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The rains are here but no cattle

25 Oct 2021 at 14:25hrs | Views
The Heavens have signalled intention to unleash copious rains on the land. A blessed part of native Africa that we call home, the land of Ophie where gold has become emblematic and a second name.

Last week thunder roared and streaks of lightening flashed frighteningly across the sky in most parts of Zimbabwe.

Heavy and light rains were recorded in most provinces, signs of a looming good rain season. How much prepared are our evergreen farmers?

Time is never short because the watch is ever ticking, it's the individual who becomes short of time because of unpreparedness.

Most farmers have dug the 'Pfumvunza' holes and are now simply awaiting the agricultural inputs so they can plant and wait for the life giving rains. Not a single span of oxen is in sight as has been the norm at this time of the year. Most cattle succumbed to the devastating January disease that ravaged Mash. Central in the last two months.

All efforts to save the provincial herd came to naught. Cattle just dropped dead with some never returning from the pastures. Bovine bones and the indestructible horns still attached to skeletal heads are scattered behind cattle pens, on mountainsides and near water points. So far we have not seen any tractors in our villages and fields, if any, they are yet to come.

How will the tobacco farmer manage? Transporting the seedlings to the fields will be a challenge and tilling the soils is even a greater challenge.

Our farmers need assistance, farming is profitable business. Looking ahead, plans for restocking the provincial herd should be a priority. Quality heifers will be needed for breeding stock, kind of another type of Pfumvudza. Areas like Chideu, Chinehasha, Rwiza and Musonza have no cattle to talk about.

If nothing is done pronto then expected yields may not be achieved. Parents with school going children the time is now to purchase rain coats, umbrellas and foot gear to protect the kids from vagaries of the fast approaching harsh weather.

That leaking roof and unsecured door needs attention now whilst the sun shines. Mask up and sanitize. Covid is real.

Thomas Murisa. Mash. Central.

Source - Thomas Murisa
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