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Soldiers' wages quadrupled whilst teachers' remain stagnant' - stoking another 'military assisted transition', already long over

24 Mar 2021 at 20:40hrs | Views
I shudder to think what would have become of me if I had missed one month of schooling in any one year! I was not one of the bright pupils, as all my teachers would acknowledge. I needed the teachers' guidance every step of the way!

There is no doubt that the coronavirus lockdowns have caused serious disruption to the children's education the world over. 2020 was a wasted year and everything possible must be done to make sure students catch-up. It is folly to assume whatever student were supposed to have learned in all of last year, they learned it!

Losing a whole year of schooling and be push to the next level frightens the day out of me! Between you, the reader, and the brick wall, I repeated my third year at school and that helped.

If it was for me to decide, I would strongly recommend every student should repeat because, like it or not, education is like building a house, the house is only as sold as the foundation on which it stands. I would rather have a single storey building with a solid foundation than a five-storey building with a dodgy foundation; the former will never stand the test of time and the latter will not.
As if the disruption caused by corona virus was not bad enough, the Zimbabwe student is facing the reality of yet another academic year being written off!

"We urge the government to expeditiously resolve the challenges faced by teachers or else 2021 would be a wasted year," Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) President Takavafira Zhou warned in an interview with

Zhou claimed the salaries of government employees in state security departments including the army, police, prison and the Central Intelligence Office (CIO) quadrupled this month while teachers' wages remained stagnate.

Zimbabwe is a pariah state ruled by corrupt, incompetent and murderous thugs who have been rigging elections these last 40 years to stay in power. Four decades of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption have left the country's economy in ruins.

And as long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state there will be no meaningful economic recovery. There will be no money to pay teachers a living wage; Takavafira Zhou and his fellow teachers should know this by now.

President Mnangagwa and his government are paying security service personal four times the wage of the teacher or nurse because Zimbabwe is a pariah state ruling by fear and needs to placate the repressive agents. As the economic meltdown gets worse and worse, it is getting worse and worse, the regime will have to quadrupled the soldiers' wages again and again. And still this will not be enough because, without the economic recovery, these wage increases are only fuelling inflation!

The country has already witness one military coup, "military assisted transition", as the November 2017 coup plotters called it. The country has remained a pariah state or be it under new management and so, the economic meltdown has continued.
If 2021 is another wasted school year, then this generation of students will never ever catch-up. Never!

Can you imagine what kind of a nation Zimbabwe will be with 60% or so of all those who were 5 to 20 years old in 2020 whose education attainment is so low they can be considered mentally blind, deaf and dumb! This will not only affect the individuals concerned but their children and their grandchildren for many generations. What a nightmare!

The economic, social and political situation is getting worse and worse, this is unsustainable. A country whose education and health care have all but totally collapsed has no future! Paying the soldiers whilst the country goes to the dogs is foolish; the regime is stoking another military assisted transition, hardly three years since the last, and it is already long overdue!

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