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Khaya Moyo was troubled and conflicted by sad events of November 2017

17 Nov 2021 at 08:03hrs | Views
Moro Sahwira wangu, you know I've lots of time and respect for you and your views. Clearly, we have profound differences of opinion on this issue, sparked by the personal tributes that some of us, so-called G40 guys, have paid to the late SK Moyo. Out of respect, let me explain!

First and foremost, for me and in all circumstances at all times, I'm unable and unwilling to adopt "an eye for an eye" as a moral precept or compass, political ideology or legal principle. An eye for an eye is the antithesis of humanity and flies against human civilisation!

Coming to the specific case of the late SK Moyo, it's untrue and unfair to basket him as one of those who "chased" the so-called G40 "out of Zanu-PF and Zim" with "AK47 breathing at their necks". I know for a fact that SK was troubled and conflicted by sad events of Nov 2017!

I also know for a fact that the political forces behind the Nov 2017 coup did not have much regard or respect for SK Moyo. They saw him as a pro Joice Mujuru "gamatox" survivor; who should have been booted out with Joice in 2014, but was saved by Mugabe at the 11th hour!

It's an open secret in Zanu-PF that SK Moyo who was National Chairman ahead of the party's 2014 Congress, should have succeeded John Nkomo as Second Secretary and VP in Dec 2014; in  accordance with the 1987 Unity Accord. He was skipped, because of his links to Joice Mujuru!

Not only was SK Moyo skipped, with the position of Second Secretary and VP from the Zapu side given to P R Mphoko; he was also stripped of the position of National Chairman; and the position itself was frozen out, and thus not filled, to the detriment of the Unity Accord!

Notably, with Joice Mujuru and SK Moyo as the direct targets and Mnangagwa the beneficiary, the Zanu-PF Constitution was amended in Dec 2014 to scrap elections for the positions of two Second Secretaries and VPs and the National Chairman; the positions became appointed posts!

Between 2014 and 2017, SK Moyo was effectively in the political wilderness. Yes, he was party spokesperson and he ended up as Information Minister; but for the better part of that period, SK did not have much to say in govt or Zanu-PF. He had been badly humiliated and broken!

Politically battered after 2014, Sk Moyo's personal situation moved from bad to worse when his health deteriorated; after he was diagnosed with cancer. The then First Family made specific arrangements to meet the costs of his treatment, for which I know he was very grateful!

Nov 2017 was a terrible month for SK Moyo; the worst days being the 6th, 14th and 15th. On the 6th he affixed his signature to a letter dismissing Mnangagwa from govt; on the 14th he signed a presser accusing ZDF's Command Element of treason and on the 15th the coup happened!

SK Moyo survived the coup mainly because he was in the loop due to his marital ties with the coupmakers arising from his son's marriage in July Moyo's family. Having gone for him in 2014 Mnangagwa's Midlands clan saved SK Moyo in Nov 2017. But even so, not all was forgiven!

While SK Moyo did not draft the 6 Nov 2017 letter alone, as the letter's drafters included President Mugabe, Chombo, Kasukuwere and Grace who called the shots in the marathon meeting on the day; he fine turned it; and key phrases like Mnangagwa's "lack of probity" were his!

In 2017 SK Moyo's association with or involvement in the drafting of the 6th Nov letter dismissing Mnangagwa from govt and the 14th Nov presser accusing the ZDF Command Element of treason cost him the VP post; second time in three years, which this time went to Kembo Mohadi!

Like in 2014, SK Moyo expected the Vice Presidency of Zanu-PF in Nov 2017; out of his well founded but misplaced belief that the Unity Accord still mattered in the post-coup Zanu-PF and govt. He was the most senior and most deserving candidate, having been National Chairman!

Despite losing the Vice Presidency in 2014 and 2017 in a humiliating way, SK Moyo did not lose his head and above all he did not lose his decency. He did not celebrate the brutalization of the so-called G40, nor did he use the coup propaganda against President Mugabe!

While SK Moyo was not an Angel, nobody is, he was a decent man throughout his career. His close working relationship with Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, clearly shaped his noble terms of engagement with colleagues and indeed opponents. He personified rational disputation!

It's unthinkable that I would not pay tribute to SK Moyo, extend my condolences to his family and celebrate his life. Impossible. That would be at odds with my conscience and the values bestowed on me by the family and community through which God brought me to this world!

I know for a fact that SK Moyo was not the only decent member or official in Zanu-PF; there are many other decent people in that party who have my respect. My opposition to Zanu-PF's malpractices and leadership does not mean I have any hatred for Zanu-PF members or officials!

I fully understand that some people out there, especially in the MDC ranks, think a good Zanu-PF member or official; current or former, is a dead one. I'm aware of the attitudes against former Mugabe ministers, especially "G40". Ok, have your views and others will have theirs!

As I said upfront, I don't subscribe to an "eye for an eye" politics. This does not mean I don't robustly or stridently object to practices, values or ideas I disapprove of. My view of human nature is that it's capable of evil but is reformable because it's inherently good!

AN ANECDOTE: In Tsholotsho from 2000 to 2017, we used to have serious fights in Zanu-PF and between Zanu-PF and the MDC, especially the latter; but none of it involved violence or personal hatred. As MP I used to work for Zanu-PF and MDC members alike because we're one people!

ANOTHER ANECDOTE: Unlike opposition parties in Zim, especially the MDC-A, a notable practice of opposition political parties in South Africa is that they grow their ranks by ACTIVELY recruiting @MYANC members or officials. That's progressive politics with lessons for Zim!

Argument by political affiliation is irrational. One cannot be right or wrong; good or bad based on the political party they belong to. Political parties are now history; coalitions are taking over. So, it's not about being Zanu-PF, "G40" or MDC, it's about being Zimbabwean!

TO CONCLUDE: if as citizens, we don't grant each other the rights in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and if we don't share Zimbabwe's founding values and principles in section 3 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe; to converge as citizens will be a tall order!

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