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Brief Treatise for my Beloved Sister Nomazulu Thata

24 Mar 2021 at 13:04hrs | Views
Just to briefly put our differences in perspective, I am forwarding a few words for you to consider ahead of our conversation. I have always valued and still do, your deep and ingenious analytical skills in your critical thinking capacity concerning subjects varying from political, socio-economic and morality. I do not have first-hand knowledge of your career and background whether in Zimbabwe or in Germany where you are currently domiciled. However, I have followed your line of thinking in the many articles that you have written and posted on various platforms online. I must say I liked and enjoyed and to a large extent agreed with you on the many issues that you have attempted to communicate with the public.

I still recall the stance you took to oppose and denigrate the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe and his cronies. In particular, one of Mugabe's vice-presidents, Mr. Mpoko or Mboko (I can't write his name) was traumatized by your writing as he took upon himself the idea that you were personally attacking him. He was afraid of you. Well, that's history now. You have written extensively about corruption in Zimbabwe and you were a voice that could not be ignored. However, it's surprising that your ferocious attitude towards the government in Zimbabwe ceased as soon as Mnangagwa came into power because it appears you have not written anything about what's happening in his government. I do not suggest that you are obligated to do so. My question is whether or not you acquiesce to the present regime.

Going back to the subject topic of this message; that is our differences about the late President of Tanzania, Magufuli, I think that your analysis of his position and leadership is misguided. For many of us, Magufuli was the last hope for Afrika. Now that he is gone (taken so soon just like Patrice Lumumba of the Congo) the hope for a free Afrika is very slim. I urge you to revise your position by going back and doing some more research about Magufuli from the time he was elected President in 2015 and critically looking at what he said and did right up to the time of his death. Perhaps there is a chance you might come across something that might change your mind.

You have heavily criticized him against the backdrop of his utterances and doings about the emergence of the Corona Virus in 2020. Your opinion on Magufuli is largely formulated on what you have heard and read from Germany and other Western media concerning Magufuli's position on the Coronavirus and a lot of this was heavily distorted and biased. What you should consider seriously and understand is that Magufuli was not fighting against the existence of the Covid-19 virus per se. Rather, against what the West is doing in Afrika, ranging from efforts to continue colonizing the continent indirectly, exploiting the natural resources for next to nothing pennies to the dollar. If you stay long in the Diaspora, your eyes get muddied and your brain gets washed and before long, you begin to think and talk like "them".

I bet you have read articles and utterances of Tanzania's main opposition leader, Tundu Antiphas Mughwai Lissu who is based in Belgium and has been very vocal and ceremonious about the death of Magufuli. He is a very bitter man because of what he experienced in Tanzania and is now evidently a Western project to want to be the ruler of the country one day. He will sell his country to the dictates of the West which have plotted to take out Magufuli and they have succeeded. I know you don't agree with me on this evidenced by what you wrote about what killed Magufuli. I urge you to open your eyes and look at the big picture. Even if it's the Covid-19 virus that killed Magufuli, it was not because he denied its existence or undermined its danger to the country and its population, but rather, it was because Magufuli stood in the way of the West to dictate how they wanted to do business in Tanzania and how the West's influence in the country was being heavily resisted and undermined. For example, Western corporations and Chinese investors hated Magufuli for exposing their predatory methods of not wanting to be transparent about their finances to the government and the people of Tanzania. He exposed their shenanigans in avoiding taxes and unfair interest rates charged on loans from either the IMF, World Bank or Bank of China. Magufuli ended up standing his ground on such terms and many Western firms and Chinese investors left the country bitterly disappointed. He created many enemies that would love to see him gone or removed. Unfortunately, Magufuli could not avoid this happening to him. There is no way an Afrikan leader can run from the West once they want you dead or removed.

Take time to look back in history and think about all the genuine Afrikan leaders who were removed from power, killed, assassinated, or couped, who was behind it all? At face value, it appeared that it was their fellow black brothers who did it. But was it them? Think about Patrice Lumumba and Mobuto Seseko?  About Thomas Sankara and his best friend who killed him? About Kwame Nkrumah and many others? It is quite obvious to me that Magufuli had to go one way or the other. And the best way was by the very thing that he was accused of as denying, just to prove a point. When Magufuli chose to use the traditional concoction of treating Covid-19 and made in Madagascar, he was mocked as primitive and yet educated by the West. Magufuli resorted to using primitive methods against Covid-19 not because he disapproved of its existence nor did he deny its existence. It makes no sense that if he denied its existence why would he seek primitive methods to treat it? What people won't understand or know the reason for his choosing that route or path is that Magufuli wanted to defy Western efforts to dictate things in Afrika and of course one who does that pays greatly just as he did. You will remember that Mugabe tried it. What happened to Zimbabwe and still happening? Every year, the USA, Britain, and the EU continue to renew sanctions on Zimbabwe. What are the sanctions for and what purpose do they serve? Open your mind my dear sister and see the big picture. The West is openly against Afrika and their survival is clearly dependant on the continent.

The West wants Afrika's resources but not its people. If they have to destroy the entire population of Afrika but reserve its resources, they will do exactly that. Anybody who stands in their way is enemy number one and Magufuli was one of them.

As for me dear sister, it matters not whether Magufuli was killed by Covid-19 or by heart failure, or whether he was a Covid-19 denier or he preferred to use primitive Madascar concoction to treat his people, all such stuff is nothing. What I know and understand and deduce from all these events is that Magufuli had to be gotten rid of because he stood in the way of the globalists and Western ideology in how this world should be run. Magufuli stood in the way of the IMF, World Bank, Chinese, political opposition like the puppet in Belgium, and many other people even in his own country. So, he had to go and be used as an example: Do not deny Covid-19, do not resist the West, do not resist neo-colonialism, do not resist the master- the West or the Mzungu.

Finally, when I read articles like the one you wrote on Nehanda Radio, you sound very much too like the many traitors who have sold out to Western sentiments about what's happening in Afrika. You have begun to sing the same song as them and using their language and you are been poisoned in your soul. I fear for you because you are slowly being unAfricanized and more and more thinking like Germans and Europeans. It is time to redeem yourself by not partaking in the ways of the wicked witches of Europe and the West. Perhaps you are grateful for their benevolence for allowing you to live in their land and you feel you should show gratitude. But please do not forget you are Afrikan, you have the most beautiful melanin skin of Afrika. I hate to lose you because I love you and I know your roots.

In conclusion, I urge you to "Know Thyself" and go back to your ancestors and ask for wisdom and guidance. I will pray for you. Let Magufuli rest in power, not in peace for there is no peace to rest in death.
In love,

Source - Anonymous Writer
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