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The return of Green Bombers

14 Apr 2021 at 08:02hrs | Views
The re-introduction of the National Youth Service Training Border Gezi popularly known as The Green Bombers has sent chilling feelings amongst most Zimbabweans who have experienced the brutality of this militia group in 2008.

This is a sign of government failure to create employment for the youths in the country. Zimbabwe is now gearing itself into a fully fledged military country.

There is bad news again. We know that elections are around the corner and the innocent youths want to be used to beat up and threaten people. The programme is not well cooked and these youths want to be dragged to do dirty work for selfish maggots.

Was it really the idea of Kirsty Coventry to re-introduce this militia group which unleashed terror during the 2008 elections under the late Robert Gabriel Mugabe or she is being used as a shield by Zanu PF political big wigs?

If the government is very serious about this programme, then we must first see Zanu PF leaders sending their children at Border Gezi Training School just like the way they are getting these corona vaccines jabs.

The government of Zimbabwe does not have the capacity to run such a national programme when it is still struggling to run some of these programmes to do with development.

At such times like this, such useless programmes must be shelved. They have a history of causing divisions and harm in the past. So what is the difference between the old dispensation of Mugabe?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's government is running of ideas and is just copying and pasting Mugabe's toxic policies and there is nothing new being introduced to the country.

While a lot of countries have successfully run those programmes, Zimbabwe has a record of bastardising the concept by producing brainwashed desperate poor youths who cannot put food on the table because they are jobless and end up joining such programmes just to get a meal to survive.

This program was responsible for thousands of deaths and violent acts on members of he opposition.

Indoctrinating and weaponising the youths will not solve the current economic challenges being faced by the country.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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