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Let's not listen to these prophets of doom

02 Aug 2021 at 07:39hrs | Views
POVERTY and the demonic world has caused Africans to be victims of tricksters in the form of church leaders, some existing among us.

For a long time, they have been studying the Bible and incorporating their own definitions, in the process manipulating churchgoers.

They make true believers see salvation in them. They are a group of con-artists who do not fear God and are out to make money.

I am afraid this dangerous group will never rest in its pursuit of self-aggrandisement.

It is fearless and portrays itself as close to God when in reality it represents the dark world.

These self-acclaimed prophets issue contradictory statements on important national issues.

Recently, they were discouraging citizens from being vaccinated against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

They say so without giving an alternative.

These prophets are hiding in their posh houses built from monies looted in God's name while telling those who believe in them to shun COVID-19 vaccination.

They are putting on masks, sanitising, practising social distancing, but have not done anything to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

Their holy waters and anointed oils have proved useless.

I was angered by one of the church leaders who made a somersault after initially calling on his followers not to get vaccinated, but later disputed what he had said.

Today's prophets and bishops are opportunists. They say things that only help to line their pockets.

It is time for citizens being influenced by the above-mentioned to stand and rebuke them.

These prophets of doom must never be listened to on all fronts.

They don't speak for God, but their pockets. Please stop listening to them as they are causing misery in our midst.

Source - newsday
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