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When dreams take one up Mt Everest

06 Jul 2021 at 09:29hrs | Views
Green mealies, fresh broccoli, green beans, 'Eish'! Have just awoken from a near realistic dream where all the fresh horticultural products were coming out from our Irrigation plots at Chinehasha Irrigation Scheme by the shores of the magnificent Ruya Dam.

Land was cleared long back, water pipes delivered with some already layed but alas, shrubbery has since 'recolonized' the cleared land and some of the layed pipes are now exposed due to vagaries of the weather.

All talk about the Irrigation Scheme seems to have died down, at least for now. Now with Covid playing havoc in the land all attention has been diverted to fighting the evil pandemic. When will water start running so we can stop dreaming and start growing fresh produce?

Our youths can change the area terrain with lush green plots and livelihoods can be improved too. What more, with more activity in the area jobs can be created and the dull business Centre can spring into life.

Can we get the ball rolling so there is visibility of shoulders to the wheel and knuckles on the ground?

Chinehasha Irrigation Scheme is now behind expectations and hopes, may authorities spare a thought for the moribund project and get it kickstarted. Villagers are keen to grow greens for the nation and homes.

People need incomes and food that can only be a reality when the Irrigation project is up and running.

The mighty Ruya dam is full to the shores but for now, it's a white elephant. We had thought by now our roads and shops would be a hive of activity with delivery trucks coming to pick potatoes etc.

And, still on farming, we need tractors and harrows for tilling the land. Cattle have been lost to the novel Theliriosis that is cutting the provincial herd. Many cattle kraals are now empty, there is no draught power to talk about. No farmers no future. The Delta and Beta variants of Covid are more dangerous.

Mask up and observe social distancing. Better still, get vaccinated.

Thomas Tondo Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Tondo Murisa
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