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Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign: Human Rights Orgs /institutions & Churches conflict of interest

by Njabulo
16 Apr 2021 at 19:36hrs | Views
Many doubting Thomases think that the Black lives Matter (BLM)campaign has no genuine cause. Some evil people who are proracist are trying to denigrate that campaign  or vilify it, so that they deter black (us)people from pursuing a just cause. That cause is a universal cause, that is meant to bring to an end the injustices perpetrated against the black folk. If no such a campaign exists, then inequalities and the oppression of (us)blacks, will continue unperturbed. So, it is necessary that we all support this noble cause. Our input, morally or legally  or whichever way, is of utmost or is crucial in helping to eradicate or at least alleviate racial abuses unleashed by those whites who are white supremacists or those whites who still want to retain or revive the white supremacy ideology. Many blacks that are not enlightened or are bribed by whites to take sides with them in perpetrating injustices against their own, need to be conscientised of the importance of the BLM campaign.

Some black folks have been brainwashed and made to believe that the BLM is evil and is not of good cause. Those that make such statements, are themselves evil and are not able to choose between right and wrong. Those people who are trying to suppress a universal cause, whose intention is to stop this madness of racially oppressing another race. 'All are equal before God, despite the colour of their skin".

More recently, some people who are also black (like us)have been circulating some statements discrediting the BLM campaign, those statements were based on the Christian faith. The message was that since the BLM campaigners support homosexuals or same-sex marriages, then that means its an evil campaign, which is meant to militate against the ethics of worshipping God. That criticism is not right at all or its not reasonable and fair at all.  l will clarify that below, in a subheading. Meanwhile, let me explain by giving an example of why the BLM campaign is important. Just a few days ago (in the USA) another black person was shot and killed by a white supremacist police officer, yet someone claims BLM campaign is an evil one. For how long must such incidents continue?. The police officer who shot that black man claims that it was an accidental discharge of her gun. Surely that is a silly defence because she knew that if she pulled the trigger of her gun a shot would be fired. Of course, in genuine cases, that can be an admissible defence, but not in this particular incident. It was/is reasonable to any police officer of firm mind, that such an action would result in the wounding or harming of another or another would be hit by a bullet and die. So, in order for that to end, the BLM campaign has to continue without being suppressed by anyone or without being labelled an evil campaign.

However, we (blacks) cannot force others to join us in this noble campaign. For example, we cannot force lndians or other people from other races to campaign with us. It is up to them to campaign with us if they want. This incident which took place in the USA, last week came as a surprise to many people because we all believed that such kinds of actions or slaughtering of blacks would come to an end under the new regime or administration. But that does not seem to be the case. But wait a minute!, it could be a follower of Donald Trump who wants to destroy the new regime. That police officer might have done that, so that it would appear that no change has taken place, since the inauguration of a new government.

So, Trump supporters might be trying to perpetuate that Trump philosophy of white supremacy.
On one hand some other people who are trying to suppress that campaign(BLM), have now started to talk about black lives matter  in Africa. That they matter we know. Of course, they do matter, because all blacks are originally from Africa. But this cause is not about making comparisons of lives of blacks even in their own jurisdictions per se.
We talking about the USA, UK and Europe and other jurisdictions where blacks are subjected to racism and other forms of human rights violations.

BLM and Homosexuals clarification.
Although the BLM  is aimed at fighting for human rights, it has to be clarified that it was not established to fight for the human rights for homosexuals. As mentioned in the foregoing, its focus is on Black Lives. BLM means Black Lives Matter, not Black Lives Matter Homosexuals. BLM  is an upright campaign aimed at specifically fighting to  end all inequalities, injustices, oppressions and human rights abuses and unlawful killing of blacks by whites who are supremacists. It aims at conscientising all people about the abuses and unlawful killing of blacks by whites who are pursuing a white supremacist ideology, in the USA, UK , Europe and other jurisdictions where the black folk is a minority. The definition  says it all or its self explanatory. The reason why homosexuals or people who are gays and lesbians are aligning themselves to that campaign, its that they just want to manipulate it in order to further their own objectives. Otherwise they have their own platforms. For example, they engage in what is called Gays and Lesbians Pride march. However, save for this, l am not implying that they have no right to fight their own cause parallel with the BLM campaigners. And by this statement, do not construe it that l am an advocate of their rights or encouraging people to engage in that. I have my own views regarding that, inline with my faith, my culture  and the way l was nurtured. But, l do respect and appreciate everyone of that sexual orientation. But, no one must be forced to subscribe to what they do. Conversely, no one has the right to forfeit their human rights, simply because of their sexual orientation. By this l mean that no one must treat them in an inhuman degrading manner. Many African states have laws that forbid homosexuality, that is law and everyone has to uphold those laws. However, those people still remain humans and hence must not be harmed for that. If they act contrary to those laws, they are subject to be prosecuted. That is my point, lest l be misconstrued on that point. On one hand, it has to be clarified to those that are now using the issue of homosexual rights as a reason for vilifying and denigrating the BLM campaign. BLM campaign is not about campaigning for the abuse of homosexuals specifically.

BLM and Human Rights Organisations institutions.
It has been proven beyond any doubt that many human rights organisations/instutions are ambivalent when it comes to supporting the BLM campaign. Many of the human rights organisations institutions and people who fight for the human rights of others have proven to be conflicted when it comes to the BLM campaign (in particular whites).Most of those who find themselves in a position of being conflicted, are those that are white. So, the issue of conflict of interests comes into play. That then makes most of those human rights organisations /institutions and other people who fight for the human rights of others to be reluctant or abstain from helping or interfering  in cases involving BLM campaigns. Whereas, all those involved are expected to be impartial when dealing with such issues. Thus discharging their duties in a dutifully manner if they so conduct themselves in a desirable manner. Many whites who are into human rights fear that they will be regarded as traitors or not supporting other whites in their cause to perpetuate that archaic ideology of 'white supremacy '.But the truth is that they have to be brave and not allow those who are proracist to pursue that ideology. Even if they are of their own. People who ended the slave trade where also whites. Some had vested interest in that lucrative business (this does not mean it was right), by then. However, the conscience of subjecting other humans to such an inhuman degrading practice, compelled them to campaign to end it. Likewise, now, conscience has to play a pivotal role in ending the injustices perpetrated and the unlawful killing of blacks, that has risen exponentially in the USA, UK, Europe and other jurisdictions where blacks are a minority. It has to be mentioned that there are many whites that are genuinely supporting the BLM campaign. However, there are others that are also supporting it for monetary benefits or for the sake of their business empires or for peace to reign or for political reasons. Nevertheless, what is important is to work together to end that madness of subjecting the blacks(us), to inhuman degrading treatment, oppression, inequalities and unlawful killings. If other blacks are against this campaign (BLM), then all the injustices, inequalities, human rights abuses and the unlawful killing of blacks by those who pursue the white supremacy ideology, will not end. It will be like trying to fill up a water can  which has holes, with water. Can it retain water ?.No!.

Having mentioned all the above issues of contention regarding the BLM campaign, we urge all people to persevere in fighting  for this noble cause. Its worth it.Its priceless.It will save lives.

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Source - Njabulo
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