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George Charamba loses his cool as Paul Siwela renounces Zimbabwean identity

23 Jun 2021 at 06:43hrs | Views
Matabeleland Liberation Organisation, President, Cde Paul Siwela touched a raw nerve four days ago when he boldly declared on his twitter handle that he is not a Zimbabwean.  

"Am Matabele not a Zimbabwean, whatever that means", wrote Cde Paul Siwela.

The tweet attracted more than 1000 comments mostly from Shona people who haled tribal insults at him for rejecting Zimbabwean identity. But the man who was really hopping mad was President Mnangagwa's official Spokesman George Charamba.

Using his pseudo twitter account Jamwanda, he responded, "who cares??? Zimbabwe can't be wished away by the folly of one fool!!!"

This kind of talk can only come from an occasional "political imbiber" over -drunk with political power to the point of messing up his own pants. So drunk that he is totally out of touch with what is happening in Matabeleland and his own office.

George Charamba's lies were exposed, and his humiliation came Immediately. More than 3000 Matabeles jumped in to defend Cde Paul Siwela and praised him for renouncing Zimbabwean identity forced on Matabele whose meaning they do not know. When it was clear that Cde Siwela is not alone in this, Charamba was left with egg on the face.

A fool is one who belongs to a presidential team that is currently sitting on a notice time bomb.

It is only in the tribal hell hole called Zimbabwe where a whole spokesman of the president stoops so low. Using a  pseudo twitter account to spew tribal hatred on a Matabele leader who has rightly rejected this humiliating foreign identity ie Zimbabwean, which is forced upon us and reclaimed his true identity which is Matabele.

This is the level of tribal hatred in Zimbabwe. This is how  narrow politics of tribal intolerance and division practiced by the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and its suppoters since 1980 has come back to haunt the country.

This is how it has come back to split Zimbabwe into two states, The Republic of Matabeleland and Zimbabwe aka Mashonaland.

George Charamba and President Mnangagwa who obviously sent him to unsult Cde Siwela, and Shona people in general should know that calling us and our leaders fools will not save ruinous Zimbabwe from crumbling. It will not stop us from demanding
the restoration of Matabeleland state. If anything it only fires us up to be more determined and more profound in stepping up the struggle that shall see the quick restoration of Matabeleland state, a good cause which is justifiable.

We are proud Matabeles and we have all the rights to reclaim our correct Matabele identity and shun the forign Zimbabwean identity that is imposed on us. All Matabeles do not want that identity, only a few traitors will embrace it without knowing its meaning.

Unlike Shonas who shun their original Hutu identity and appear to proudly accept the derogatory "Shona" identity which they were given by our forebears, Matabeles do not want the Zimbabwean identity as they do not know its meaning.

 The Shona people must not be afraid to reclaim their Hutu identity and their country of origin, Burundi. It is within their rights to do so too.

A group of tribal fools is that which divides the people it is supposedly leading into groups based on tribe. The Hutus aka Shona who migrated  from Burundi, not more than 300 to 500 years ago, are regarded as the superior tribe yet 41years of failure to run the country has proved that they are just a useless bunch that has a DNA of witchcraft, theft and corruption.

Matabeles are grouped as migrants from South Africa  and targeted for annihilation through genocide, targeted for tribal segregation from all spheres of life, targeted for domination, humiliation, dehuminisation and abuse.

Baffoons are those who sit on the Notice of Demand for the Restoration of Matabeleland State, itself is a ticking time bomb which when it blasts will reduce Zimbabwe, a broke and failed state into a hip of ash and rubble.

We are not only reclaiming our true Matabele identity but want out of oppressive apartheid Zimbabwe. So Mnangagwa and his government must stop calling us names and be brave enough to engage Matabeleland Liberation Organization to negotiate a peaceful separation of Zimbabwe and The Republic of Matabeleland. This to avoid a disastrous separation that may be through a civil war that will further destroy an already collapsed Zimbabwe economy, infrastructure and human life.

Zimbabwe must know that if war were to break out, there would be massive casualties on both sides culminating in the round table where Zimbabwe shall concede to 2 inviolable and sacrosanct Matabeleland demands ie

1.0.  That Matabeleland must breakaway from Zimbabwe to emerge as the Republic of Matabeleland

1.1 That Zimbabwe government must pay reparations of US$100 billion or equivalent to the new coming digital currency for Matabeleland genocide committed by the government of Zimbabwe between 1980- 1987. This means that even if Zanupf is out of power, all successive Zimbabwe governments remain liable to pay until the dept is extinguished ideal in 25 years.

Enough is enough! We will never kneel before the Shona supremacist government to beg for our independence. We shall fight for it until the last drop of our blood using all means possible. If the situation demands that we
take up AKs and fight for our independence we will do that without any hesitation or notice. One Shona supremacist one bullet!

To the money loving traitors in our midst who are already making cash through selling out to the Shona supremacist government and those who are thinking of doing the same in future, be warned.

This is a revolution and it has its own way of dealing with sellouts. We will not think twice about handing you the most deserved gift fit for traitors, the necklace.

We will never apologise to Judas Iscariot. You are the enemy of the people of Matabeleland, you are the enemy of the revolution.

Violence meant to liberate the people of Matabeleland is good violence!

Fighting for our independence is not a crime, reclaiming our true identity and our statehood is not a crime. It is a crime only in the rotten minds of those suffering from incurable tribal superiority pandemic. That is the Shona supremacist government of Zimbabwe and its followers.

Izenzo kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
MLO Secretary for Information and Public Affairs

Source - Israel Dube
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