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Give Mnangagwa tsvimbo (sceptre) or else..?

14 Jun 2021 at 10:23hrs | Views
No amount concrete on Mugabe's grave or temper proof installed on his coffin will stop ritualist Mnangagwa from digging up Mugabe's remains.

According to Mugabe's nephew Leo Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa wants to harvest the late dictator's finger nails, hair and teeth. He is also looking for the most valuable and miraculous tool in voodooland and Mashonaland, the sceptre.

The superstitious Shona people describe the sceptre as a must have ruling tool for the president of Zimbabwe.

They say it has supernatural powers to prevent the split of Zimbabwe into two states, that is The Republic of Matabeleland- ROM and Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland, turn around economic fortunes of the country and boost Emmerson Mnangagwa's chances of winning 2023 elections and rule for many years like Mugabe.

Superstition also leads Shona people to believe that the stuff has special properties in it to drive away famine, bring about prosperity and maintain
peace and stability.

But where is the sceptre? Rumour has it that it was given to Mugabe's youngest son Bellarmine Chadunga Mugabe. Some people say it was handed over to Mugabe's chosen successor, Saviour Kasukuwere others believe it is locked inside Grace Mugabe's bedroom while others like Mnangagwa believe it was buried together with Mugabe in his grave hence the exhume and bury process proposed by Mnangagwa.

But the most hilarious of all beliefs came from Pardon Gambakwe of Gambakwe Media. He claims that it (sceptre) made a spiritual departure from Mugabe's hands and flied back to its owners, the Ndzous Nyandoros and Moyos. According to him the above mentioned are king makers in Zimbabwe who gave Mugabe the sceptre before the Rodesian war known as tsvimbo yenyika (stuff of the nation).

Oh God have mercy! How can a stick made by human beings out of wood have so much power? Oh God help  the people of Matabeleland liberate themselves from the dirty hands of witches!

Wooden sticks made by human beings and given names like sceptre or stuff possess no power to turn around the fortunes of the economy except in the mind of a too desperate paganist trying his luck in politics. It is only the power of the mind which can produce sound economic policies to resuscitate the spiraling Zimbabwe economy.

Corruption is the enemy of development. Mnangagwa, his wife and children, members of his party and cabinet all have a DNA of theft, corruption and witchcraft, a trait with which Shona people are identified.

The "first looters" as Zimbabwe's first family is now known, leads government party members in looting,stealing over US$ 5 billion every year. Surely the sceptre will not bring back this huge amount of stolen money. But those with the DNA of theft, corruption and witchcraft must be arrested, their offshore accounts where they stash stolen money frozen and the money recovered and re- injected into the economy.

First to shed light on Mnangagwa's witchcraft beliefs was late President Mugabe who was quoted as saying, "we have kicked him out for the same reasons that saw us chasing Mujuru,people were told that I will retire in March but I did not. Upon realizing that I wasn't, he started consulting traditional healers on when I was going to die." Little did Mugabe know that Mnangagwa was even interested in his body parts to make a sacrifice to the demons.

In November of 2018, when no one had an answer to mysterious fires that gutted business premises, hospitals, schools and properties worth millions of dollars and accidents that took place around the country killing more than 200 people, a long time political colleague of Mnangagwa, Jonathan Moyo shed light.

Moyo who previously revealed that Mnangagwa's scarf was a "dictator s voodoo item" told Zimbabweans and Matabeles alike that the mysterious fires and bloodletting accidents came as a result of Mnangagwa's visit to Guinea in that month where he performed rituals.

The american prophet Nathan Humbyrd of Nathan Humbyrt Miracle Ministries released a prophecy. He said "when I looked at Mnangagwa speaking during the
Presidential Day of Prayer and Fasting, I saw the spirit of the serpent surrounding him".

But it is a young social media activist from Mashonaland who nailed it. With a killer smile and golden voice, he sang in Shona, " Eeee Deeee dzosera chikava cha Ndunge Zvinu zvaoma".

He was telling  Mnangagwa to take back Ndunge' scarf because things were getting more and more tougher. Ndunge is a late witch doctor from Chipinge where Mnangagwa's scarf is believed to have been produced.

We cannot agree more with the social activist. Take it back because it serves no purpose other than that of witchcraft and voodoo.

Worshiping of snakes, idols and all acts of witchcraft and voodoo will not stop the restoration of Matabeleland state. This is an idea who's time has come.

One Shona supremacist one bullet, one sellout one necklace!

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Source - Israel Dube
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