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'Zanu PF is afraid of Chamisa' - rubbish, it's lure to participate and give vote rigging Zanu PF legitimacy AGAIN

04 May 2021 at 07:09hrs | Views
It was the great Physicist, Albert Einstein, who said insanity was doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

My aunt, whose husband worked at a mental hospital, told me a story of a mental patient using a leaking bucket to water the garden. Within minutes the patient would be soaked in water and mud but making very little progress in watering the garden. Someone may even remind the patient that he was not making progress because of the leaking bucket.

The patient would pause, suddenly aware the bucket was leaking. He suggested carrying the bucket on his head, beaming with pride at this ingenuous solution. Of course, all he succeeded in doing is get himself soaked in water and mud from head to foot.
For years, I thought I knew what insanity meant. Now, I realize just how easily seemingly rational people can be transformed into doing the same repetitive acts, over and over again expecting a different result, one associates with the insane.

Zimbabwe is in a serious economic and political mess. 41 years and counting of rampant corrupt, gross mismanagement and tyrannical rule have reduced the middle income nation with a promising future in 1980 into one of the poorest nation on earth. Zimbabwe has been stuck with a corrupt, incompetent and murderous Zanu PF dictatorship all these last 41 years; the party rigged elections and hence the nation's failure to remove it from office.

It took the nation twenty years to finally arrive at the consensus that Zanu PF was remaining in office because the party rigged the election. The solution was for the nation to demand democratic changes to ensure free, fair and credible elections. The people have risked life and limb these last 21 years to elect MDC leaders into power on the strengths the party would bring about the democratic changes the nation was dying for.

After 21 years and counting, 5 of which in the 2008 to 2013 GNU, MDC leaders have failed to deliver even one democratic change. Not even one change!
Since the GNU debacle MDC leaders have all but abandoned the core task of implementing the democratic reforms to ensure free and fair elections. The party leaders have been participating in flawed and illegal elections, knowing fully well that Zanu PF still enjoyed the dictatorial powers to rig elections. The new MDC strategy and belief is to win rigged elections – carrying the leaking bucket on the head – and, even after two election disasters, there are some who continue to advocate this as the solution to end Zanu PF rule.

Leonard Koni is certain the Nelson Chamisa and his MDC A will win the 2023 rigged elections, his latest Bulawayo 24 article says it all - "Zanu-PF afraid of Nelson Chamisa".

"Today the regime (Zanu PF) and its political surrogates including Thokozani Khupe, Douglas Mwonzora and foul mouthpieces are working hard around the clock and determined to bar MDC-Alliance powerful leaders who are vocal to the inept and clueless government to contest in the forthcoming 2023 harmonised elections," Koni claimed.

"Those who think that Douglas Mwonzora, Thokozani Khupe and  Morgen Komichi have become all of a sudden political gladiators must have their brains examined by a specialist."

Very few thinking Zimbabweans out there would dispute the fact Thokozani Khupe, Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi are corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless. The three were senior leaders in the MDC during the 2008 to 2013 GNU that failed to implement even one democratic reform, proving there and then that they were corrupt and incompetent. What the three have done ever since, such as participate in flawed elections and thus giving legitimacy to the vote rigging Zanu PF, was piling more damning evidence they are sell outs.

Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and many other MDC A leaders were Khupe and Mwonzora's colleagues in the MDC throughout the GNU and therefore are equally guilty of failing to implement the reforms. And Chamisa and company are equally guilty of participating in flawed and illegal elections in 2013 and 2018.  

"The whole of last year Zanu PF under Mnangagwa spent much of its time and resources working extra hard during the Covid19 pandemic trying to annihilate and frustrate the MDC-Alliance," Koni argued.

Anyone familiar with the MDC family story knows that Chamisa seized power following Morgan Tsvangirai's death in February 2018 and that it was this that has brought about the implosion in MDC-T and MDC A. By refusing to accept his wrongdoing Chamisa has made a bad situation worse.

Blaming Zanu PF for MDC's implosion is just as foolish as Zanu PF blaming the sanctions for country's economic meltdown. Everyone knows that root cause of the meltdown is the rampant corruption and gross mismanagement and the sanction's contribution is tiny.

No doubt portraying Nelson Chamisa and his MDC A colleagues as squeaky clean, although they are peas from the same pod as Mwonzora and company, will help the former win the few gravy train seats Zanu PF gives away as bait to entice the opposition to participate in these flawed elections.

As long as Zanu PF retains its dictatorial powers to blatantly rig the elections, not even one token reform has been implemented since the July 2018 elections, Zanu PF will win another landslide victory in the 2023 elections.

Leonard Koni's claim that Zanu PF is decimating Nelson Chamisa and his MDC A because the Mnangagwa is afraid of losing the 2023 elections is therefore nonsense. Koni knows that MDC A will never ever win rigged elections, the claim that Zanu PF is afraid of MDC A is a cheap give away to fool the naïve and gullible just as the mental patient above was fool by suggestion to carry the bucket on his head. Carrying the bucket on the head was not going to stop the leak no more than the rhetorical claim Zanu PF was afraid on MDC A going to stop Zanu PF rigging the elections.

It is now just over two years to the July 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections, there is no time to implement any meaningful reforms. It is clear the 2023 elections will be flawed and illegal, Zanu PF will once again blatantly rig the elections. After 41 years of rigged elections it will be insane to participate hoping for a different result – hoping to win rigged elections.

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