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Bona does not know secrete relationship between Mugabe and Mnangagwa: Nor has she Zezuru powers to recite Nyakasikana rituals

30 Sep 2021 at 06:26hrs | Views
Bloggers go overdrive in wanting to make much awaited narratives become facts overnight. Bona cannot make holly cries of Zezuru-Nyakasikana to prevent her father from exhumation and be interred in the national shrine. For Mnangagwa to exhume his boss from the family burial shrine has serious interpretations; it is certainly not a single story. It is wholly simplistic theory to assume that Mnangagwa wants body parts from the dead Mugabe. This narrative is too simple and common in superstitious societies we are subjected to, time immemorial.

From an African perspective it will always makes sense to mean "they" want to exhume him for body harvesting for the purpose of medicinal advantages. Here we go, Zimbabweans in the 21st century, as superstitious as ever.

I will not buy this single story for once; a narrative that flies in the face of serious and painful grudges and a collection of abuse by Mugabe on his bodyguard Immersen Mnangagwa. The nation must comprehend with their president and hero exhumed. Let us turn around the coin and read it differently from a common and general perspective. There are dozens of known stories and of what we vaguely know how politicians and citizens perished through killings and counter-killings, brutal murders during the struggle and later after independence. Zanu political squabbles that were common back then especially in the Diaspora?

I have listened to most of the interviews Mugabe made when he was still president. He told all who wanted to hear that he has never killed a human being in his life. This narrative is true, Mugabe never did the killings himself because he feared to kill or even holding the gun according to Tekere. Yet, under his rule Mugabe murdered hundreds of thousands of people curiously not only in Matabeleland but in Mashonaland equally.

I deliberately use the word "equally" never to mean the number of people murdered in the regions of Matabeleland and Midlands compared to several Shonas murdered under his military Fifth Brigade command. The sanctity of life does not allow us to make numerical assessments: genocide is not a myth, crimes against humanity were committed in Zimbabwe still Mugabe never killed anyone. He had emissaries that murdered at his behest and one of them is Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Turning the coin and reading its flipside means understanding how aggrieved Mnangagwa is and the grievances he holds against his mentor are not easy for us common people to digest because we don't know the complete story and its length and breadth; we shall never know how Mnangagwa became a killing tool for Mugabe. He has always been sent on errands to eliminate those Mugabe wished to eradicate from the scene. So he gave instructions to his most trusted; Mnangagwa to do the killings for him, eliminations, abductions, assassinating politicians even in the Zanu echelons of power who posed a threat to unseat him personally.

Mnangagwa, having done only dirty work for his mentor for more than 50 years, Mugabe was done with Mnangagwa; he did not need him anymore: Mugabe had a low opinion of HE. He was discarded from the party and government as an overnight thought and event. If he did not abscond the night of his dismissal, he would have been assassination like all of them including Solomon Mujuru.

I am trying to bring home the fact that looking at this one perspective, this one single story of body harvesting is to miss the larger picture invisible in the scheme of things. There is still some revenge Mnangagwa needs to enjoy before he dies: it is sweet: this time around is to do whatever he wants with the body of a lifeless Mugabe, is his goal to quench and equalize the dirty work he did at his Führer's behest.

Mugabe family lost it completely by exposing the last-minute wishes of Mugabe, supposedly he made a will or statement that his remains be interred in his home at Kutama and never at the national shrine considering the betrayal by Mnangagwa, a man he abused: Mnangagwa executed thousands of deaths and genocide unimaginable in the history of Zimbabwe.   

Coming back to bloggers who talk about Mrs. Bona Mugabe-Chikore to possess powers that will move Mnangagwa, be overwhelmed with fear to exhume her father Robert Mugabe is laughable. What shrills can Bona Mugabe-Chikore make to force Immersen Mnangagwa to conform, to rethink his move to exhume Mugabe? Vanhu veku Zimbabwe, ichkai Mwari!

Mnangagwa has been Mugabe's bodyguard for several decades even before Bona Mugabe-Chikore was born. To say it in absolute terms that Bona will play rambatzamba, chanting the magical utterings of Mbuya Nehanda with the intentions to scare Mnangagwa; Imi ka ichkai Mwari. At best bikai doro mutaure navo!

Mugabe's body will be exhumed and will be interred at the national shrine. Who is Grace, who is Bona Mugabe-Chikore in the scheme of things? Does Dr. Grace Mugabe know the symbiotic relationship between her husband Mugabe and Mnangagwa? Not only was the relationship secretive but also diabolic. Those kicking's and screaming's Grace did at rallies before the coup will be revenged.

I would suspect that Grace is tugged up in an East Asian country for fear of Mnangagwa's retributions: Staying at the "Blue roof" without Robert is becoming a nightmare for her although it is one of the poshest places on earth. Mnangagwa is about to get his pound of flesh; at long last. Grace knows this very well; Bona Mugabe-Chikore may know this too. Kura uone. Musoro we Gudo chichave chinokoro. Anywhere the good thing is that life is just a "Mary go round." Nature is too correct to comprehend it.

Source - Nomazulu Tatha
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