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Kembo Mohadi and Enos Nkala learnt lifetime lessons; Israel Dube my reply!

29 Apr 2021 at 11:48hrs | Views
The first time I agreed with Israel Dube about facts in our mainstream politics. Let me make it clear however, that I am not appealing to Israel to drop death threats hanging on my throat: I have been sentenced to death by Israel: he will use Winnie Mandela necklace method of murder because of my views that are not congruent with that of Mthwakazi's Dube. In Israel Dube's eyes, I am a traitor. But I remain unrepented. If anything I will die only once, and not many times before my death.

I am replying Israel Dube today's article whose first 2 paragraphs made a lot of sense to me. I agree fully to his first two paragraphs, and I decided to reply it acknowledging facts on the first two paragraphs only. I am against the partitioning of Zimbabwe. Our foremothers and fathers never wanted a divided nation, and it shall remain united. So is my reply to the rest of his article in a nutshell.

Kembo Mohadi' rise to the Zapu echelons of power was not by default but because he had the acumen to be counted among intellectuals in Zimbabwe politics back in the early hours of independence. He may not be the only one in Zapu whose politics drifted from a hero to a sell-out. It is not easy sometimes to remain relevant to one's true convictions in Zimbabwe political landscape. The stomach will make you to sell out virtuous values one held for years in the struggle for independence.

We have several examples of such people: not going far: who could imagine Jonathan Moyo eating and drinking with ED Mnangagwa, Jonathan, whose father uMlevu was gruesomely murdered by the Fifth Brigade: He was first labelled as a cockroach just like all of them to make it easier to murder him. It becomes easy to label a human being as something else less to eliminate s(him), the bone of contention will be that they did not kill human beings but killed menacing cockroaches. This is how Jews were murdered in the WW2 war. German SS back then, continued to say they were eliminating lice in the bodies of Jewish people. We all know this history: about 6 million Jews perished in gas chambers.

Kembo Mohadi erred criminally by joining himself with Zanu PF. Just by his association, he accrued so much power and became drunk of it. He allowed himself to become the Zanu PF mouthpiece by uttering abominations. Mohadi, a person who equally suffered in the Fifth Brigade genocide activities, can only speculate that he wanted to serve his skin and those of his immediate: Mohadi is telling us all that Gukurahundi was necessary for nation's building. I wonder how such careless statements were received by the victims of genocide, children who were left destitute when their parents were murdered cold blood by callous murderers at the behest of Mugabe and his henchmen.

Kembo Mohadi learnt criminal tactics of Zanu's way of abducting personal enemies, killing them Zanu PF style. People talk openly about the skeletons of Mohadi in his wardrobe and those could expose him seriously because Mohadi has no power today. The Mnangagwa government selection of commissioners regarding the truth and reconciliation exercise in Matabeleland was given to Mohadi's office. Those he selected were given strict rules, some of them to intimidate the victims from telling the true stories of their encounter with genocide. Commissioners like Judge Nare are compromised people who were told to water-down the true gruesome stories: brutal killings of their loved ones and come up with some sanitized document that will put murderers such as President Mnangagwa lesser evils of genocide.

Sometimes Mohadi' utterances appeared to be saying the people of the region Matabeleland have themselves to blame for the genocide, forgetting by omission of commission, he was also a victim of Fifth Brigade atrocities. Did Mohadi forget those traumatic experiences he had with the Zanu government or did he surrender and decided to cooperate with the devil Zanu PF.  Did trauma erase the torture he encountered in the hands of CIO? If he did, he is not the only one: many Zapu members surrendered to Zanu and are living large today, in the process forgot that sleeping with a murderer you begin to aspire his tactics of murdering your enemies without guilt; you become one automatically; Mohadi had become murderous and criminal.

Yes, Mohadi's skeletons are known and spoken about today now that he has no power to lean on. He has been left naked in the sense of the word when we recall his sex telephone calls, he made with several mistresses, put bare for all to hear, even children had access to such adult sex activities. Our "good" government does not take our children seriously at all. Remember how sex escapades of Archbishop of Matabeleland Ncube were also played on television screens for days, accessed by our growing up children.

Mnangagwa was done with Mohadi: he did not want him anymore. He hatched a plan on how to remove him from the number three highest office in the civil service. He traps him with what all of them in the Zanu government do but singles out Mohadi and exposes him for reasons only known by Mnangagwa himself.  Instead of laughing at Mohadi at his systematic downfall, the Ndebele people fought in his corner, me included.

We wrote numerous articles openly saying; to expel Mohadi from the government is wholly tribal, a party whose modus operandi has always been, if they are done with anyone; he is either eliminated or expelled. Zanu will always find a reason to eliminate those perceived as enemies. We must remember too that murders that occurred in Zanu were not all on tribal reasons: remember how General Solomon Mujuru, a Zezuru, was eliminated, but his wife was kicked out of office. Itai Dzamara was not Ndebele: we shall never know how he met his death.

Israel Dube puts it spot-on: nobody is mourning the downfall of Mohadi. I am not mourning but for another reason altogether. Mohadi used his VP position to humiliate his wife of years. Armed with a shot gun and an axe he went to his former wife's home to demand a fleet of cars that did not belong to him, legally. But because he was powerful, he thought he could muscle his way out; shoot Tambudzani shot range and get away with it in the way he has got away with several murders at his behest.

What goes around will comes back with vengeance. I never thought I would, in living, laugh last as a gender activist. Here I am laughing loudest. In this case it did not matter really who brought Mohadi down: it is neither here nor there. Mohadi is as powerless as his will be forever-wrong-prostate.

The people of Matabeleland must be warned, never to sup with devils such as Zanu PF, a party that will leave one in the mud and mire. Mohadi has been left in the mud and mire. We can only speculate that he pleaded with Mnangagwa to remain relevant in politics because the skeletons in the wardrobe are too many: He fears for his life in as much as his wife of many years; Tambudzani feared for her life when she saw her husband holding a shot gun to eliminate her.

Zanu PF's hatred for Ndebele people in the region should never fool anyone. A hungry stomach can determine one's actions. The people of Mashonaland are saying: utambe ne Zanu wakachenjera. A murderer who can eliminate an enemy is also capable of eliminating his own child. We see how the people of Mashonaland are paying the highest price by voting for Zanu PF in 1980. They are failing to remove their monster they voted for in power.

Young children of Honourable Mamombe's age are treated like fugitives in their country of birth. The Zanu politicians, full of over-aged, greed, ruthlessness and callousness deduce pride and pleasure to see our children Mamombe and Chinembiri in utter desperation and distress. Talking about civilization in a nation that has never been in the first place: What about UBUNTU/HUNHU we Africans globally pride ourselves with if we cannot respect our children; Joanne Mamombe et al.

How is Judge Ndewere treated by this regime? Having served this nation for years, she is removed from office like a criminal. I rest my case. To attach cars she possesses is to say objects such as cars are more valuable than people of Zimbabwe. I am still told to be proud to be African/Zimbabwean. Voetzeck!

Source - Nomazulu Thata
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