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Mnangagwa must engage Paul Siwela to avoid spill of blood in Zimbabwe

16 Apr 2021 at 18:10hrs | Views
The Zimbabwe President, Emmerson Mnangagwa must abandon his "head in the sand" approach to Matabeleland independence cause and engage MLO President, Cde Paul Siwela, to hatch a plan that would see peaceful separation of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe before it is too late.

We remind President Mnangagwa and the public at large that our 2 Demands to the Zimbabwe government are as follows:

1.0   Restoration of Matabeleland State

1.1   Payment of US$100billion  reparations for Matabele genocide

Once again, we remind him that the Demand For The Restoration of Matabeleland State served to the government of Zimbabwe in 2015 under late President, Robert Mugabe, and the follow up letters with attached copies of the demand and the reminders thereof sent to the incumbent President, Mnangagwa, are not there to decorate the president's office but fundamental peaceful gesture towards the restoration of Matabeleland State which is now overdue.

As the hope for a peaceful resolution fades away with each day, violent resolution becomes the only option available for the people of Matabeleland to liberate themselves from the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe that is more brutal and more racist than the Smith regime.

The young Matabeles know that the Shona supremacist is number one enemy of the Republic of Matabeleland, the snake that has killed more than 50 000 Matabeles since independence through Matabeleland genocide, poisoning in the prisons, hospitals and through posting Matabeles in the forefront of Zimbabwe's wars in the foreign countries to be killed.

We were told by Mugabe in the 80s that "the only way to deal with a snake is to crush its head". The time to crush oppression in Matabeleland is now.

The young people of Matabeleland are ready to paint the bushes, mountains and the rivers in Matabeleland red with their own blood and that of their enemies to restore the statehood of Matabeleland. The good cause is to eradicate tribal oppression and restore the identity, culture, dignity, pride and peace in Matabeleland.

The youth of Matabeleland know that its only a fool that would continue to uphold the oppressive constitution of Zimbabwe which says that the people of Matabeleland have no rights to restore their state, no rights to restore their king, practice their culture, learn and speak their own languages in their territory.

We cannot respect the constitution of Zimbabwe more than its authors who have disregarded it many times through committing genocide, rigging elections, abducting its own citizens, beating up masses, stealing and corruption and staging coups.

Matabeleland state far precedes Zimbabwe which came into being in 1980, the terrorist government of Zimbabwe also born in 1980 and their pathetic papers they call constitutions, the first written in Britain in 1979 and the latest written by Shona supremacists only in 2013.

We know that the government of Zimbabwe is looking for our President Cde Paul Siwela. The intention is not to invite him for dinner in a hotel or to exchange roses but they want to kill him. The fact that his home has been invaded by Zimbabwe state agencies more than 7 times in his absents shows that his is not the best friend of theirs.

Should evil prevail and our enemies touch him, all hell will break lose in Zimbabwe. Buyochitheka bugayiwe. We shall employ the principle of an eye for an eye and defend our leader with our own blood.

MLO is fully aware that there is no exchange of flowers in politics, here, the only currency is power.

The terrorists in Harare kill for political power but MLO knows that no one has monopoly to degrees of violence, weapons and training space. We also know that every human is not immune to death.

We are prepared to shed blood for our independence. Give us Matabeleland or death! We fear nothing!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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