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'MDC must avoid inter-party fighting to win 2023' - subtleties of rigging are a mystery to simpletons

20 May 2021 at 06:56hrs | Views
The one thing Zanu PF apologist and propagandist have done well since the 2008 to 2013 GNU is convince the brain-dead MDC leaders and their supporters that the democratic reforms SADC leaders set out in the 2008 Global Political Agreement that gave rise to the GNU were all unnecessary because MDC had massive popular public support. MDC will win the elections regardless how much Zanu PF tries to rig the elections. And the result was that MDC leaders failed to implement even one token reform during the GNU.

When Zanu PF rigged the 2013 elections to secure a landslide victory, Morgan Tsvangirai and many of his MDC leaders were shocked! They were speechless!

MDC-T resolved the party will never again participate in future elections until all the democratic reforms were implemented. "No reform! No elections!" The other MDC factions soon followed suit and adopted the resolution as their position too.

The Zanu PF double-agents knew MDC leaders' weak point, Achilles' heel, was greed. As long as Zanu PF continued to dangle the few gravy train seats to all those who participated in the elections regardless how flawed and illegal the process happened to be they knew the MDC leaders' resolve to demand reforms before elections will disappear like the morning mist. All the double agents needed to work on is provide the excuse why MDC lost the 2013 elections - fit that and victory was certain.

We are being told here that opposition will win 2023 elections is the various factions are united.
"Avoid inter-party and intraparty fighting," wrote Canisio Mudzimu.

"The infighting and Mickey Mouse battles that have characterised the opposition in this country have managed to divert its attention from the reason for its existence - opposition.

"It is paradoxical that the energy, resources, time and effort expended on the fights have moved opposition parties' eyes from the ball and by the time they smell the coffee, it will be too late."

What Mudzimu is conveniently forgetting is that the two MDC factions he is arguing to unite contested the July 2018 elections one united coalition, the MDC Alliance. Once again, Zanu PF prevailed because the party rigged the elections.

Zanu PF has used its carte blanche coercive powers to reduce the rural voters, constituting 60% plus of the votes, into nothing short of medieval serfs beholden to their overbearing landlords. Every time the party has felt its strangle hold on the rural populous threatened the party has gone up a gear to counter the threat.

It is no secret that President Mnangagwa's cocky "Zimbabwe is open for business!" mantra is dead in the water. The flood of investors, he was sure would come, has never materialised. By blatantly rigging the 2018 elections Mnangagwa confirmed to all, especially the shrewd investors, that Zimbabwe was still a Banana Republic, a pariah state, and the November 2017 military coup had changed nothing of substance.
Investors have shied away from investing in Zimbabwe because it is notoriously difficult to do business in a pariah state. And as long as Zimbabwe remains a pariah state there will be no meaningful economic recovery.

The Zimbabwe economy has all but collapsed, unemployment has soared to 90%, basic services such as health care and education have all but collapsed, 49% of the population now live in abject poverty. The people are restless for change and we all know desperate people do desperate things like defy the overbearing Zanu PF landlords.

President Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies are not going to give up their electoral advantage without a fight and have thus responded to the threat of electoral rebellion by going up a gear or two on the party's coercive machine. Starve those who dare challenge the party's authority.   
"Some Zanu-PF leaders purchased all the subsidized mealie-meal and went on to sell it to Zanu-PF members only, thus depriving thousands of people desperately needing the staple food, but did not have Zanu-PF membership cards," reported Justina Mukoko's Zimbabwe Peace Project.
"The partisan distribution of government food aid is a recurring problem in most rural areas which have been extensively reported on by various civil society organisations. It has left thousands of people food insecure when they desperately need food assistance during the difficult times of COVID-19."

President Mnangagwa has already started mobilising the war veterans and the party's youth militia, the green bombers, these are the party's foot-soldiers if the party should see the need to go up a few more gears to coerce the voters. In the 2008 elections Zanu PF launched the "Operation Mavhotera papi!" to punish the voters for having reject Mugabe and the party in the March vote. The party went into overdrive, as the party's foot-soldiers supported by the Army, Police, CIO and Prison Services personal destroyed property worth millions of dollars, harassed, beat and/or raped millions and over 500 were murdered.

"What was accomplished by the bullet cannot be changed by the ballot!" thundered Robert Mugabe to spur the wanton violence on!
In 2018 MDC A was a united opposition but failed to win the elections because Zanu PF rigged the elections. Why is that simple reality so difficult to comprehend?

This idea that the opposition will win rigged elections is as nonsensical as someone who stubbornly continue betting on the coin landing Tail even thou the last 100 tosses plus have landed Head! The village idiot cannot comprehend the reality of a dodgy coin with two Heads! Stick two coins Tail side to Tail side and you have a dodgy coin with two Heads!

After 41 years of trying to win rigged elections, has it ever occurred to Mudzimu that we can have the democratic reforms implemented so we finally hold free, fair and credible elections!

Of course, it is insane to keep participating in flawed and illegal elections and give the vote rigging Zanu PF legitimacy. The alternative is to refuse to participate deny Zanu PF legitimacy as happened in 2008 only this time we must make sure the GNU implements the democratic reforms to guarantee free, fair and credible elections.

There are some people who have made up their minds to participate in the 2023 elections convinced the opposition can win rigged elections; they have but failed to imagine how anyone can rig elections, they are simpletons, and so believe Zanu PF cannot do so either. There will be many Win In Rigged Elections (WIRE) strategies the next two years, all with one thing in common - pointless nonsense!

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