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Matebeles are not Zimbabweans

25 Mar 2021 at 16:44hrs | Views
I  always wonder why a lot of people from Matebeleland always think Zimbabwe is theirs too. You find them busy labelling themselves as Zimbabweans, even when everything is being done to show that they are not Zimbabweans - from Gukurahundi Genocide to the denial of opportunities and marginalisation of Matebeleland. It is even worse for those who are in diaspora. Zimbabwe denied and disowned them, but they still proclaim to be Zimbabweans. I wonder what kind of foolishness this is.
They still can not get it that all this is being done because ZANU, which mooted, planned and established Zimbabwe as their thing are directly telling them (people from Matebeleland) that they do not belong.

Once again, I wish to urge our people to begin to realise that ZANU mooted & created Zimbabwe. They consider it as their thing, hence the 'chinhu chedu' mentality. Those from Matebeleland who still think Zimbabwe is their because ZAPU/ZIPRA also fought in that, so called, 'War of Liberation', need to start checking themselves.

The truth is simple; people from Matebeleland are NOT Zimbabweans. They are VICTIMS and Subjects of Zimbabwe. They also have rights to contest for that space which exists between Zambezi River and Limpopo Province (Matebeleland).
I must add that when ZANU committed Gukurahundi Genocide they did so as Zimbabweans. As people from Matebeleland, You were only part of it as VICTIMS. You were maimed, abused, raped, dehumanised and killed because you don't belong to Zimbabwe. But those that perpetrated those heinous crimes against humanity did so as Zimbabweans and are still in power to this day, as Zimbabweans.

Gukurahundi is, therefore, NOT their problem. It is not a Zimbabwean problem, but YOUR problem.

And so if you find any Zimbabwean who denies or defends Gukurahundi Genocide you must know that they are doing so becoz they fully understand that it was done as a collective project on their behalf. To them, it was a collective project of honour! To you it was a dehumanising one. As a result, anyone from Zimbabwe, who wishes to disown Gukurahundi Genocide should do so while standing on a clear parapet and proclaim to the whole world that they do not subscribe to everything that was done in their name. Those of us who witnessed Gukurahundi first hand always remember that besides being labelled as '...nhunzva tunzva' (nonentities/insects or cockroaches), we were harangued and told that the reasons we are being dehumanised was because we do not belong, and for their posterity to benefit. This was said to us everyday during those Pungwes.

It is, therefore, important for people from Matebeleland to stop expecting beneficiaries of a system to begin to sympathise with their plight. Even worse, it is foolish for our people to continue thinking that Gukurahundi Genocide is a Zimbabwean problem. It is not.

But it is a problem for the people from Matebeleland, the Victims. After all, those in the know say, 'who feels it knows it.' Surely those who experienced it and are still feeling it do not only know it but own it. Gukurahundi is for the people of Matebeleland to solve in their own way. Otherwise, expecting an apology from those who committed those Crimes Against Humanity 30 years ago, and did not see any need for an apology then, is as stupid as it sounds!

It's time our people wake up a bit!
If for whatever reason my reflections above do not go down well with anyone or those that considered themselves to be my friends, then maybe it's time they know that I have no time for one sided friendships! They better take their friendships to hell or somewhere nearer there, and see if I care! I have always stood by what I believe in.

I am a principled Mthwakazi man.
Finish & Klaar!


Dr Brilliant  Sigabade Mhlanga

Source - Dr Brilliant Sigabade Mhlanga
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