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Zanu-PF internal battles escalate

26 Feb 2021 at 14:24hrs | Views
The November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy changed the top echelon of political power in the country. Many business persons, politicians and politically exposed persons sponsored and supported the process, with different agendas.

The November 2017 march wasn't a free lunch for Mnangagwa and the new dispensation. Some people feel that Mnangagwa owes them for their involvement, be it the legwork or the financial investments they made in support of a Mnangagwa Presidency.

A number of these people felt left out after the 2018 election, some were eyeing cabinet posts, others wanted diplomatic postings and some simply wanted deals as a return on their investment.

Majority felt cheated, some felt betrayed. They turned to the youth league. Pupurai Togarepi, Lewis Matutu, Godfrey Tsenengamu came out guns blazing exposing cartels that are running or ruining the country.

ZANU PF responded and took disciplinary action. The party promised to investigate the indiscipline and find out who was behind it.

The investigation report or verdict is still pending. While the investigation is still pending the culprits or godfathers who sponsored the infamous trio are still at it.

This time they changed tactic, and changed the playing field. They launched an offensive in the South African Daily Maverick publication for the world to see. Global audience and more damage to the new dispensation and its anti-corruption narrative.

The President and Vice President Chiwenga were painted as Cartel godfathers, by the Daily Maverick report. The Ministry of Information the custodians of the National image, publicity and reputation buried their heads in the sand.

Ministry of Information did not comment nor did they respond to the Daily Maverick Cartel report which painted the head of state, government owned enterprises and government supporters as corrupt.

The Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana and his principal Monica Mutsvangwa were quiet. Former Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and anti sanctions activist Rutendo Matinyarare were the only people who stood up to defend the government's honour.

The Ministry of Information was quick to respond to Archbishop Ndlovu. The Ministry is always quick to respond in any other attack, however the Ministry becomes lethargic when dealing with the issue of cartels.

It is interesting to note that everyone accused of being a cartel is not in good books with Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa. This gives credibility to claims that Chris Mutsvangwa is the defacto Minister of Information using the ministry to further his political plans.

The MDC does not have the capacity to sponsor a cartel report, neither do they have the capacity to fish out information on cartels. Whoever sponsored Lewis Matutu, Godfrey Tsenengamu and others also sponsored the Daily Maverick Cartel report.

Tsenengamu went a step further and tried to organise an anti cartel demo, the effort flopped. Someone once tried to organise an anti Kuda TAGWIREI demo at a ZANU PF conference, the effort flopped.

The same people are now taking their campaign to new playing fields. It is clear that the sanctions on Tagwirei are not enough and these people want to cripple Tagwirei using international media. February is the month of sanctions review and renewal, what an opportune moment to release a cartel report in international media.

After releasing the report Hopewell Chin'ono comes out with #DemLoot. This is well choreographed, perfect timing and sequencing. The question is which ZANU PF figure is behind all this? Who has problems with players in the fuel, grain and financial services sector? Who has interests in these sectors? Who has funders interested in playing in these sectors?

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