressure to resign even though Chiwenga has done much worst things than Mohadi. This is where we say this selective morality is wholly tribal. This man called Mavaza is indeed tribalistic, calls himself courageous, in retrospect he is a description of cowardice.

Mavaza should explain why he picks on the weakest link in the presidium, leaving Chiwenga and Mnangagwa? Mavaza must have been tipped to blow the whistle about Mohadi because they do not want him anymore in the party and government. The government wants to get rid of him. These telephone recordings are the work of CIO who have been given a mandate to expose Mohadi telephone calls with his mistresses and put pressure on him to resign. The details in all these articles Mavaza is writing points to the fact that he was sent by the powers that be to the whistle-blower and he is doing his work perfectly well.

Chiwenga has done much worse embarrassing things than Mohadi. General Chiwenga used the army to fight his marital problems with Merry. We never saw a single article written by our courageous Mavaza exposing the rot in the presidium. Chiwenga used ZACC to punish his wife for syphoning 2 million US dollars to buy houses in South Africa. How and why did Mavaza not take the courage to spell out corruption of the highest nature: Chiwenga using the state apparatus to square private and marital problems. In retrospect, what Mohadi did, all of them men in the party and government are doing it. It is just that Mohadi has been caught and it is very suspicious how those telephone calls were recorded and who did it and who sent them to media houses to expose Mohadi a non-Shona in the presidium.

This is a government plot. Mohadi usefulness in the government has long passed its sell by date. He must leave the party and government. Dr. Masimba Mavaza is the whistle-blower sent to embarrass the VP and put pressure on him to go. This is Zanu for you: these are the operations of Zanu PF. Mohadi is lucky to be sent packing alive otherwise he would have been killed like most of them who died mysteriously. General Solomon Mujuru was roasted by the party that he saved until the country became independent. When his usefulness expired, he was lynched died a painful death.

Dr. Masimba Mavaza should write and expose corruption in the party and government to display his courage. The first family nearly swindled 60 million US dollars; revenues meant for COVID-19 relief. Dr. Mavaza did not write about Mnangagwa's son who threatened a ZESA official who went to his farm to read the electricity bill. The official ran for his life when he was told he was going to be killed and his body will be buried at his compound if he dared to read the electricity meter. Dr. Mavaza did not write about how some general stalked the First Lady Auxilia until she charged at the general for comrade-to-comrade encounter. The doctor Mavaza did not write about billions of dollars that are in foreign banks swindled by the most powerful in the party and government. As an educated man Dr. Mavaza should be courageous enough to write about the impoverishment of countries by our leaders to keep their loot in foreign banks to boost their economy of those countries in question and not Zimbabwe. How stupid can this be. The doc is missing most important issues to expose.

Dr Masimba Mavaza should be courageous enough to write about Chiwenga who holds two portfolios in the government without any qualification in his name. Chiwenga does not got the slightest idea about medicine and he is an extremely sick man. He is always in-and-out of hospitals, must be flown to China for every complainant at the expense of poor nor did Dr. Mavaza write about the Chinese who are having the upper hand in our natural resources in the country, abusing their indigenous workers and all these labour auses go scot free.

Dr. Mavaza must write about the 7 billion US dollars diamonds loot that caused the coup in November 2017. Chiwenga went to China to put the loot in his name instead of Mugabe. When he arrived at the airport he was supposed to be arrested, then the coup unfolded. But because Mavaza has been given a mandate to write about Mohadi who is to be discarded by the party and government, he must be exposed: it must appear as if Mavaza is courageous, a man who could take on people in the echelons of power if he thought they are abusing their power position. We know the Zanu PF shenanigans from the time of liberation struggle. We refuse to be bamboozled by the doctor's false display as a man of courage. In retrospect he is a coward: Dr. Mavaza is a man fit to be sent on errands only.

This saga about Mohadi smells of ugly tribalism and its rot. Its high time the region started smelling the coffee. We must refuse to be used and abused as is the case with VP Mohadi. Tribalism is a scourge; it is a cancer in the society. If there is anything the coming generation must do is to fight tribalism in our societies. I repeat: What Mohadi did was silly and stupid and insensitive towards womanhood. He is taking advantage of poverty smelling all over in the nation by pleasuring himself to married women. This must be condemned. But how many in the party and government are doing the same? What Mohadi is doing is what these other men in power are doing including President Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga. The difference is that he has been set by the CIO to expose him and embarrass him to force him to leave office. It is the Zanu PF government that want Mohadi out of power. We shall hear more the Professor comments on this issue. I respect Hopewell Chi'nono for his courage!!!!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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