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Every Zimbabwean can be very rich without political inclination

06 Jul 2021 at 12:30hrs | Views
I was going through my WhatsApp messages and my eyes were blinded by this message below. I felt it will be helpful to all of us if we are to read. I stole some of the advices.

Many times I am constantly getting the same questions in my inbox. People keep asking for money to start a business. They always ask for Capital. These questions like How can I get capital? how do I get the market.? Who can help me with this and that? How can I get into gold business?

We are not primarily to create an entrepreneurial mindset not professional beggars. Zimbabweans have become comfortable in a. Elide that the MP must make them rich. Must provide money for hospital for funeral and for anything really.

We must wake up and remember if you need money everybody needs money. Life is not only made of beggars. You are not to be lifted from your situation by begging. Even Phillip Chiyangwa need Capita. Strive Masiiwa has dreams which needs capital. The government of a rich nation also needs capital. Everyone needs capital. If u ask Mark Zuckerberg, he even has some dreams that need capital. Every great business wasn't started with money but ideas. Think of Dr Pemberton and Coca-Cola. The Wright Brothers and the invention of aircrafts. Carl Benz and Mercedes Benz. William Colgate and Colgate Palmolive. I can go on and on. Strive Masiyiwa always says he started Econet when he was broke.

Chiyangwa Phillip would say he grew up his business from selling vegetables. A mansion started with a brick.

As Zimbabweans we have been raised in a begging bowl. Any phone call you receive from home is a begging call.

We have been fed alot of garbage we need to vomit it. You need an idea to make money. Not the other way round. How many times have you heard of people winning lotto and being broke afew years after. How many times have you heard of African football players who made millions in Europe but went broke the day they retired?

So money does not but ideas. You need ideas to make money and you need brains to keep the funds you have made.

There are people here who can remain broke even if they have money. People will always beg for capital or connection with market but you go on someone's wall and he is in Nike, Adidas, Puma and all designers you might think of. They know where to buy Adidas but they do not know where to make business. They know where to spend money and how to spend Mandy but they don't know how to make it. Shame on us. Its only in Zimbabwe where u find someone wearing "Gucci" in a ZUPCO queue. People will ask former capital yet his mobile phone is worthy a chicken project. Literally you are spending your time holding a five thousand dollar project in your hands as a phone. Many ladies change their hairstyles several times. Each hair style costing 200 dollars. That means in three months you simply throw away six hundred dollars and here you need Capital. The value of your hair style is a full functional irrigation pump. Your shoe alone is cooking project. We just need to set our priorities right.

All public drinking places and restaurants are fully open. Alcohol companies are making billions designer cigar companies are making trillions all these are funded by you yet you can not find your own project. All mobile phone companies are making millions selling data, all that data is someone's capital. Everyday you go online but you want Capital.

I have people who call me directly from Zimbabwe to the UK just to ask for fifty dollars. And then make follow up calls spending up to hundred dollars only to get hundred dollars. Is that not Capital. If one is really serious start a boot sale of your whole wardrobe, buy two overalls and a pair of gumboots. Take the rest of the money go back to your rural areas. Start a farming project land is free. After two seasons you'll be living a better life and employing others. Projects are in your head spit them out. If you really think someone is just going to come from nowhere and bless you with millions while you are busy chasing designers chasing cars and many silly things you will be shocked. Life never treats you well when you always carry a begging bowl and never do anything for yourself.

We are destroyed by ourselves. Pride comes but before a fall. We want to act rich before we are rich. Mr Josephat Mavaza my big brother used to say "ushe wekunze unouraisa"

Translated as Dho off kills. You're driving a car but you are stretching you begging bowl very wide. That car can buy you 10 cows and out you in a good project. If it come to shove you can even sale your bed sleep on the floor for few days and you will double your fortunes. Why do you need a ninety inch television and yet you are renting. Why are you wasting capital.

TV is for the lazy ones you need to stand up and work. Rich people are toiling in the mines farms and dirty areas looking for more money yet you want to stay in Harare watching TV and posting statuses on Facebook and other social media vehicles.

The mindset of a millionaire is a wonderful thing, and something we all wished we knew more about..and how to get one!

Let us remember that If you don't believe in yourself, why should anybody else? If you don't have the skills and talents and experience that you want yet you have to put yourself into your future projection of yourself and believe that you can become the thing that you want to become. Your goal in life should be to find what makes you happy, find out what is your purpose, what serves others and what you are good at. You need to be able to monetize what you are good at, expand it and scale it.The mindset for solving problems is simple. Are you prepared to solve this problem with continued enthusiasm? The test to know if you are on brand and doing something that you love is overcoming new problems, with continued enthusiasm. If you can get into that mindset, you can overcome all of your problems.

Authenticity is owning your strengths and weaknesses. There are people that are overconfident, and there are people that are overly humble. Being real and honest with yourself about what your strengths and weaknesses are will attract greatness and people who can help you improve on your weaknesses. Your friends, family and strangers may advise you not to go for new opportunities as they deem it to be risky. As long as you know in your heart that you're meant to do this, and you are constantly taking feedback to move towards your goals then you are on track. To know that you are on track, you have got to know where your destination is and that is where your personal vision and mission comes in.

There is a big misunderstanding when it comes to the flow of economics. It is not admirable if you buy material items purely to show off or for addiction purposes. However there is a lot of gratitude and giving in owning nice things, and that is misunderstood.

When you wake up in the morning you need to feel alive. You want to know your mission for the day, ask the universe what your purpose for the day is. Think how best you can to serve people and help people and make that your mission for the day.

Speak to yourself and say "I believe that I would become a successful property investor, that helped me attract finance before I was maybe ready. I hate the phrase ‘fake it until you make it', but I love the phrase ‘be it until you see it'.

"Manage your emotions and you will master your life."

"The skillset without the mindset will leave you upset."

"What is my personal vision and mission? My personal mission is to help as many people on the planet start and scale their business." But this starts with you and you alone.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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